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  1. The striped skunk is abundant in Wisconsin. The spotted skunk, however, is very rare. In fact, observing a spotted skunk is so unusual that, if you see one, you should report it to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources or the University of Wisconsin-Madison wildlife ecology department. The few reported sightings of the spotted skunk in.
  2. People can have pet skunks in WI as long as they have a Captive wild animal farm license (CWAFL). People with a CWAFL can obtain them from a captive source that also has a CWAFL. When applying for the import permit you must include the health certificate made out from the vet of the state you are obtaining your skunk
  3. 169.04(2)(e) (e) No person may operate on a live skunk to remove its scent glands unless the person holds a Class A or Class B captive wild animal farm license or unless the person is a veterinarian and the person bringing the skunk to the veterinarian holds such a license. A veterinarian to whom a person brings a live skunk for removal of its scent glands shall verify whether the person holds.
  4. ed, a skunk is almost the perfect combination between a ferret, a cat, and a dog. Although skunks can make great pets if you invest the appropriate time training, learning, and modifying your own environment, they are not like a cat, hedgehog, or even a ferret. They do not adjust well to being caged and.
  5. (c) Possession, sale, release, and descenting of live skunks. For possessing, selling, purchasing, descenting, introducing, stocking, or releasing into the wild a live skunk in violation of this chapter, a person shall forfeit not less than $100 nor more than $1,000. This penalty shall apply in lieu of the penalties under pars. (a) and (b)
  6. Pet Skunks. If you decide that you would like to own a skunk as a pet, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that owning one is legal in your state. And if a state does allow private ownership of a skunk, you will probably be required to have a state wildlife permit to own one

Domesticated skunks are quite lovable non-stinky companions. Wild skunks are a pest for many homeowners and dog owners, particularly due to their scent glands that leave a strong musky odor that's hard to get rid of.They can also be quite ferocious. Domestic skunks, on the other hand, can make friendly companions and pet skunk owners say these curious animals make good exotic pets has worked with skunks since 2000. Dr. H. S. Sodiwal, DVM (330) 225-6336, saved a burned skunk with reconstuctive surgery. SkunkHaven's vet, Dr. Frank Krupka, DVM, is an excellent source of information regarding skunk treatment and care for both owners of pet skunks and other veterinarians as well Housing a pet skunk can be somewhat difficult, as skunks tend to be curious animals that like to get into mischief. Plus, it can be complicated to feed a pet skunk a balanced diet, as there are few formulated skunk foods available. Overall, these animals require a lot of time and expertise on your part to care for them properly Wild skunks only have a lifespan of about three years, but pet skunks have been known to live up to 10 years. Before thinking about getting a pet skunk, make sure they are legal to own in your area. Can you own a wolf in Wisconsin

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  1. Everything » Pets and Animals » Exotic Pets » Skunks. Skunk kits - $350. DANVILLE, INDIANA.. I am taking deposits on skunk kits NOW for Spring of 2021. Located in Danville, Indiana They are $350 each. It is..
  2. Skunk Breeders. Skunk breeders can sometimes be found locally, although you may need to go a little farther away to find a good reputable breeder of pet skunks. You can check your local paper or even an agriculture-based newspaper in your area. Occasionally, depending on where you live, skunks can be found in pet stores
  3. g. Can you own a pet fox in Wisconsin? To put it simply: yes, foxes are legal in Wisconsin
  4. Skunk is an adoptable Dog - Mixed Breed searching for a forever family near West Allis, WI. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area
  5. Exotic Species. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: 608-263-7600. Regular clinic hours are Monday through Friday, and our scheduling staff will assist you in finding an appointment with the right veterinary specialist based on your exotic animal's needs at a time that works for you. Our emergency services for all species are also available 24/7 if your.
  6. Pet skunks that were born and bred in captivity (as all legally obtained pet skunks are) often have their stink glands removed in a process called descenting. Like declawing a cat, this is a controversial procedure since it takes away the animal's entire self-defense system
  7. DANVILLE, INDIANA.. I am taking deposits on skunk kits NOW for Spring of 2021. Located in Danville, Indiana They are $350 each. It is... member: jlcmclg8493 from: Danville, Indian

Permits may be obtained for dangerous non-native wild animals owned prior to 06/01/2015. Pet Permits are needed to keep wild animals or birds that were acquired from a commercial dealer. West Virginia Code Chapter 19. Agriculture sections 19-34-1 to 19-34-9; West Virginia Code Chapter 20. Natural Resources section 20-2-51; Wisconsin Skunks can travel several miles a day, and unless found, a lost pet skunk is in trouble. Unlike cats and dogs, domesticated skunks lack homing instincts to find their way back History. Skunks are native to the Americas and are first noted in historical accounts of Christopher Columbus.Skunks were reportedly kept as pets by some Native American nations. Farmers valued domesticated skunks for their ability to kill rodents and other pests.Skunk pelts were also used for coats and frequently passed off as marten fur.Before the 1950s, they were sold under ambiguous names.

