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  1. Formula B (balayage) Wella BLONDOR FREELIGHTS White Lightening Powder + 30-volume developer. Formula C (root gloss) Wella Color Touch Plus 5/97. Formula D (gloss on midshaft to ends) Wella Color Touch 8/81 + 10/1 + 6V. Formula E (money piece gloss) Wella ILLUMINA 10/69 + Koleston Perfect Pastel Creme Developer
  2. Schwarzkopf Professional 6.1. Formula C (ends) Schwarzkopf Professional 10.1 + 9.5-1 + 10.21. Formula A (retouch for gray coverage) Redken Cover Fusion 6N/5N + 20-volume developer. Formula B (balayage) PRAVANA Pure Light Balayage Lightener + Pure Light High Activator. Formula C (lowlights
  3. Wella Color Charm Painting Balayage Developer is designed to be used with Wella Color Charm Painting Balayage clay based lightener. Designed with ActiBond Technology, it provides ease of spreadability and reduced swelling for off-scalp application. *Limit 6 per order for non-professional customers. Limit 24 per order for professional customers
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  5. Try Blondor Freelights for easy-to-apply balayage; the adhesive mass ensures it stays exactly where you apply it, and the creamy consistency allows for effortless blending. The other great thing about Freelights Developer is that you can also mix it with Magma by Blondor, for freehand lift and tone in one step. 3. Use a higher volume developer
  6. Sunlights Balayage High Lift 50 Volume Developer Sullivan Beauty. Super Star Cream Peroxide Developer 50 Vol 50504 16oz. 50 Volume Cream Developer Saloncentric. Hair Developer What Does Do All About The Gloss. Divina 50 Volume Creme Developer Visionary Beauty Supplies
  7. To dye your balayage, all you need to do is use a brown dye with a 20 volume developer. If you're set on going back to a dark brown, you should use a level 4 brown dye. If you're not ready for such an abrupt change, you could opt for a level 6 light brown or a level 7 blonde

3. Turn Up the Volume. Despite popular belief, a balayage can be done using foils. This technique is known as foilyage, and it results in a more luminous lift than open-air lightening. However, if you do decide to apply balayage foil-free, you may want to go for a higher volume of developer Choose volume 20 developer to change your hair color by 1 to 2 shades. Volume 20 is the most popular developer level, as it contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, which is a moderate amount. This option is also good if you want to cover grey hairs. Volume 20 is good for thick hair, as it will be strong enough to open your hair cuticles The developer, also sometimes known as activator, is essentially hydrogen peroxide in a cream base. The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the higher Vol of developer: 10 Vol, 20 Vol, 30 Vol, 40 Vol. The developer helps open the hair cuticle and activate the hair color

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How To Use. Depending on the desired degree of lightening and consistency, mix with Blond Brilliance™ Creme Oil Infusion 5 volume, 15 volume, 25 volume or 35 volume developer in a ratio of 1: 1 up to 1: 2 in a non-metallic bowl. When applying directly to the scalp, do not exceed 15 volume developer. Apply to dry, unwashed hair Developer: 10 volume (3%), 20 volume (6%), 30 volume (9%), or 40 volume (12%) LumiShine or Veroxide developer. Process up to 60 minutes. No heat / room temperature only. Post Service: Rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo with Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo. Rinse well. Apply Blonde Life Brightening Masque and leave in for 5 minutes

Balayage. Literally meaning to sweep in French, balayage is a foil-free, hand-painting highlighting technique used to lighten specific pieces of the hair and add dimension. The result is a slightly graduated color with no line of demarcation. Balayage does not need to be touched up as often as traditional highlights and gives your hair a. Embrace the experience to irresistibly touchable color with Wella Color Tango Hair Color developer. Featuring 1/4 Moisturizing Agents in every tube, Moisture Embrace Technology™ surrounds each hair strand to enable smooth color application, stunning shine, and long-lasting hair color Wella Blondor has been designed for precise color lift. It does not require foils. For off-scalp usage only. Mix the Blondor Freelights Developer (B) with the Blondor Freelights Powder (A) in a ratio of 1:1 - 1:3 (recommended 1:1.5) in a non-metallic bowl. For professional use only

