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1 1-100 Series / 1-75 Series 2 See also 3 References 4 External links The USA 1-100 Series, the Latin America 1-75 Series and the Rest of World 1-75 Series are shown below: Like the USA range, the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand markets also had 100 models,1 as did the Indonesian range.2.. Model: Matchbox Honda Civic Type R. Line: 2009 Superfast 40th Anniversary. Where to get it: Matchbox Honda Civic Type R on eBay. Why it's in the collection: Well I could say it is because this is one of the Superfast 40th Anniversary models that Matchbox did, but really it's not. It is mainly because it is a Honda Civic Type R These are my own personal gradings which may differ from yours. judge for yourself the condition of the item. GOOD= Complete but with heavy wear and tear. VERY GOOD= Complete but with more signs of tears and creasing Superfast has had at least two distinct meanings in relation to Matchbox toys. Originally, it referred to the then-new type of low-friction wheels fitted to Matchbox range models from 1969. This was the response by Lesney (the original producers of Matchbox toys) to models produced by new rival..

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2008-07-30T05:47. Matchbox 2009 Report! Well, Rt 66/MCCH/Mattel presents The 6th Annual Matchbox Collector's Community Hall International Gathering of Friends Event in Albuquerque, New Mexico is behind us and what a fun time that was had by all who attended. The brand has experienced massive growth in retail special allotments thus in return. Sunday, 18 January 2009 Price Guide w/e January 17 2009 Below is the top 20 highest prices achieved on eBay on the week starting 10th January 2009 for Matchbox Superfast cars For me, the 2009 Matchbox Superfast Mazda 2 is that model. We were thrilled to see another Mazda from Matchbox back in 2008, and the 2 was a great choice. It seemed to be a nod to those in other countries, where the 2/Demio was far more popular than in the US

Matchbox. Superfast. MB5-e Lotus Europa. The Lotus Europa model design and tooling was made at the end of the regular wheels era before the name Superfast was created although this new model was in fact part of the first Superfast wave. A number of bright red pre-productions exist fitted with plain unspoked chrome hub prototype Superfast wheels. Model: Chevy Van. Release: Matchbox Superfast 2009 / 40 th Anniversary. eBay link: Matchbox Superfast Chevy Van Why I am featuring it: I mentioned in my recent NASCAR Convoy post that the Matchbox Chevy Vans that come with some of those old Team Convoy releases are collectible in their own right. Those custom-style vans are all based on the original MB068 casting, which dates back to the.

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  1. The 2009 1-100 line have started to appear at your favorite retailers; batch A was released in December, batch B will be out shortly. The official US/LAAM/ROW lists are being finalized by the Matchbox Team and will be published shortly. Batch A issues include the final 2008 models and the introduction of 2009. The new 5 packs will be as follows: 1
  2. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2009 Matchbox Superfast Loose Scraper Chrome Dewart Contruction Brand New at the best online prices at eBay
  3. The most popular die cast toys in the world, Matchbox metal vehicles took on a new look in 1969 with the introduction of the Superfast line, and this new edition documents them all. The diversity of these tiny toys is truly amazing
  4. Matchbox Offshore SuperFast 46 N - 2009 SF 10 Volkswagen Caddy Black and Red - (Mint Boxed) Seller-Key. BP1-85439; GAL-95728. Condition
  5. After Mattel had taken control of the Matchbox brand, this usage of the Superfast name ceased from 1998 onward. Superfast (Mattel) - 2004 to 2009, 2019 to 2020 - Series: For the 35th anniversary of the original introduction of the Superfast name, Mattel began using the name once again

Matchbox Lincoln Navigator 35th Anniversary 2004 Superfast Series White Lincoln Navigator 1:64 Scale Collectible Die Cast Metal Toy Car Model #32 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $49.9 Matchbox Power Grabs 2021 Mix 5 Die-Cast Vehicle Case Matchbox Collector Superfast 50th Anniversary Mix 3 Case Matchbox Superfast 50th Anniv. 2021 Wave 2 Vehicles Cas In 2009, Mattel released a 40th Anniversary edition of Superfast cars. This time, 100 cars with special paint and packaging (once again, depiction of the vehicle was represented on the packaging) was released in addition to the standard 100 Matchbox models released during 2009