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A Skunk Dwelling in Your Wisconsin Property. In case it is already too late and the skunk has already created a permanent den under your shed, we advise you to perform mild and humane harassment that can drive them away. Nonetheless, you should only use this method if there are no baby skunks inside the den Wisconsin Law on Pet Skunks | Legal Beagle. Posted: (2 days ago) While powerful stinkers, skunks also are adorable critters. Exotic pet breeders often tout pet skunks --- sans their stink glands --- to make wonderful pets. As exotic pets, however, pet skunks are not allowed everywhere. If you live in Wisconsin and would like to keep a skunk as. A skunk can spray multiple times before it needs to replenish its scent gland supply. If you live in wisconsin and would like to keep a skunk as a pet, it's important to know what. Pet skunks kept for any reason are banned in the canadian province of ontario, as of 1999. Once the skunk is caught, you'll need to approach the trap very carefully

Pet Price: 650$. Hi we have male and female Skunks Available for sale visit our website https://www.buddyexotics.com or text (419) 777-4855 us for more info. male and female bonded sugar g.. Skunks are usually ready towards mid June. Once they become available we will call and email deposit holders in the order that their deposit was placed. The final balance is due when your skunk is picked up or before shipping can be arranged. Deposit is $200 and goes towards the total price of $400. $200 will be due at pickup If you're looking for an indoor pet, I would say skunks make the best ones in comparison to fox, groundhogs, or raccoons. They are generally low maintenance, social, and considerably less destructive. Skunks generally weigh anywhere from 5-16 pounds when fully grown (20 lbs. is an obese skunk generally) - Banned pets: ape, bat, gibbon, raccoon, skunk, alligator; more than one large bear or large cat without permit In Montana, keeping more than one bear, large cat, or a hybrid of a wild animal is.

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  1. Skunks don't make any noise. If you have a very strong skunk smell in the house, this does not mean you have a skunk in the house! This odor can penetrate concrete like it is not even there. We have a scale of odor that we use here and it goes from 1 to 10. Most skunks produce an odor around 4 to 6 and this still smells like skunk
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  3. we all have with the pets that share our lives. Serving Sussex, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Pewaukee and the greater Milwaukee area. Our Location. Call: 262-246-5820. Our Services. We are pleased to offer a wide range. of veterinary services. View Services
  4. g. Must be current on requirements. Sheri Blomberg on February 27. Interested in a skunk
  5. As omnivores they require a diverse diet and because obesity is common problem with pet skunks, it is important that a healthy diet is offered. About 60-70% of the skunk's diet should be protein- eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, raw nuts and feeder insects are healthy options. Vegetables should make up the remaining 30-40% of a skunk's diet but.

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1145 Park Street, Oregon, WI 53575 608-835-7323 : Skunks! Dr. Sara Orvick, who retired when Dr. Rachel Orvick and Dr. Jim Stevenson purchased the OVC, had a pet skunk she rescued as a baby. She named her Peaches, and said the only problem with her was finding someone willing to de-scent her. If your pet has a run in with any of Peaches. Skunks and Rabies. It is hard to overcome set-in-stone misconceptions, such as all skunks are born with rabies or all skunks carry rabies. For owners of domestic pen-raised pet skunks this misconception can mean the death of their much-loved pet. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved rabies vaccines for dogs, cats, and.

If you need assistance with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, you need to call your local Wisconsin county animal services or SPCA for assistance. They can help you out with issues such as stray dogs, stray cats, dangerous animal complaints, pet adoption, bite reports, deceased pets, lost pets, and other issues Wisconsin skunks and Wisconsin bats are beneficial animals, feeding on insects and other pests in an area. But, when Wisconsin skunks burrow under homes, porches, outbuildings or commercial buildings, they can cause costly structural damage. They spray pets and livestock, rip up yards, gardens and agricultural areas, and raid chicken houses and.

