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This will add google contacts to the BB, but will NOT add BB contacts to google. And don't be too hopeful, the BB contacts will not even magically appear on the android if you complete the instructions and move the SIM card to the android device. So the only feasible way to do it seems via CSV files. I'll continue to investigate this So you get a new phone and you want to transfer your contacts from your BlackBerry to your new phone, but you are old school, so going the sync with outlook or windows contact or google or yahoo route it too long and you just want to send them the old school way via bluetooth. Well, here's how: 1 Open the Contacts app on your Blackberry phone. Tap and hold a contact you want to transfer. Then, tap Share Contact and choose Bluetooth. Next, you need to select a device in the Bluetooth devices list to transfer the contacts The first thing to do when swapping your contacts from a blackberry to an android powered device is download the software and install it in your computer. Then, open iSkysoft Phone Transfer. Step 2: Connect BlackBerry and Android to computer In the program's dashboard, click the Phone to Phone Transfer tab Once in your Gmail account, click 'Contacts' above the Email Dial button. Then click 'More Actions' and finally 'Export'. Choose the CSV file to which you want to export your contacts, and validate. Once finished, you can synchronize any BlackBerry Z10 with your Gmail account as mentioned in the previous paragraph

Step 6. Check Contacts and click Setup. Designate the desktop application that your contacts are stored in and click Next. Then set the software to synchronize from your computer to your BlackBerry. Click Next and then click Finish to finalize your setup Connecting your Blackberry to your computer allows you to upgrade your software and transfer music, pictures, and other files between the devices. Fortunately, the process is very simple. Start with Step 1 to connect your Blackberry to your PC

Connect the BlackBerry to the computer using the USB cord. If BlackBerry Desktop Manager does not launch immediately, press Start and then find the program on the list. Go to the 'Backup and.. Another option to export your contacts from BlackBerry DTEK50 is to use the VCF file system. This option will allow you, along with CSV files, to share your contact lists from your BlackBerry DTEK50. As in our first paragraph, go to the 'Import / Export' section of the 'Contacts' folder of your BlackBerry DTEK50

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Your BlackBerry will save a list of your contacts as a.VCF file. 3 Connect your BlackBerry to your computer. To do so, plug the USB end of the BlackBerry's charging cable into your computer's USB port, then plug the charging end of the cable into your BlackBerry's charge port Avoid these types of situations by syncing your email and phone contacts between your PC and your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerrys includes free software, called the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, that gives you the ability to import and export data such as contact information BlackBerry Desktop Software gives you a simple way to sync BlackBerry to computer. It enables you to back up and share BlackBerry files with ease. In addition, this BlackBerry backup software allows you to install/manage apps, transfer contacts, messages, tasks and more between BB device and PC

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Transfer files between computer and your BlackBerry KEY2 Android 8.1. You can transfer files, such as pictures or audio files, between your computer and your phone. Step 1 of 8. 1. Connect phone and computer. Connect the data cable to the socket and to your computer's USB port. Step 2 of 8 Copy your .vcf contacts backup file to your desktop > Open up the Vcard Converter tool and open the .VCF file. The app should auto populate your saved contacts on the .VCF file. Click the Blackberry Icon at the top of your list of contacts then name your file and save it to desktop. After clicking Restore, click browse The prescribed way to transfer contacts from BlackBerry handsets is to use the BlackBerry Desktop software app. For that connect your BlackBerry phone PC and run the BlackBerry Desktop software. Then Go to Device, Backup, and back up your phone - making sure that the Contacts are being backed up