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  1. Ultimate enzyme developer. Details. Higher & Higher 50-80 Volume Developer is the ultimate enzyme developer for use in off-the-scalp high lift color and bleaching with any manufacturer's color or bleach. Trionics Higher & Higher works wonderfully with foils and will not run away from you. Hi-Lift (Works like a 50 to 100 volume developer)
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  4. Colourists must also increase the volume of colour developer as they go. This is to ensure that the final colour swept will stay consistent. However, this is a tedious process because it is not easy to wash areas that have been finished without causing disrupt to other areas. Balayage is an artistic skill that requires practice. It is not.
  5. The volume of peroxide can be 10%,20%,30% and 40%. The strongest being the 40 %, when combined with the bleach powder or liquid bleach, will lighten hair that needs.

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The developer substance is a sort of activator, without it, the pigment will have way less effect on the strands. It actually helps the dye to permanent on the locks. 10 volume which is widely used in toners and glazes is best for keeping the natural hair shade from being lightened by the dye; 20 volume accompanies semi-permanent and permanent. For your DIY balayage, Jessica recommends picking up the following supplies: Clay Lighter for hand painting. Developer. Balayage brush. Clips for sectioning. Paddle (if needed) Balayage wrap (to keep the sections clean and incubated) Other coloring supplies for glazing the hair to get the desired tone Jan 17, 2019 - Follow this guide to learn the different levels of developer and find out which volume of developer you should be using in your hair color! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

Be the first to review Sunlights Balayage HIGH LIFT 50 VOLUME DEVELOPER Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. SKU: SL-SUN5032. Category: SUNLIGHTS balayage. Related Products. Add to Buy Again list SUNLIGHTS® Lightener. Please to. The amount of Olaplex used in Balayage varies to the volume of developer being used with Balayage lightener. If the highest volume of lightener you are using is 40vol. please note that with Olaplex you are working with a 30vol. result. Heat using an attached diffuser may speed up the processing time Plan on using a 1 to 1½ ratio of bleach and 40 volume developer. Consider adding 1/8-ounce (30 milliliters) of Olaplex as well to further protect the client's hair against damage. Keep in mind that 40 volume developer is strong, so you may consider using a less potent developer, such as 10, 20, or 30 Mix your Balayage formulation; Blonde Life Powder Lightener and 20 Volume LumiShine Developer. Take triangular sections and use your creativity to stack the color in. • Lay colors down gently. • Process for 35 minutes or until desired lift is achieved. Then tone with LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 9NV + 10N with 5 Volume LumiShine Developer Review for: Wella Color Touch Developer Emulsion 6 Volume (1.9%) I used this because a friend recommend it ( she's a hair dresser ) I love this product , it leaves my root color untouched but when I mix it with a toner to tone my balayage it does the job so beautifully without lifting any of my root color ♥

Oct 30, 2015 - Silver gray hair. Wella Charm 050 mixed with volume 10 developer and 1/2 water. On my light blonde hair it literally took 4 minutes to accomplish this color. Fanci Full Silver Lining for hair stain. #silverhair #grayhair #silvergrayhai During a routine single process, choose desired Majirel shade, mix with 20-volume Majirel Majicrème developer, apply at the regrowth and process for 35 minutes. For an ammonia-free permanent color service, choose desired INOA shade, mix with 20-volume INOA Rich developer, apply and fully saturate at the regrowth and process for 35 minutes Best in Balayage Tools. Beyond a traditional wholesale salon & beauty supply distributor, Buy online direct and save money. Beauty Innovations Professional is home to Balay Powder, Balay Tools, Balayage Chip Brush, and Blonde Boost 60 volume developer. Brushes that work as well as framar© and ergo Wholesale salon & beauty supply distributor of name brand professional beauty products. Largest selection with the lowest prices! Shop National Salon Resources

• The Basics of French Balayage • Differences between Balayage and French Balayage • Level Up Techniques • And more! What Else You Need to Know. Kit Includes: • 1 - French Balayage Essentials technique Guide • 1 - Blond Studio Clay 7 Lightener 17.6 oz. • 1 - 20-Volume Majicrème Developer 33.8 oz. • 1 - DIA Light 9.01/9NB 1.7 oz OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION!Here is a whole video of how I balayage using clay lightener. And Man, Kenra's clay is probable the best I've ever used! Hope you e..