Favorite (1) N Foley Dr - Scandinavia, WI 54945. Toll Free: 888-936-7463. View Map. Share. X. Share With Friends. The 11-acre Skunk Lake is a deep, hard water marl lake with very clear water fed by seepages and springs. A wetland dominated by cat-tails and bulrush surrounds the lake and a navigable channel connects it to Foster Lake, a 7-acre. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 2 Trapping • May not trap with steel-jawed traps that have a jaw spread larger than 8 inches (at any time) sum, porcupine, skunk, weasel, and all other wild mammals not specifically mentioned in the hunting, trapping, and migratory game bird regulations [NR 10.04] Skunk Removal in Racine on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Animal Removal Services in Racine, WI

Most require a potential skunk owner to get a state permit and obtain the skunk from a licensed in-state breeder. STATE LAW. Public Act 80-460 (sSB 333) made it illegal to (1) breed, propagate, or sell skunks and (2) possess skunks purchased in a Connecticut retail establishment after May 1, 1979 (codified as CGS § 26-40). With the approval of. Search for pets for adoption at shelters. Find and adopt a pet on Petfinder today

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Dead Skunk Removal in Kenosha, Wisconsin. If you are looking for a dead animal removal company you can count on Dead Animal Removers to quickly match you with dead animal removal contractors close to you. Why You Should Use Our Service: - Connect With dead animal removal contractors Quickly. - Get Service in the Kenosha Are A skunk can be a costly pet, especially the first year. Skunk kits cost between $150 and $500 , and spay or neuter can cost up to $250 . Add to that the costs for food, cage(s), litter boxes, bed(s), toys, daily diet supplements, and other costs A skunk can be quite playful and friendly and can definitely make a good pet. But, make sure that you don't frighten or irritate them. Skunks are known to emit a foul-smelling chemical at the predators. Most of the pet shops that you might have got that adorable skunk may have ideally got those glands removed Ark N' Bark. Phone: 321-507-7101. Doctor's Name: Debby Butler. 1563 Georgia St. N.E. Suite 2 Palm Bay, FL 3290

They were reported decades ago in Wisconsin, but this summer the DNR had reports of them in Dane County and Bayfield County. The eastern spotted skunk is smaller than the average skunk, at about 1. Skunk Removal in Milwaukee on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Animal Removal Services in Milwaukee, WI Skunk Trapping and Removal. When you see or smell a skunk you can call us at 608-401-4715 for skunk removal in Janesville. Whether they are in your house or out on the lawn, these creatures can be a major problem. Their foul odor is by far their most notable trait but in addition, they can be very destructive pests Welcome to Jackson Pet Hospital LTD Your Veterinarian in Jackson, WI Call us at (262) 677-3112. We provide personalized and passionate care that only small clinics like ours can offer. We work closely with specialists, consultants and laboratories to provide your pets with the highest quality care

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  1. Hope For Skunks. May 27, 2020 - Loreta Frankonyte. Six baby skunks get stuck in a Jacuzzi - Hope For Paws reunites them with their mom! Hello Hope For Paws supporter, I really hope you will enjoy this super special rescue video: A skunk is one of the most peaceful, non-aggressive animals you could ever encounter. Skunks don't just attack
  2. When you see or smell a skunk you can call us at 608-401-4715 for skunk removal in Mequon. Whether they are in your house or out on the lawn, these creatures can be a major problem. Their foul odor is by far their most notable trait but in addition, they can be very destructive pests
  3. Baby Skunks For Sale north carolina, raleigh. #290021 Baby skunks for sale, new babies available ,males and females, many colors to pick from, they are descen.
  4. The United Veterinary Center is unique in that it specializes in the treatment of exotic animals. From ferrets to rabbits and reptiles to amphibians, there is a vast number of exotic creatures that do not get the veterinary care that they deserve, simply because many pet owners are unable to recognize the signs and symptoms of an exotic animal's failing health or some other injury or ailment
  5. Much like raccoons, a skunk will den beneath porches. When startled by homeowners or pets, skunks attack their target with a foul spray. Foxes are another issue for Wisconsin residents, as these clever predators hunt for rodents and other small animals around homes. Backyard chicken coops are also at risk when a fox is on the prowl