Using a USB, connect the Blackberry Z10 and your PC. This prompts a USB connect profile on your Blackberry Z10. Tap on the sync media button at the center. Once the syncing is done, click the backup now button on the Blackberry desktop Software (outlined in red) in the image below Sync Blackberry Contacts to Gmail; Part 1: Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android There is a software called Phone Transfer, with which you can solve this problem for good. In fact it can also transfer data between other phone platforms. And it only takes three steps. Step 1 Make your BlackBerry backup file on the compute Step 3 - Copy files to and from PRIV using Windows Explorer. After selecting File Transfer mode, access PRIV by opening Windows Explorer and look for your device to be listed along the left as per the screenshot below (it will appear as BlackBerry STV100-X, with X being your specific regional variant of PRIV).Click BlackBerry STV100-X and you will be able to access your PRIV device memory. It is likely to use Syncios Mobile Manager to export the contacts on Android to PC. Since BlackBerry is Android phone, so you can use this tool help to export your contacts to PC. Also, you can directly edit the contacts information within the pro..

Hiya Someone I work with has just got a new Blackberry (work phone) as the USB port on the old phone doesn't work, which means the phone can't be charged or connected to a pc. He has about 300. What I just did with this idea was go downstairs to my other computer, Win 7, whose USB drives work, pluged in like you suggested. I went to computer where it listed the drives one said Blackberry Tools and from there went Blackberry, to pictures and camera. There were all the pictures!! Cut and pasted to the desktop. Problem solved Select Synchronization Options . Select the Contacts and Calendar check boxes, then select Save . Confirm your Gmail password, then select OK . The first time you sync your contacts, the process may take several minutes if you have lots of contacts. The sync between your Gmail account and BlackBerry phone occurs every four hours by default and. Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry 10 phone to new iPhone. Not being a Google Apps for Business subscriber we couldn't get the above method to work on our BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Passport Although Blackberry produces Android phones nowadays, you may find you need to transfer contacts from a classic Blackberry to an Android phone. The easiest way to do this without using third party software or connecting to a computer is to transfer using Bluetooth. 1. Switch on Bluetooth on both of your devices

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Any other device: Use AT&T Mobile Transfer-see the AT&T Mobile Transfer section for detailed steps. AT&T Mobile Transfer. Make sure both devices are compatible with the free AT&T Mobile Transfer app. If they aren't, learn about about other ways to transfer contacts and content. Compatible devices include: iOS - 8.0 and higher; Android - 5.0. Transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone or Android you might do well to go ahead and bring them onto your PC or Mac, load them into Outlook or the like, then rely on that app to pass. Download PhoneCopy application from BlackBerry World. Open PhoneCopy application. Fill in Username and Password. Press Login. Select Transfer contacts to server. Your contacts were copied to PhoneCopy.com server. You can see synchronized contacts on the www.phonecopy.com. If you need more help, visit our step by step screenshot guide

Step 1: Run FoneCopy, and connect both your BlackBerry KEYone and iPhone to computer via USB cable. The first one will be recognized as source device and the second one will be recognized as target device. If you want to transfer file from the target device to your source device, you can click Switch. Step 2: Tick off Contacts and. Part 2: How to Transfer Text Messages from Blackberry to Computer (Android OS) For Android-based Blackberry phones, a desktop-based application like TunesBro Android Manager is perfect when you want to transfer messages without losing any data. You can also use it to move a whole list of other data types from any Android mobile device After selecting File Transfer mode, open Windows Explorer on your PC and device will be listed along the left as per the screenshot below. If you are using PRIV, it will appear as BlackBerry STV100-X, and the DTEK50 will appear as BlackBerry STH100-X. (X representing your specific variant Export BlackBerry contacts. The first step is to export BlackBerry contacts to a PC. Blackberry content transfer is easy. Follow the steps: Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and connect your BlackBerry to the PC with a USB cable. It's always a good idea to make a backup of your BlackBerry. Step 3. Selectively Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to Computer. Click the Contacts option on the left panel, you can preview the whole contacts list and choose one or more wanted contacts for transfer. After marking contacts, please hit the Export button to transfer Android contacts to PC within seconds

