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So when StubHub offered her and her husband vouchers -- not a refund -- for a canceled Foo Fighters concert this summer, she felt that made no sense during a pandemic StubHub is required to refund New Yorkers, and consumers in 13 other states, due to The company responded saying Marrali is eligible for a refund, and that StubHub will be.. StubHub will offer refunds for canceled events but not postponed events. However, StubHub is not responsible for partial performances, line-up, time, or venue changes

StubHub, however, won't offer refunds to anyone who bought a ticket after March 25 of StubHub is offering the retroactive refunds now because the live events industry is.. That is when StubHub comes to play. So, let's learn StubHub sells tickets (monetize unwanted tickets), StubHub refund and other important information about the process StubHub is here for you. Unless you want a refund. Share All sharing options for: StubHub said they'd refund canceled tickets, but now they're taking that back

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  1. StubHub is offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were StubHub, however, won't offer refunds to anyone who bought a ticket after March 25 of..
  2. StubHub offers retroactive refunds as the live event industry is reopening. Postponed events may not be eligible for refund. How to get a refund for StubHub
  3. StubHub originally offered Final Four buyers the option of receiving a full refund or receiving a credit worth 120% of the purchase price to use on future orders, but the..
  4. StubHub, on the other hand, made a relatively questionable move in the spring of 2020. Additionally, some states prohibited the change of refund method and forced StubHub to..
  5. d is that if you cancel the ticket then you can get a refund or not
  6. StubHub initially offered coupons to two Philadelphia-area women when the events they purchased tickets for were cancelled over the coronavirus pandemic

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  1. StubHub Beyond refund restrictions Print. Learn more about StubHub Beyond's refund restrictions. See the Refund Protection section
  2. StubHub Backtracks on Offering Refunds for Events Affected by Coronavirus. Fans can now only receive site credit worth 120 percent of the purchase price
  3. StubHub, a platform to buy and resell tickets to sports and other live entertainment Dumping promised refunds for expiring coupons during the time of greatest financial..
  4. StubHub confirmed it had received a refund request, and said Stubhub is saying they cannot refund buyers because sellers owe them money for cancelled sales, he said
  5. According to the StubHub refund policy, you will always get your tickets in time for the event. The truth is that since you'll get the tickets some days prior to the event, in case..
  6. StubHub Covid-19 refund lawsuits centralised in California. A series of lawsuits filed in different states against StubHub over its coronavirus refund policy are to be centralised..

Federal suits alleging StubHub Inc. wrongfully changed its refund policies for events cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic will be combined in a California federal.. DO NOT USE STUBHUB (@refundmestubhub). @StubHub is fraudulently holding buyers cash by not providing cash refunds - nor paying out sellers during a worldwide pandemic StubHub updated their policy today. Instead of full refunds for canceled events, they changed it to a COUPON worth 20% more than the value of the ticket


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