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Skunk River Siamese. Alternate forms of contact, 641-780-7963, www.puppiestogo.net, puppiestogo@hughes.net, Facebook is making things difficult EXOTIC ANIMALS FOR SALE HEALTH GUARANTEE. ALL OUR animals COME WITH 1 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE!!!! IN CASE YOUR PET FALLS SICK, WE PAY ALL THE BILLS AND IN SOME CASES WE REPLACE. Button. Button. Button. Button. Button. SEE ALL AVAILABLE ANIMALS

Q. Can I have a pet raccoon, skunk or opossum in New Jersey? A. Yes, but only if the appropriate permits are obtained. A captive game permit is needed for the possession of any game species in New Jersey. Additionally, an importation permit must be obtained before any game animals may be brought into New Jersey from another state Bird feeders and pet food will always attract skunks so keep in mind you could be asking for the skunk issue happening in your back yard. COVID-19 in Wisconsin: Virus activity high in 15. The Skunk Cabbage is one of our longest living plants. It is quite possible that plants growing when our area was first settled around 1830 might still be thriving today. Even beneath the heavy. This is a tutorial on how to remove the scent glands from a deceased skunk for taxidermy purposes.No animals were harmed for the purpose of filming this vide.. Burnett County - Siren, Wisconsin 54872. Humane Society of Burnett County 715-866-4096. If you find any of the above spay/neuter information is incorrect, or if you know another low-cost clinic to recommend in Wisconsin, please call Rescue Me! at 1-800-800-2099 ext. 3 with this information. Help Spread the Word

Move over dogs and cats — some of the most bizarre animals are becoming great pets to homeowners across America. Gizmo the skunk living is not an unwanted intruder in an Indianapolis home, but a. Chihuahuas near Salem, Wisconsin. Animal Location Filters. Dogs And Puppies Cats And Kittens Horses Rabbits Birds Snakes. For Adoption For Sale. 5 miles 10 miles 25 miles 50 miles 100 miles 200 miles 500 miles. All Female Male Unknown Indiana With permit: fox, raccoon, skunk, wolf, â ¦ I'll do it! Please help. These little primates, the so-called finger monkeys, are popular animals for first-time monkey owners. If you live in Wisconsin and would like to keep a skunk as a pet, it's important to know what the law says about their ownership

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Grab a plastic container; combine a ¼ cup of baking soda, 2 teaspoons of liquid soap and about a quart of hydrogen peroxide. Mix them well and ad some warm water for larger breeds of dogs. The solution will fizz, so you need to use it right away. Professional groomers also suggest dousing your pooch with Coca Cola first to remove the oils Pet food left outside or compost piles will attract skunks. Never mix meat scrapes in your compost bin as it will attract skunks, rats, raccoons and opossums. Kwik Kill will live trap skunks and remove them from your property. For More info: Wisconsin DNR pdf. University or Californi

Call us now at 414-306-6115 for a solution to your Wisconsin animal problem. About Pest Animal Milwaukee and Our Services: Raccoon and skunk removal in Milwaukee. Our Service Range. Our Service Range Wauwatosa Be sure to remove food scraps and pet food from your backyard which will only offer a scent to the skunks which will bring them. A local pediatrist here in Wausau , Wi., had a pet skunk which was in house and house broken but never descented. Neighbor hood dogs visiting the home place found out quickly that the skunk was not descented. Only time skunk sprayed and was great pet Skunks As Pets In Wisconsin. April 5, 2014 by lyly. 18 Posts Related to Skunks As Pets In Wisconsin. Baby Skunks As Pets. Skunks As Pets In California. Skunks As Pets In Colorado. Skunks As Pets In Florida. Skunks As Pets In Tennessee. Skunks As Pets In Texas. Elk Antlers For Dogs Wisconsin Wisconsin Law on Pet Skunks | Legal Beagle. Posted: (3 days ago) Exotic pet breeders often tout pet skunks --- sans their stink glands --- to make wonderful pets. As exotic pets, however, pet skunks are not allowed everywhere. If you live in Wisconsin and would like to keep a skunk as a pet, it's important to know what the law says about their. De-skunk- We have a special formula which will take care of that skunky pet. Flea removal - We use an all natural flea shampoo to rid your pet of fleas. Fleas can cause hair loss and other skin problems for your pet. They also can carry tapeworm eggs which can be transferred to your pet

