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The C++ code to perform matching/identification is located in latentafis/matching/. First, the code must be compiled with the make command. Please ensure that the dependencies listed above are instaled. After that, the usage is as follows:./match -flag /path/to/somethin MSU - LatentAFIS - A system for identifying latent fingerprints Over the last few years, with support from IARPA, we have been working on a fully automated, end-to-end latent fingerprint identification system

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  3. Latent fingerprints are one of the most important and widely used evidence in law enforcement and forensic agencies worldwide. Yet, NIST evaluations show that the performance of state-of-the-art latent recognition systems is far from satisfactory..
  4. We present a simple but effective method for automatic latent fingerprint segmentation, called SegFinNet. SegFinNet takes a latent image as an input and outputs a binary mask highlighting the friction ridge pattern..

Strategic)Research)Direc.ons)in)) Forensic))Science)&)Informa.on) Technology) atNIST! Dr. Mar'n!Herman! Informaon!Technology!Laboratory!(ITL) Na'onal!Instute!of. Open Source Software. Biometrics like any applied pattern recognition and machine learning research contains experimental results on real-world data. Results are typically summarized as a set of tables and figures, allowing the comparison of various methods. Unfortunately, result reproducibility is often an overlooked feature of original. MSU: LatentAFIS (Fingerprint) Bologna: SFinGe (Synth. Fingerprint Generator) Anguli: SFinGe (Synth. Fingerprint Generator) GitHub: SFinGe (Synth. Fingerprint Generator) Salzburg: Open Vein SDK (Finger-Hand-Vein) Bram Ton: Maximum Curvature (Finger-Vein) Brno: Speaker Recognition (Voice) Amsterdam: Phonetics by computer (Voice) PhD in Norwa Specifically, first a network, called CoarseNet, estimates the minutiae score map and minutiae orientation based on convolutional neural network and fingerprint domain knowledge (enhanced image, orientation field, and segmentation map). Subsequently, another network, called FineNet, refines the candidate minutiae locations based on score map Msu Latentafis 31 ⭐ A system for identifying latent fingerprints. Created at Michigan State University by Anil K. Jain, Kai Cao, Dinh-Luan Nguyen, and Cori Tymoszek

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