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Matchbox 60 Anniversary 09 Austin Mini Cooper S - 2013 is Matchbox 60 Anniversary. This year Matchbox release 1 series of matchbox in Superfast style. I have take some photos on this Matchbox 60 Anniversar.. Superfast - 2009. Akik komolyabban foglalkoznak a Matchbox-okkal bizonyára tudják, hogy idén 40 éves a Superfast sorozat. Mint ilyen alkalmakkor illik, most is rá fog kerülni egy külön logó a dobozokra, mint azt 2004-ben is volt. Kicsit lejjebb van is róla kép, nagyon pofás a dolog, és az autó sem néz ki rosszul, ami egyébként.

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  1. Superfast (Universal) / Starburst Series (1985 to 1990) Superfast (Mattel) / New Superfast (2004 to 2009, 2019 to 2020) Superfast Lasers / Laser Wheels (1986 to 1990) Super GT (1986 to 1990) Super Trucks (Tyco) (1993) Super Trucks (Universal) / Superchargers (1986 to 1988) Team Convoy (1988 to 1996) Team Matchbox (1985 to 1987) Then and Now (2001
  2. Select what kind of Matchbox lineup you would like to see, then click SEE THE MODELS. Please select a category. 50th Anniversary Logo Blank for Code 2 Use Club Models Convoy Graffic Traffic INC Construction Michael Fischer-Art My First Matchbox (Live & Learn) National Parks Playset Pre-production Promotiona
  3. A traditional red London double-decker bus, patterned after one from 1911, was also released in 1956, as was a London Tramcar from 1907. A brown-bodied, white-roofed Leyland Lorry with a W. R. Jacob decal on its side came out the following year, and in 1958, Matchbox offered a 1929 green Le Mans Bentley race car
  4. 30 60 90 In Stock Show All. Sort By Price. select Asc Desc. Matchbox Superfast collection model cars. Datsun 280ZX 1982 in Red by Matchbox. Product ID: MBSF1GKP42RD. Price: 499.00

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Matchbox ('20 Superfast) 2009 (Mk12) SVT Raptor Matchbox ('20 Top Gun 5Pk) 2009 (Mk12) SVT Raptor Hot Wheels : 2009 (Mk12) SVT Raptor Hot Wheels: 2009 (Mk12) SVT Raptor 2009 Matchbox: 2012 Maisto : 2012 Hot Wheels (Modified Casting) 2013 (SEMA Show Car) Hot Wheels: Others: F800 Utility Truck - 1989 Matchbox : Courier (US) - 197 Your Price:$12.00. In Stock. Offshore SuperFast - 5-PK 2005 SAFARI 31M 65I 35F 66J 52I F.0909 MATCHBOX DODGE 2015 Dodge RAM 1500 Pickup El Segundo Fire Dept F.0929 MATCHBOX YAMAHA Rhino Brush Fire Rescue F.0931 MATCHBOX FORD 1997 F-150 Pick U May 2009 English catalogues added for the years 1986 to 1989 that surprisingly show differences with catalogues issued in other languages. Courtesy of Tony Benstead. Kits added: Aircraft - PK-20 reissue of 1977 Ships - PK-61 and PK 351 Automotive - Four AMT/Matchbox reissues April 2009 A whole collection of Matchbox catalogues has been added Minden 2009-ben megjelent Matchbox modell potenciális jelölt, függetlenül attól, hogy mely kontinensen jelent meg. Tehát az 1-75, 1-100 - erről egy JPG alább látható -, Best of British, Superfast sorozatok, 3-as, 5-ös és 10-es csomagokban megjelent darabok is mind egyaránt játszanak