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  1. BALAYAGE APPLICATION. Apply Formula to the mid-lengths of the hair. Gently meld the color down the hair and use your hands to create a soft diffusion into the ends. Platinium Plus (base retouch in foil 30-Volume Nutri-Developer, ends in foil 20-Volume Nutri-Developer) 3. SECTIONING. BALAYAGE APPLICATION. Beginning along the part, apply.
  2. Sunlights Balayage Suncrème High Lift Balayage 50 Volume Developer. 32 Fl. Oz. SKU SUNCREME50
  3. Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, or the fresh, unintentionally perfect highlights on a child. This natural-looking highlighting technique is not just for blondes, but is actually.
  4. Use Paul Mitchell The Color 5nn (1 oz) + 4rb (1/2 oz) with 13-volume developer (1.5 oz) On previously lightened hair, level 7 mid-ends, gloss with Paul Mitchell The Demi 6r (1 oz) + 6ro (1 oz) with 6-volume developer (2 oz) on dry hair for maximum longevity. Read more on. balayage how-to color haircolor hair color Instagram Instagram Favorites
  5. Developer Crème · Developer · Wella Color Charm : 4 Products. Buy now on Wellastore official website. FREE SHIPPING! with $50 purchas

DIY Balayage Root Touch Up at home Teasing Method - Baby LightsHey everyone. Even after fading a partial balayage still looks good. However if you do decide to apply balayage foil-free you may want to go for a higher volume of developer. 8 Steps to DIY Balayage. Hair hair2019 greyhair Product hair httpsgomagiklymlpneg Total Ratings 3, $14.95 New. Pravana Creme Developer 30 Vol 33.8 Oz. $16.60 New. Pravana ChromaSilk Creme Developer 32oz - 10 Volume. $16.60 New. Pravana Pure Light Balayage Activator Medium 32oz. $22.91 New. Pravana Creme Developer 40 Volume 33.8 Oz 1000 Ml

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Aloxxi 20 Vol. Creme Developer is formulated to deliver consistent, uniform deposit. This rich, creamy formula allows for easy application without dripping and is gentle on the scalp for client comfort. Provides a consistent, uniform deposit with CHROMA Colour. Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed Put on your gloves. 5. In your plastic bowl, thoroughly mix 2:1 developer and Ion Color Brilliance Hi Lift Ash Blonde HL/B-12.1 (the whole tube). 6. To your bowl, carefully add the 3 packets of Ardell red/gold corrector plus and mix thoroughly. Your mixture will be hot pink - but don't worry, your hair won't turn pink

Description. Oligo Calura developers have been formulated to ensure perfect stability, ideal consistency, and reliable, predictable results. They should be used as follows: 10 Volume (3%) - Tone. 20 Volume (6%) - Tone-on-tone deposit or darker, lift 1 to 2 levels, grey coverage. 30 Volume (9%) - Lift 3 levels, grey coverage for resistant grey hair

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Suncreme High Lift Balayage Developer is designed to maximize lift and reduce processing time. Suncreme may be used with any manufacturer's professional hair color, lightener, or bond enhancer whose directions call for 50 volume crème developer. Achieves up to 8 levels of lift Safety Data Sheets. Safety Data Sheets also known as MSDS are available for all of our products. Simply find the product you are interested below, and view the SDS sheet. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask us