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Try to follow the steps below: 1) Plug in Blackberry to computer 2) Run Blackberry desktop software 3) Choose which software to sync contacts with (Outlook, Address Book etc Contacts, photos, videos and messages can be transferred by this software. If you want to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy S4 then check the contacts and make other options uncheck. Next, click on 'Start copy' to start the process. This phone to phone software is not only useful in this case, but it is able to transfer data among. Click Sync Organizer to back up contacts from BlackBerry to computer. Transfer BlackBerry contacts from computer to iPhone. When the backup is complete, disconnect the BlackBerry device and plug the iPhone into the computer with the USB cable that you use to charge the iPhone. Run iPhone PC Suite on your computer

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Content Transfer. Transfer your photos, videos and music, as well as contacts, call logs and text messages from your old device to a new one. Content can be transferred over the air without the need for wires or additional equipment. Visit our content transfer tool and content transfer center for more information Step 1. Launch the phone transfer software on your computer after the installation. It will show you the window like this. Connect the Samsung Galaxy smart phones to the computer via USB cable, and then select the Restore from Backups mode. The program will start the detection, and you'll see the data in the middle of the menu as follows

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  1. Armed with this marvelous tool, you can transfer contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps, call logs and more from BlackBerry to Samsung, or Samsung to BlackBerry. It supports all Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian mobile phones. It can help you accomplish the whole data transfer between BlackBerry and Samsung in just 3 steps, quite easy.
  2. When you transition between smartphone devices, it is essential that you transfer your personal data -- contacts, email and calendar, for example -- in its most current form. You can use iTunes to export your contacts from your iPhone, for example, and also create a backup of the information in Entourage or your.
  3. Export Data from Android to Computer. Backup your Android device via a USB cable and move files between your computer and phone or tablet seamlessly. Supporting the transfer of 8 different kinds of data for Android, including contacts, messages, call logs, images, music, video, calendar, and even apps

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  1. Plug in your BlackBerry 10 device to your computer over USB. Open BlackBerry Link. (Download it here if you don't have it already.) On the left-hand side you will see Contacts/Calendars click that to be taken to the next screen, from there click Set Up Contact Syncing or Set Up Calendar Syncing; Pick either Outlook or Windows or Mac Contacts.
  2. Select the contacts you wish to export from the contact list. Now click Export selected.. A new window will appear asking you to select the file format. To export to CSV, select Outlook.com (single .csv file).. Navigate to the location on your PC where you want to export the contacts and click OK.. Your contacts will now be exported to the folder of your choice a single CSV file
  3. Syncios Data Transfer will quickly and easily backup your phone data, including: contacts, text messages, bookmarks, Call logs, music, apps, photos and videos etc. Let's take a peek at how to create an automatic backup, restoring a previous backup file and how to backup/synchronize any media and contacts that's on your BlackBerry Priv
  4. The BlackBerry smartphone (Legacy devices and BB10) can sync directly with Microsoft Outlook using BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Link, respectively, but to transfer content from your profile to your Android device, you must export your data to a plain-text format
  5. To move contacts from Brackerry to iPhone: - Connect your old Phone to iTunes on your PC/Mac and sync - In the Info menu, ensure your contacts are set to sync. - In the iTunes device list: Right click on your iPhone and select 'Backup' from the context menu allow the backup to complete
  6. Method 2: How to Sync Contacts from Nokia to Android Using Nokia Suite and Android File Transfer. Applies to non-Lumia Nokia phones. Nokia Suite and Nokia PC Suite are both Nokia-official sync software for Nokia users to transfer content (like contacts, photos, music, calendar, tasks, notes, bookmarks and Web feeds) between PC and Nokia phones, create backups and restore from backups with ease