In the entire United States, only 17 states allow you to legally own a pet skunk: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey. Skunk. If you can get past your fears of getting sprayed, skunks are resourceful and loving companions. Granted, most pet skunks have their scent or musk glands surgically removed at a very early age. However, that delightfully resourceful nature can still make them a handful! In captivity, skunks can live up to ten years and weigh almost 20. Dane County, WI Animal Control News Clip: Wisconsin Governor signs spay-neuter law. The county and area cities could require squirrel owners to spay and neuter specific breeds, such as Eastern Grays or Red Squirrels, under a bill signed into law the governor over the weekend. For more information, call the animal services of Sunnyvale, Wisconsin

Is it legal to keep a pet skunk in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? ANSWER 0 Anonymous ANSWERS: 1. YARNLADY is happy everyday. Since skunks are classified as a wild or exotic animal, you will require a special permit to keep one. You must show that you have an approved dwelling place for it, and a licensed vet to care for it.. Animals include fox, skunk, weasel, bobcat, raccoon, coyote, opossum, mink or other wild carnivores. Return to Rabies prevention flowchart introduction Have the animal euthanized and submit the head for rabies testing as soon as possible

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Wisconsin also has a documented problem with bats in buildings, and Wildlife Removal Northern Wisconsin is specially trained in bat removal. They also perform general wildlife trapping services, such as the capture and removal of skunks or opossums on the property It is ILLEGAL to own a skunk as a pet in Missouri & Illinois. If anyone ever finds out that you have a pet skunk, or even that you have baby skunks that you are raising without a permit, you will be fined and the babies will be euthanized. Because of the rabies risk in skunks, the laws surrounding them are HEAVILY enforced and stories of. Spray people and pets - When feeling threatened, a skunk will spray people or pets with an oily liquid containing sulfur compounds which is produced by 2 glands at the base of the tail. Skunks are capable of spraying accurately up to 20 feet. The spray can be painful and blind pets and people temporarily. Carry rabies - Skunks are also a serious public health threat

Skunk and Foster Lakes is owned by the DNR and was designated a State Natural Area in 1996. From the intersection of Highways 49 and B in Scandinavia, go south on 49 1.8 miles, then west on County Q 1 mile, then continue west on County V 2.25 miles, then south on North Foley Drive 0.6 mile to a parking area west of the road Wess Exotic Animals - Skunks, Foxes, Raccoons. FEMALE SILVER FOX- KIRBY MALE SILVER FOX-HUGO HUGO HUGO AND KIRBY. Died 2015 Compton, 42, happened into dog grooming about 18 years ago and now is regional salon lead for Pet Supplies Plus, working out of the Fitchburg store at 2928 Hardrock Road. Jones, 19, learned dog grooming growing up in his mom's grooming studio and now works as a dog groomer at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Austin, Minnesota Summary of Law: No person may possess or breed the following species of animals as a pet: foxes, skunks, raccoons, all species of bears, alligators, crocodiles, all species of wild cats, wolves, nonhuman primates, various venomous reptiles, etc. Persons possessing one of the listed animals prior to May 31, 2006 may continue to keep the. Based on this list, which should be verified for updated information, skunks are legal in Alabama, Florida (where a class 3 permit is required), Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio (permit needed), Oklahoma (import permit and vet needed), Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Skunks should be considered.

Skunks are sometimes active by day when people leave out pet food or when the skunks have hungry young to feed. Note if the skunk is acting strangely: Is it circling, dragging itself, acting injured or acting unusually aggressively? If yes, contact your local animal services agency We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully Wisconsin licensed and insured, and ready to solve your Milwaukee critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consulation and price quote, at 414-316-6510

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Fun Facts. A skunk's sulfuric spray has a range of up to 10 feet, and its odor can be detected up to 1.5 miles. Skunks eat wasps and honeybees, and will often attack beehives. Immune to snake venom, skunks are known to eat poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes. Although skunks have very poor eyesight, they have excellent senses of smell and hearing most fox in captivity in Wisconsin are fox farms for pelts and some raise them for scent. I have known people with pet deer,bear,skunk and such also. We had wild coon we had as pets but yes need permits if caged. 12-26-2009, 03:49 PM SheridanPDC : 511 posts, read 2,071,254 times. Treat Your Pet Like Royalty! Give your pet that perfect and stylish look with our pet grooming services. We offer both dog and cat grooming. You can also count on us for dog training solutions. You don't have to leave your dog alone anymore with our doggy daycare solutions. Plan that trip and don't worry about your dog