Balayage Highlight Tint Brushes , Hair Color Applicator Balayage Highlight Tint Kit- 2 PCS (PowderPink) 4.5 out of 5 stars 23. $6.99 35 Volume Developer And Latex Free Gloves! Infused With Acai, Cocoa, Sunflower Oil & Papaya! Vegan And Cruelty Free! 6 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 4.4 out of 5 stars 45. Save 14%. $28.44 $ 28. 44 ($4.74/Fl Oz) $32.99. Superior Scalp Developer 6 Volume 887ml. Developer - Pulp Riot. Size : 887ml. To see prices, you must /register. Login / Register. Superior Scalp Developer 10 Volume 887ml. Developer - Pulp Riot

Use a good quality bleach, and get ready your 20 or 30 Vol developer. Use 2 parts of developer to 1 part of bleach. Mix in a non-metallic bowl until you get a smooth, nice paste. Apply on dry, unwashed hair. Use 20 Vol when you need to lift by 1-2 levels. Use 30 Vol when you need to lift by 3 levels or more Mix the dye with a 20-volume developer in a bowl. Read the instructions that come with your specific hair dye to be sure your ratio of dye to developer is correct, though most hair dyes take 1 part hair dye to 1 part developer. Mix these two ingredients in a bowl using your hair dye applicator brush

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Last weekend, I did a round of Wella toner (pale ash blonde, I think) with a 20 volume developer on my balayage highlights. I tried to avoid getting the mix on my non-highlighted hair, but it was difficult and I probably did get some on there Creating a balayage over previously Lightened Hair will make that Blonde upkeep so much easier, giving you a softer more Natural Blonde by bringing in a Darker Colour base that matches your Natural Regrowth. You will need: Dark Hair Colour. Developer. Light Hair Colour + No Lift Developer (if needed). Toner Kit (if needed). Tint Bowl and Brush Balayage fine thread size highlights starting approximately 1 inch from scalp through the ends At the crown, mix 40 volume creme developer And a scoop of Solaris and a 1/4 tsp of sunflower oil, continue preferred formation (I like to keep super fine, about 1/2 inch from scalp, and BOLD IT UP through the ends to give a natural beachy feel

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Before you begin your balayage, prep the Color By You Bleach Primer for flawless highlights. It's easy; just mix the developer liquid and bleach powder together in a small bowl. Top tip: Make sure you wear the gloves in the box, and don't take them off until your balayage is complete The peroxide developer's oxidizing potential is denoted as its 'volume'. Most haircolor formulas today work with a 10, 20, or 30 volume developer. The effects of these developer strengths are as follows: 10 Volume Peroxide is a standard oxidizing strength for permanent, no-lift haircolor. Designed for use when you simply want to add a tint or. The L'Oreal Oreor 20-Volume Creme Developer mixes well with toners and dyes and is one of the few developers that is of medium strength. There is enough formula in the container to do the hair of multiple people several times. Cons. Because this is a 20 volume developer, it's not as strong as some of the others on the market

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Suncrème 50vol Balayage Developer. $11.00 - $33.00 On Sale On Sale Cheveux™ Professional Grade 2000W Hair Dryer. $159.00 $139.00 On Sale On Sale Violet Professional Use Only Toning Shampoo (32oz) $29.00 $23.20 On Sale On Sale Bleu Professional Use Only Toning Shampoo (32oz). Creme Developer is an important part of the hair dyeing process because it activates the chemicals within the dye necessary to color hair. 40 volume developers tend to be the most powerful, and the Marianna - Super Star Creme Developer is one of the best because it is smooth, simple, and easy to use Balayage How-To from Behind The Chair Soft, Face-Framing Balayage. Chelsea Caruso, of Gerber Salon in Keyport, NJ, is no newcomer to balayage's sister technique of hair painting. So when a client who wanted to change up her color—but wasn't committed to frequent maintenance—came into her salon, she knew exactly what to do! This look is. Suncreme High Lift Balayage Developer is designed to maximize lift and reduce processing time. Suncreme may be used with any manufacturer's professional hair color, lightener, or bond enhancer whose directions call for 50 volume crème developer