Step 3. Transfer BlackBerry Text Messages to Android phone. Please look at the window below. On the left side, click the blue invert triangle to get down-drop list. Then select the first option. Tick the files that you want to import from BlackBerry to Android and press Start Copy Mobile Transfer allows you to transfer everything between iOS, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry,like contacts, SMS messages, music, videos, photos and apps.Now,you can transfer everything to Android Pixel without data losing with the help of this phone transfer tool Syncios Mobile Transfer is a professional iOS & Android transfer tool, which enables your to backup or transfer messages, contacts, call logs, music, video, audio and other files between iOS & Android devices and computer with only few clicks or directly phone-to-phone transfer.. One-click Phone to Phone Transfer in lossless quality. Sync contents from iTunes Backup to Android & iDevices

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This step-by-step guide details how to export a BackBerry address book to a CSV / TXT file on a PC using BlackBerry Desktop Manager V5. To configure the export. 1) Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager. 2) Click Synchronize towards the right-hand side of the main screen. 3) Click Synchronize under the Configure heading from the menu on the left-hand. Export BlackBerry contacts to Microsoft Outlook. To export Microsoft Outlook contacts to BlackBerry, use vCard ImportExport application. Then import resulting files to BlackBerry. Do a search for vCard import/export software on app world, then export your contacts to vCard files and transfer them to your computer hard disk Here are the steps on how to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Samsung S5 using this option: Launch Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer and connect your Blackberry phone. Click Cancel when you get the message saying that you've connected a new device. Select Organizer and click Contacts

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Transfer data from a BlackBerry or Windows Phone to a Pixel. Continue using Google Account contacts. If you already use contacts in your Google Account, like in Gmail, you'll see them in your communication apps on your Pixel phone. You can transfer content directly from your computer to your phone with a USB cable Thanks to RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, which ships with all BlackBerrys, you can transfer data like contacts, messages and call logs, as well as applications, from one BlackBerry to. Fortunately, both Android and BlackBerry work with Google Sync, which allows you to transfer contacts between an old and new phone regardless of which operating system you're moving to. You don't need to worry about losing essential phone numbers or email addresses if you follow these step-by-step directions that will teach you how to. If your BlackBerry-synced account shows up, tap it and ensure Contacts is checked as a synced item. If you need to add an account, tap the Add Account button at bottom -- move through the usual steps Thanks to RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, which ships with all BlackBerry smartphones, you can transfer data like contacts, messages and call logs, as well as third party applications.

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Solution - Transfer the contacts via Bluetooth Activate the Bluetooth connections on each device and pair them together. Once they are paired, select the Android from the BlackBerry menu (Manage Connections->Bluetooth Connections->DeviceName). This will open a menu with the option to Transfer Contacts. The Android will ask for confirmation So just setting up the new phone with your Microsoft account should bring those contacts in automatically. Otherwise unfortunately it is not as easy as Android which allows you to export to a .csv file Go to Contacts. Press the Menu Button ( which acts like right-click ) Select Sim Phone Book. This will list out all the sim contacts. Again click the menu button. Select Copy to all contacts . This will transfer all the contact's detail from Sim to blackberry phone. Via Lookout Online Service Connect your BlackBerry to your computer and start BlackBerry Desktop. Then go to Device > Backup and create a backup of your BlackBerry. This way it will save a backup of your contacts to your computer. Afterwards you can connect your new iPhone with the computer and start iTunes. Click Info in the iPhone section of the sidebar

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Connecting your BlackBerry KEYone to the PC or Mac is a really useful procedure for many circumstances. If you wish to transfer pictures to your BlackBerry KEYone, if you want to transfer your contacts, or if you want to copy files to the BlackBerry KEYone, you will need to connect the phone to your LAPTOP or Mac If you're one of those people making the move then you'll want to make sure all your contacts are transferred over. Transferring between Blackberry and iPhone normally requires using lots of software including iTunes or iCloud and the Blackberry Desktop Software. However there is an easier way which can be done online - transfer contacts from Blackberry to Android - copy contacts from Windows to Android - transfer contacts from Nokia to Android To move your contacts between phones we use Bluetooth! Remember to turn it on, on both devices, and make source phone visible, to allow the target device to discover it