Die-Cast Matchbox cars! All kinds of makes and models! Different themes for every kid's imagination! This 997M, Wave 4 revision 2 case of 36 pieces contains an assortment of Matchbox die-cast vehicles. Contemporary, classic Matchbox die-cast vehicles in three great collections just for kids Any unauthorised reproduction for commercial purposes of any content of this website is a violation of Matchbox 1-75.com rights. Material may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way except for your own personal non-commercial home use, or unless you have obtained express permission from Matchbox 1-75.com Matchbox Superfast No. 60 Holden Pick-Up. I was inspired recently to look in my closet, dig deep, and unearth my childhood toy collection. In one of the boxes, I found my diecast car collection. They consist mostly of cars made by Tomica, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and Majorette. Vintage-wise, they range from early 1970s to early 1980s Make offer - MATCHBOX TOYOTA PRIUS 2009 METRO RIDES IN METALLIC GREEN 1:62 SCALE DIECAST CAR . MATCHBOX Toyota Mk 2 race car . EUR 4.59 6d 17h Make offer - Matchbox Superfast No 25 Toyota Celica GT Yellow Fever Near Mint Hong Kong UB . DINKY TOYS MATCHBOX TOYOTA SUPRA MADE IN MACAU. EUR 18.4

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Lesney countered with the Matchbox Superfast line of cars and pumped up its advertising campaign. Lesney also diversified the designs, introduced a line of fantasy cars, and produced Disney-themed vehicles. Despite these efforts, Matchbox's high cost of manufacturing in England drove Lesney into bankruptcy 2009 Matchbox Street Cleaner. Matchbox Superfast Pony Trailer POLIZEI and Mercedes Benz 280 GE 4x4. 15 $ 1976 Matchbox Tractor Shovel №29 Made in Macau. 2 $ Matchbox Lesney Moko No.3- Mercedes Benz - Binz - Ambulance. 7 HW 2009; HW 2010; HW 2011; HW 2012; HW 2013; HW 2014; HW 2015; HW 2016; HW 2017; HW 2018; HW 2019; HW 2020; HW 2021; HW 100%; HW Blackwalls; HW Blue Cards; HW Cards of the Decades; HW Collectors Numbers; HW Cool Classics; HW Exclusive Series; HW Limited Edition; HW Pop Culture; HW Promotional; HW Racing; HW Real Riders; HW Retro Entertainment. As a consequence Matchbox started to produce two larger ranges with military vehicles and soldiers: the Battle Kings range and the regular vehicles in the Superfast range (chapter 4). Later, in 1976, they also produced the regular Matchbox soldier boxes (chapter 5), to accompany their large range of vehicles ENDURING CHARACTERS EDITION. HAMMER AND NAILS (2001) MATCHBOX LESNEY EDITION (2011) MATCHBOX 1999 SERIES (1999) MATCHBOX 2009 SERIES (2009) MATCHBOX 2010 SERIES (2010) MATCHBOX 2011 SERIES (2011) MBX METAL - ACTION SERIES (2007) MBX METAL - ADVENTURE SERIES (2007

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  1. However, since I felt that it's rather impossible to collect every die-cast cars I like, since 2007 I decided to focus on particular die-casts such as 1/64 scaled taxis, regular tomy from the 2006 catalogue, and several cars from regular matchbox. Most pictures in this blog were captured by Canon PowerShot A650 IS
  2. 2021 hot wheels L case #204 LB Silhouette Works GT Nissan 35GT-RR Ver 2 Liberty walk. $3.99. Sold out. Quick view. 2021 hot wheels L case #208 Porsche Taycan Turbo S. $2.99. Sold out. Quick view. 2021 hot wheels L case #202 Toyota Land Cruiser
  3. MB776 - STREET CLEANER (2009) MB821 - FORD TAURUS POLICE INTERCEPTOR (2011) MB816 - PORSCHE PANAMERA (2011) MB815 - CADILLAC CTS COUPE (2011) Categories. Info (2) Serie International 1-75 (159) Serie Superfast (18
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This video shows their gaits perfectly. At first, Putin is self-conscious about his gait so he exaggerates the swing of his right arm. He also fidgets with his right arm and hand by playing with his coat, wiping his face, and waving. But after walking a bit (0:52), he returns to his normal gait Matchbox Kingsize Range Superfast Range page 10. Page processed in 10.55 milliseconds. This figure denotes the time taken by the server to process this page THE LEIPZIG MATCHBOX SUPERFAST COLLECTION. Monday 29th March 2021 09:30am. Showing 24 out of 60 lots. Show: 24 Show: 48 Show: 72 Show All Lots. / 3 MIX 1/64 Matchbox Superfast assortment of 8pcs This box contains; 2x GKP43 1962 Willys Jeep Wagon 2x GKP51 1980 Porsche 911 Turbo 2x GNY10 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix 1x GNY11 1968 Dodge D200 pick-up 1x GNY12 2010 Ford Raptor SVT pick-up. MIX 1/64 Matchbox Superfast assortment of 8pc Premieres - 1996-1999. Challenge Series - 1997. Matchbox Collectibles 1:64 Models - 1997-2004. Star Car Collection - 1998-1999. Fast Food Toys - 1999 onward. Matchbox 2000 Logo Models - 2000. Pleasant Valley Books - 2000-2006. Germany Special Series - 2001-2009. Matchbox 50th Anniversary Collection - 2002