Formula 2: Matrix V-Lite De-Dusted Lightener + 30-volume developer. Formula 3: Matrix Color Sync SPV (Sheer Pastel Violet) + developer. Apply Formula 1 to root area and Formula 2 to mid-lengths and ends. Lift to pale yellow, shampoo, condition and dry hair to 80%. (If necessary, rinse hair and apply a second batch of lightener to achieve the. So this month I decided to do my very own at home balayage! The process is really easier than you think, thanks to Zotos Age Beautiful Ultra Bond hair color products! To get the really blonde look you see above I used the AGEBeautiful Ultra Bond Crème Lightener combined with AGEBeautiful Ultra Bond 40 Volume Crème Developer Liquid Toner. For every one capful of Brass Kicker, add two capfuls of developer (a 1:2 mixing ratio). 1+3 1+2 1+1 2 1: 1: 2 Mixing the Cool Amber Balayage embraces soft sweeping color Using a lower volume developer for the mid-lengths and ends will ensure even lift results.

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Caramel Mocha Balayage Is the Prettiest Transitional Hair-Color Trend for Fall and peach, mixing equal parts with 13 volume developer, like Wella Color Touch Intensive Emulsion Developer 13. 20 Volume Clear Developer is the ideal partner to Paul Mitchell® the color & The Blonding System. Please refer to your Paul Mitchell the color Guide, Paul Mitchell the color swatch book or Blonding System paper swatch chart for guidelines on choosing the ideal Developer for your needs. 329 in stock. Add to cart. Back to shopping Watch Adina's balayage technique in action. Sarah Cabral, @sarahzstylz, uses lowlights to bring her balayage into high definition. Here she lowlighted with Redken Shades EQ 07M + 06N + color thickener and developer. Then she sealed the cool color with a global glaze using the new Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside 010VV + 010N + 000 Crystal Clear Lisap Developer 40 Volume (Sample Size) Lisap Lisap Special Blue Developer Sunlights Balayage Sunlights Suncreme High Lift Balayage Developer . Marianna Super Star Cream Developer . Show. per page. 14 Item(s) Sort. Shop By. Shopping Options. Brand Lisap (6. Description. Permanent liquid color reinvented with a low ammonia, 100% gray coverage formula. Get rich, saturated results with high impact shine and a cooler taste of color to cancel out warmth. Now with Color Gels Lacquers and Shades EQ, you have the perfect liquid color pair for up to 100% coverage and an easy refresh on Zones 2-3

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Aloxxi 30 Vol. Creme Developer is formulated to deliver consistent, uniform deposit. This rich, creamy formula allows for easy application without dripping and is gentle on the scalp for client comfort. Provides a consistent, uniform deposit with CHROMA Colour. Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed The developer comes in numerous volumes — the higher the volume, the higher the lift. Demi-permanent contains a developer as well. However, the hair color contains an alkaline agent and the developer used is lower than the permanent hair color. Semi-permanent does not use a developer, which makes it less damaging to your hair

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FORMULA 3: LumiShine Demi-Liquid 6N + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer FORMULA 4: LumiShine Demi-Liquid 10NWB + 5 Volume LumiShine Developer FORMULA STEPS STEP 1 .Separate the hair into five sections: a Mohawk section on top, one section on either side of the head from the back of the ears forward, and two sections in the back ***this could have been user error*** I did a diy balayage. It turned out good in the end. My hair takes to bleach quickly, I knew I would be taking a long time to balayage my whole head so I wanted a lower developer. I also only wanted to lighten a few shades. Nothing crazy. That being said, I didn't feel this developer worked well Description. Creamy Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide. Formula enriched with Elicos, it buffers the color's alkalinity, making it milder on the scalp. Oxid'o forms an emollient film of lipids on the skin to guarantee absolute comfort and protection. Because the mixture is thicker, the cream can be applied more easily, allowing greater accuracy. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sunlights Bayalage Suncrème High Lift Balayage Developer 50 vol - 1 GALLON at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

When choosing which developer to use you simply ask yourself how much gas do I want to give this color? 10 Volume. This is used for staying at the same lightness but changing tone. I also love using 10 Volume for very gentle, slow highlight work. 20 Volume. 20 Volume is the workhorse of the developers Combine the pre-measured packages of 30 volume developer with the hair bleach that came in the lightening kit. Stir the developer and bleach with the brush in a small plastic bowl. If products are purchased separately, combine 1 ounce of 30 volume developer with 1 ounce of bleach powder. Separate the top section of hair from the bottom section