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Exotic Critters is a USDA approved facility in Bloomsburg Pa that breeds and sells bottle fed baby skunks as pets and zoo exibits. 570-784-6058 , 2018 baby skunks, Baby Skunks for sale in Pa. We are skunk breeders As omnivores, skunks will eat a variety of things in suburban areas, including insects, worms, eggs, eggs from backyard chickens, berries, pet food, garbage and even rodents. During the colder months, a skunk will spend more time in its den in a protected space, which can be around porches, decks or under homes

Dogs are often victims of skunk spraying. If your dog is sprayed by a neighborhood skunk, don't despair. Neutralizing the chemicals contained in a skunk's stink is quite easy. A combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is a very good strategy to get rid of the skunk smell on dogs, cats or other household pets Skunks spray when threatened, serving as a nuisance for sprayed humans and pets. Skunks are a significant asset in controlling the populations of crop-destroying rodents and insects. Skunk fur is an important asset to the fur industry, with pelts with a greater percentage of black grading higher While I have never had a skunk as a pet, I have known a number of people that do. They can be very playful, active, entertaining, and affectionate, and they can be potty trained if you are persistent enough. However, they are very curious and will.. Pet Supplies. If you're interested in pet supplies, you can get anything you need at our feed store. We have pet food, horse tack, and other pet supplies. For 35 years, we have been providing top-quality pet supplies to the Superior, WI community. Learn More Unlike Maryland, which has no natural lakes, Wisconsin has thousands of glacial lakes throughout the state. Over 46 percent of Wisconsin is forested. It is a humid state with hot summers and cold winters. The animals in Wisconsin are forest-lovers. The state is filled with raccoons, porcupines, skunks, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, and.

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The law was passed in 1980 because of cases of rabid skunks found in breeding facilities and retail establishments in the 1970s, according to Vann. With some restrictions, 22 states allow people to keep skunks as pets. Table 1 lists these states and special conditions regarding keeping skunks as pets Timbavati Wildlife Park, Wisconsin Dells: Hours, Address, Timbavati Wildlife Park Reviews: 4/ Get the best pet supplies online and in store! PetSmart offers quality products and accessories for a healthier, happier pet. Find in-store pet services like Grooming, Training, Doggie Day Care, and overnight boarding A skunk's sulfuric spray, which is known for its intense odor, is a defense mechanism and only used when a skunk feels cornered or threatened. If you or your pet come in contact with skunk spray, it can cause nausea or vomiting. Skunks are equipped with strong feet and long nails made for digging. They are capable of damaging homes and.


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Pet Crate Carrier Medium Size Cat Dog $38. (SAINT CLAIR SHORES (11 mile & Jefferson)) pic. hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post. Jul 10 Marathon Town & Country Store. Pet Stores Variety Stores Dog & Cat Furnishings & Supplies. 1300 W Campus Dr, Wausau, WI, 54401. 715-675-1700. Call Now. 3. PetSmart. Pet Stores Pet Food Pet Training. 3601 Rib Mountain Dr, Wausau, WI, 54401 May 15, 2018 - Explore Nick Belle's board Skunks and Groundhogs - Move On! And Take the Ants With 'Ya! on Pinterest. See more ideas about groundhog, skunk repellent, ants

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Expertise is a click or call away! Find a Store Find the store nearest you. Store Locator. Contact Us 1-800-PET-VALU (738-8258) MON to SUN 8am to 8pm EST See the local sights and visit Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company and Wisconsin River Papermaking Museum. While you're there, make sure you don't miss Wisconsin Rapids Zoo and Bull's Eye Country Club. If you need some supplies for your animal companion, stop at Wisconsin Bird Store LLC, Aquarium Pet Shop & Grooming, or Frag Cellar Section .0200. Admission of Livestock to North Carolina. .0212 IMPORTATION REQUIREMENTS: WILD ANIMALS. Citation: 2 NCAC 52B.0212. Summary: This North Carolina regulation states that person must obtain a permit from the State Veterinarian before importing any of the following animals into this State: skunk; fox; raccoon; ringtail; bobcat. N5160 Skunk Ridge Road, Brooklyn, WI 54971-9439 - The moment you cut through the woods, of your tree lined private road, you will know you are on your way to a little piece of heaven. This great open concept log home features a field stone fireplace, main floor bedroom, nicely updated lower level, a generous deck to view the wildlife playing in.

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