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  1. Jan 7, 2017 - Matchbox Mbx Metal 10 Pack Coffret Set Toy Mattel B5609 by MATCHBOX. $17.74. With sets of 10 detailed, die-cast vehicles. Fun for all boys. Cars may vary.. Coolest 1:64 scale cars!. 10-pack makes a perfect gift. Matchbox 10-Car Gift Packs deliver ten of the coolest 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in one packag
  2. Six Matchbox Superfast Diecast Cars, to include New S4 Ford Capri, New 13 Baja Buggy, 59 Mercury Fire Chief, etc (all boxed) More details. Live Auction. Date: 01/07/2021; No Image. Sheffield Auction Gallery. Lot 425. Seven Matchbox Superfast Diecast Vehicles, to include 62 Hotrod Dragster, 36 Draguar, 34 Formula 1 racing car, etc (all boxed)
  3. Matchbox Superfast, 1973 Lamborghini Countach No. 27B, Made in England, Lesney Prod. & Co. Ltd., The car has a orange red body, green and black racing stripes, amber windows, chrome interior, the back opens and closes. The car is 3 inches long. Please look closely at all photos for the best description and condition of the car
  4. Matchbox 1969-1982 Superfast Nr. 16-30; Matchbox 1969-1982 Superfast Nr. 31-45; Matchbox 1969-1982 Superfast Nr. 46-60; Matchbox 1969-1982 Superfast Nr. 61-79; Matchbox TP Sets ab 1976 01-10 Teil 1; Matchbox TP Sets ab 1976 11-32 Teil 2; Matchbox 1983-1990 Superfast ROW Macau; Matchbox 1983-1990 Superfast USA Macau; Matchbox 1997 Gold Challenge.
  5. Looking for Hotwheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Nascar, diecast cars or other collectible toys? You've come to the right place. Here at The Toy Peddler, we have thousands of toys and collectibles for sale at reasonable prices. Our sellers offer a satisfaction guarantee with all items sold. It's free to register and easy to buy or sell your items

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MATCHBOX SUPERFAST MB5 PETERBILT TANKER AMPOL ABSOLUTELY MINT For Sale MATCHBOX SUPERFAST MB5 PETERBILT TANKER AMPOL ABSOLUTELY MINT: $7.32. This model comes from a massive deceased estate, It has been stored away for some time and Never displayed. There are some very strange and interesting items being listed over the next weeks So please do. Mattel Matchbox Lesney Cars 10 Pack Series Superfast 40th Anniversary 1969-2009 by Matchbox. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Includes 10 different 40th anniversary vehicles:.

Sep 2009 Location Chichester Posts 2. Matchbox Lesney Superfast Transitionals. I have 35 Matchbox Lesney Superfast Transitionals They are being sold on EBay over the next few months. Here's the story behind them. A friend of mine lost his uncle last year, and as we were going through the cupboards. There were a pile of boxes in the back of one Matchbox Superfast 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police #08. Greenlight The Hangover (2009) - 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Vehicle (1:43 Scale) 4.3 out of 5 stars. Matchbox Superfast Series 1-75 Era. Lincoln Johnny lightning race club Matchbox superfast race. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. J. johnnyl · Registered. Joined Apr 13, 2009 · 335 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 24, 2009. I figured I would post this on here. This was one of the Matchbox races back in april.. This 997A, Wave 1 case of 48 pieces contains an assortment of Matchbox die-cast vehicles. Contemporary, classic Matchbox die-cast vehicles in three great collections just for kids! Choose from a variety of street vehicles including popular makes and models. The action vehicles work in police, fire, construction and harvesting

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Die-Cast Matchbox cars! All kinds of makes and models! Different themes for every kid's imagination! This 997G, Wave 3 case of 48 pieces contains an assortment of Matchbox die-cast vehicles. Contemporary, classic Matchbox die-cast vehicles in three great collections just for kids FUBARED (The Fantasmagorical Neverending Matchbox Picture Thread) Images. The General. Nov 14, 2009. 27 28 29. 577. 2K Matchbox Kingsize Range Superfast Range page 6. Page processed in 6.62 milliseconds. This figure denotes the time taken by the server to process this page Matchbox Kingsize Range Superfast Range page 7. Page processed in 9.89 milliseconds. This figure denotes the time taken by the server to process this page

Matchbox Superfast Volks Dragon 1. This is one of Matchbox's Superfast models. It was number 31 in the 1-75 series and was released in 1972. This model has been in my collection since that date. One of the cutest Bugs ever! The eyes have it! Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my permission. Thanks This site is the work of Shabbir Malik, a collector of Matchbox 1-75, who lives in New York (that is in the US & A as well). The site is a huge resource centre for 1-75, and has a tremendous amount of information available. However, as Shabbir resides in North America, the focus is on that region, and not on Europe Matchbox Kingsize Range Superfast Range page 5. Page processed in 7.06 milliseconds. This figure denotes the time taken by the server to process this page Matchbox Kingsize Range Superfast Range page 4. Page processed in 14.34 milliseconds. This figure denotes the time taken by the server to process this page

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CODE 1 & 2/3 66 versions found. Photo by: Dan's Matchbox Pictures Pages 1967 VW Transporter. Version ID: SF0496-001 MAN #: 390 First Rel Date: 1999. Code level: Matchbox as miniaturas de metal mais perfeitas do mundo! (1975) The Streaker Set -- now 6 to collect (1975) Matchbox extra -- free soldiers (1975) The Matchbox extra -- a rescue squad -- free (1975) The Matchbox Extra -- 3 fighting figures -- free! (1975) The Sensational Superfast Renault 17TL (1975) 10-wheel action from the hottest team on. (43) 2007 Best of British, (44) 2007 Hitch 'n Haul Twin-Pack, (45) 2007 New SuperFast (46) 2008 Pirate Playset, (47) 2009 Dino Adventure 5pk, (48) 2009 All Exclusive 10pk (49) 2012 Jungle Adventures 5-pack, (50) 2012 Jungle Adv 5pk 6-spoke wheels variatio MATCHBOX SUPERFAST 35 YEARS EDITION BLUE DODGE VIPER RT/10 DIE-CAST $11.75. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Hot Wheels 2009-016 AMC Javelin AMX New Models BLACK 1:64 Scale 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $12.95. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. MATCHBOX 1980 SUPERFAST MB59-D Porsche 928 (black) 2 offers. Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information

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London Taxi 2006 #69 (Matchbox Superfast) London Taxi 2005 #69 (Matchbox Superfast) London Taxi 2005 #36; London Taxi 1999 #9 (Matchbox Rest of World) London Taxi 2000 #11 (Matchbox UK) London Taxi 2000 #11 (Matchbox UK) Ford Falcon Taxi 2002 #4; Ford Cortina Taxi (Made In Bulgaria) Ford LTD Taxi 1998 (Matchbox Star Car Collection) Ford LTD. Lesney Matchbox No. 32 Leyland Ergomatic Cab Petrol Tanker BP. 2 $. Lesney Matchbox No. 32 Leyland Ergomatic Cab Petrol Tanker BP (2) 2 $. Matchbox Lesney Superfast No 26 SITE DUMPER 1976. 2 $. №274 Majorette 1/100 Benne Carriere. 2 $. 1976 Vintage Matchbox Superfast No 71 - Cattle Truck - Lesney

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