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DetailsOnly available for professional use in Ohio and Michigan. Designed to maximize lift and reduce processing time. May be used with any manufacturer's professional hair color, lightener, or bond enhancer whose directions call for 50 volume crème developer.Achieves up to 8 levels of lift Painting Balayage Developer · Developer · Color Charm : 0 Products. Buy now on Wellastore official website. FREE SHIPPING! with $50 purchas

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Complete Guide to Balayage Hair: Process, Cost, Maintenance Despite popular belief, a balayage can be done using foils. This technique is known as foilyage, and it results in a more luminous lift than open-air lightening. However, if you do decide to apply balayage foil-free, you may want to go for a higher volume of developer. This wil Balayage is a low-maintenance, gorgeous way to lighten your hair and frame your face with bright highlights, and despite what you may have heard, it's totally However, if you do decide to apply balayage foil-free, you may want to go for a higher volume of developer. This will ensure you still get plenty of lightness and lift. 4 Description. Alfaparf Milano OXID'O Cream Hydrogen Peroxide Developer 20 Volume gives uniform and shiny results every time. Enriched with waxes and conditioners to protect the hair during the hair coloring process. Specially formulated with high quality stabilizers to provide longer lasting potency and to ensure optimum color results. Directions Balayage is a great hairstyle to have because it's easy to maintain and looks very natural. To keep your balayage looking fresh and vibrant, avoid washing your hair too often and use deep conditioning treatments to give your hair needed nutrients. If you want to touch up your balayage before your next hair appointment, apply your specific hair. Chromatics Developer 10 Volume. 1000ml. Product code : 3474630720503. Redken - Chromatics. Chromatics oil-in cream developer is the dedicated developer for Chromatics. Depending on hair texture and density, delivers 1-3 levels of lift depending on the developer selected and how it is used. To see prices, you must /register

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Perfect for Balayage techniques. <br /> <br />DIRECTIONS: <br />- Use a non-metallic bowl. <br />- Off-scalp application: Mix 1oz of Painting Lightener with 2oz of 30 Volume Painting dedicated developer. <br />- Apply evenly to unwashed hair. If hair has build-up, shampoo one day prior to lightening. Do not shampoo immediately before lightening Balayage is an easy-to-maintain hair color option that looks youthful, chic, and effortless. Balayage hair colors have a magical way of adding intense dimension and depth to a hairstyle, and look incredible when paired with soft curls. The gorgeous effect and ease of maintenance are the main reasons why balayage highlights are an excellent choice

Balayage haircolor is all the rage. Try this golden balayage, kissed with a hint of honey reflects. This balayage created by @zoraidasarayhair gives a refreshing honey tone to dark blonde or light brown hair. This look works well for those with darker blonde hair or could be adapted to naturally lighter bases as well KENRA COLOR | PROFESSIONAL HAIR COLOR. Discover inspiring & trend-driven innovations for the utmost reliability with superior performance. From the just-out-of-beauty-school novice to the master colorist, a full suite of education offerings will help you elevate your artistry. VIEW ALL PRODUCTS Wella colorcharm PAINTING Balayage Developer [2] Main Benefit Mixable to create any shade, no developer needed Mixable to soften or pastelize results Balayage with perfect precision, no foils needed Must be used with PAINTING Balayage Lightener for optimum results Format Semi-Permanent Hair Color Clear Pastelizer Lightener Developer Resul 2-Step Kit: Step 1: Create highlights using Light Works Lightening Cream with the patent-pending wishbone balayage applicator for fool-proof application of natural-looking highlights. Step 2: Tone highlights with Light Works Finish Toning Glaze, a demi-permanent multi-tasker that perfects the tone of highlights (just as a salon would), while. 8.7. 6. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Protection Hair Color, 4G Dark Golden Brown. By l-oreal-paris. 8.3. View Product. 8.3. 7. L'Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights.