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Ecuador Blogs Worth Reading in 2020. Follow Expats Ecuador (por favor)! Finding updated, quality information on traveling and living in Ecuador can be like bobbing for apples - after many searches you might get lucky & find a winner. So, I've compiled the following shortlist of Ecuador blogs and resources that you can use as a starting off point Expat Exchange Directory of Expats Blogs & Websites for Ecuador - Ecuador Blogs - Ecuador and expats - visit expatexchange.com to meet other expats, get expert advice on living abroad Ecuador, international schools Ecuador, taxes Ecuador, relocation Ecuador, real estate Ecuador, housing Ecuador, jobs Ecuador, doing business Ecuador, cost of living Ecuador Ecuador Expat Bloggers - an extensive list of Ecuador blogs; Adventures in Middle Earth - in Quito; Fundación Eco Minga - in Pastaza, mainly science and outdoors, written by expat Lou Jost; Cuenca Ecuador on YouTube - a vlog for those interested in learning more about Cuenca, Ecuador Biking Cotopaxi, Ecuador in Family. I see it all the time working in a hotel in Guayaquil. They arrived, a young expat family with two parents in their 30's and 2 little kids. They had never been to Ecuador. But they were planning on making a life here. They had read all the fluffy speak of Ecuador online. Visited the blogs Todd writes a daily blog about life in Ecuador at Todd Talk in Ecuador. Linn Vermilion Smith Living in Pakakuna Gardens, Chaca Linn's journey from the US to Cuenca, the coast and then back to the Andes (near Quito) is one that many expats can relate to

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Ecuador Expat Bloggers Blog Update -- December, 2016. NOTE: There will be no new blogs added to this directory of bloggers in Ecuador. I will only remove those blogs that are over 2 years old. Basically, I'm saying that this site will no longer be monitored Third, the blog is open to one and all who wish to compare and contrast the experiences of expat bloggers living in Cuenca, so that you can determine whether or not from your perspective Cuenca is an appropriate move for you. Fourth, my blog provides another example of how expats view and interpret life in Cuenca

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  1. PM's Friends Profile. Welcome to Expat Exchange's Ecuador Forum. This expat forum is the perfect place for expats living in Ecuador and people thinking about moving to Ecuador. Since 1997, Expat Exchange has been connecting expats in Ecuador. New Topic
  2. Loja, Ecuador, in the southernmost mountain province of this amazing, diverse and extraordinary country, is a city of magnificent beauty. In recent years it has been promoted tirelessly by organizations that cater to expats as a great retirement location for people from the U.S. and Canada
  3. Our Blog. Expats News Expats in ecuador. Expats in ecuador According to the last expats researches. Ecuador seems to be looking like the cheapest country to live with a large variety of lifestyle options. This give us an indicator about the importance to focus in this niche Read more.
  4. We created a new website for Ecuador Expat Information to make it easier for you to find answers to your most pressing questions about living abroad in Ecuador. Each week, we add a new blog post and send a newsletter with current news that's relevant to expats. Amelia checks Ecuador's Spanish news media every day to make sure we stay on top.
  5. Latest expat blogs :: Ecuador 4000miles.com Paul Acee's Ecuador Latitude Ecuador Our Road to the Gentle Island and Beyond EcuAdore: Journal from the Centre of the Earth UWE&PETRA's TRAVEL YEAR The Yes Effect GringosAbroad Cotacachi Living The Bucketlist; Property, classified ads.
  6. Search this Ecuador blog: Search for: Our newest properties for sale! Cotacachi- 3BR, 2.5Bath, 1748ft2, Brick 2 Story, 1 car garage, Lot: 2500m2 or 2/3rd acre, Built in 2018, - $160k; I thought I'd mention 5 things most expats don't like about Ecuador (from what I've seen)
  7. Olón Ecuador Videos, Photos and Blogs. Our detailed videos, photos and blog posts about Olón Ecuador help remove some of the mystery and uncertainty for those of you considering a visit or move here. If you already live here, you might learn about some new things to do, new places to go, new restaurants to check out, and more

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  1. Welcome to Ecuador and its four worlds. We invite you to travel in Ecuador and explore all areas were Expats like for relocation in Ecuador. Ecuador is part of the selected list of Countries to live abroad , for many retire people from all ove the world
  2. This blog is about our story of moving to the real estate project of Las Olas Ecuador, from Mauritius to Ecuador. Located on the coast of the Pacific ocean, Las Olas is an eco-community that encompasses a myriad of amenities, including a championship golf course in Ecuador, a 10-court tennis club, an equestrian center, a beach club with spa, restaurants and fitness center, a 650-acre private.
  3. Table of Contents. Why Ecuador is the Best Country for Expats. 1. Ecuador uses the US Dollar - and only the US Dollar. 2. The gift that keeps on giving - again the US Dollar, per how far it goes! 3. Ecuador has World Class Healthcare, plus just plain good health too. 4
  4. 2nd February 2020. Jason Scott. The cost of living in Cuenca, or Ecuador in general, is often cited as one of the core reasons why expats move here. It was a consideration for Michelle and me too. In particular, the cost of schools in Cuenca is approx half of that in Quito. So, we decided to move from Quito to [

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we're taking a look at Ecuador and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.Jim Santos www.jimsantosblog.com It didn't take Jim long to fall in love Read mor Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1040 Abroad shares with you tax advice and insights in our U.S. expat tax blog. We want to provide you a relevant tax knowledge through our regular blog posts on different topics of U.S. international taxation, including filing taxes, FBAR, FATCA, Credits, and Deductions, Penalties, and Business Tax Ecuador forum: ask your questions, find answers, share your experience about Ecuador in the expat forum Ecuador. Blogs, pictures, forum Ecuador on expat.co Ecuador - Recommended Blogs. At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we're taking a look at Ecuador and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there. Jim Santos. www.jimsantosblog.com. It didn't take Jim long to fall in.

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We had a feeling that we were going to head into thick expat territory well before our arrival to Ecuador. During our stay in Valparaiso, Chile, many months earlier we met a retired expat who was living in Cuenca who went on a long anti-American tirade while boasting how excited he was to get Ecuadorian citizenship to give up his US citizenship for good Expats Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador. 110 likes · 14 talking about this. Your local source on moving, travelling and living in Ecuador. Blog written by real expats without the hype 2 Clearwater families stuck in Ecuador due to coronaviru Blogs Ecuador, expat in Ecuador. Use the + and - buttons on the map to zoom in and out. Browse by city/region. Cuenca . Guayaquil . Quito . Blogs Ecuador; Latest posts; 3: 4000miles.com: Our family of 4 moved to Manta, Ecuador from South Lake Tahoe, California. We have lived here for 5 years and have gone through many wonderful adventures Providing a great overview of Ecuadorian culture and life as an expat in general, George's blog talks about what it's like to move from the US to Ecuador, how it feels to retire in a new country, and what you should do if you're visiting for a few days

Ecuador4U Blog - an expat in Cotacachi (relocation hot spot just two hours from Quito) who shares his day to day experiences and offers helpful advice such as a recent post describing a dentist visit which included work completed, cost of care and contact info for the health provider. Posts cover a range of topics including a building project. Ecuador Expat Bloggers Even more blogs from expats living in Ecuador and future gonnamoves (thanks to Patty Grimm). The Ecuador4u Blog will be going inactive for now. There are now many great blogs about Ecuador. South of Zero is a great place to see a lis... 8 years ago Metamorphosis: Changing to Retirement in Ecuador. Ecuador Travel Tales - Bruno's search for the Toucan and the other side of Cotopaxi. Meet Bruno, Ecuador's latest adventurer taken on a guided tour of Ecuador, around the Northern Sierra by us. Bruno is a Canadian based in Newfoundland, and has been to Ecuador a few times

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Chuck and I have been retired for over ten years. Our new vocation is traveling the world. We moved from Washington state to Ecuador several years ago. This blog has evolved from our moving to Ecuador to our life in Ecuador and our worldly travels. Our email is: watsontravelblog@gmail.com View my complete profil Feel free to contact us anytime, even if just to shoot the breeze on thoughts or questions around Ecuador, we are always happy to spend the time. KM1, Via La Boca Puerto Cayo, Manabi Ecuador E: sales@ecuadorexpatrealty.com P: (N. America) (310) 584-7221 P: (Within Ecuador) 099-443-609 EXPAT LIFE IN CUENCA, ECUADOR #1. RONALD J. WATKINS Posted on. March 16, 2021. by. Ron. March 16, 2021. This will be the first of an ongoing series about living as an expat in the Andes in South America. I had thought to start this earlier but political events in America have distracted me but I'm finally moving on Ecuador Blog. Check out my Ecuador Blog. The blog is updated every time a new page is added (or when an old page is updated) on this website. You can sign up to be notified about the new pages and never miss out on updated information or our newest adventure in Ecuador. Sign up for my free newsletter here Expat File #002: El Dude, from the USA, moved to Ecuador's coast to do missionary work in the early 80s. Expat File #003: Meli and Eric, from the USA, initially came to Ecuador for 10 months, but have now been here almost three years. Expat File #004: Renato, from Italy, was searching for the perfect expat destination and found it in Salinas.

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It's been a while since I shared some of the expat-related blogs and websites I've been reading. Time for another roundup of interesting blogs by and about expats! Here are an even dozen for your enjoyment. Africa Africa Expat Wives, a UK citizen moves to Africa two days after her marriage, and Live Abroad Now provides detailed information & introductions to trustworthy service providers that will help you become an expat in Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador has been a retirement magnet for expats for the past five years. While the vast majority of expats moving to Cuenca are retirees, in the last year there is a greater movement of younger families, especially from the United States who are migrating to Cuenca. Questions arise as to what educational options are available for expat. Between England and Iowa is a travel and lifestyle blog founded by Kylie, a British expat living in Iowa, US. Her blog is packed full of resources on moving and working in the USA as an expat, adventures around Iowa and the Midwest, and plenty of information for anyone thinking about moving to the states anytime soon Herb ⭐ is looking for a travel buddy for a other trip to Ecuador 9. 11. - 23. 11. 21 Approx. budget: $2000 + with split costs

An up and coming expat destinationby Gary Kesinger. Cotacachi, Ecuador is a town on the move. While a few years ago, it was a little-known village that catered to tourists intent on buying leather products, it is now becoming a popular destination for retirees and others searching for a low cost place to live. The year-round spring like climate. Apply online for free quotes on repatriation assistance and expatriate and foreign health insurance. Find accommodation Uniplaces is an online marketplace for booking mid-long term accommodation with thousands of verified properties No place is perfect, of course, but the peacefulness of a smaller town can far outweigh the inconveniences for some expats. How about Ecuador? Countdown: 7 days left in Ecuador. How could this month have flown past already?! We are eager to return to our comfy bed, our dog and cat, garden, and friends Asesores Ecuador CIA LTDA. UZ Ecuador has been serving the expats community for over 10 years. Ulloa & Zamora Asesores Ecuador Cia. Ltda. Has been a leading, full-services law firm based in Cuenca, Ecuador. We provide assistance in immigration, relocation, and litigation issues. There are several reasons for our success

Dateline: Cuenca, Ecuador Expats, a phenomenon that goes on and on. This comment appeared on the website belonging to Salcora Inmobliaria, a real estate agent in Cuenca, Ecuador. The writer notes that the expat phenomenon gained momentum in 2007 and that an estimated 3,500 United States expats have formed a vibrant colony in Cuenca Ibarra Is Not Your Typical Expat Destination. While Ibarra, Ecuador has a lot to offer the enterprising expat, there are several aspects to consider before making a commitment to relocating to this Andean gem.Ibarra is not for everyone. Learning about the city and the surrounding area is a great way to see if Ibarra is a good fit for the future and investing in Ecuador Real Estate

Awarded 3rd spot out of 68 countries for 'Top Expat Destinations' in Internations' Expat Insider 2018, it's clear that Ecuador is an attractive destination for expats looking to settle down for a decent quality of life.Whether you're drawn to a remote coastal haven or a bustling beach city, this article explores Ecuador's five best beach locations and what each has to offer to expats Summary of cost of living in Salinas, Ecuador. Family of four estimated monthly costs: $2,665. Single person estimated monthly costs: $1,248. WARNING! These estimates are based on only a few data points. At the moment, you should treat them only as a best guess. List of prices in Salinas, Ecuador. Current as of Jul 2021

As we related in a previous blog, we found that special climate, or at least our version of it, in Cuenca. Now we're embarking on the second part of our original vision. E: The Great Recession of 2008 unexpectedly knocked our life way off course. Consequently, those dreams got put on the shelf for a while Single Expat Moves to Cuenca, Ecuador. Regina was born in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois 1970 and then taught English for less than a year. She was the Human Resources Manager for May Dept. Stores, St. Louis and Federated Dept. Stores in Florida before moving to Mexico in 1987 Welcome to our friendly expat community in Cuenca, Ecuador! InterNations is a global expat network designed to connect you with people from all over the world, both online and offline. Get full access to our expert guides and learn more about life in Ecuador — whether that's knowing how to get healthcare when you need it or understanding. Join Our Online and In-Person Events in Ecuador. Attend our many events to get to know like-minded expats, both in Ecuador and around the world! Our new online events even let you find connection and inspiration without leaving your home. InterNations - Online Drinks & Chat! May 29, 2021, 5:00 PM. 101 attendees In order to stay in Ecuador for more than 90 days within any single 12-month measuring period, a foreigner can obtain a Tourist Visa Extension of 90 additional rolling days and/or a Special Tourist Visa which will allow them to stay in Ecuador for up to 180 additional rolling days in that same 12-month measuring period

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New Ecuador visa requirements have now made it mandatory for all long term tourists, temporary residents, and permanent residents including expats to have health insurance that covers them for the entire duration of their stay in the country. It is therefore essential for anyone visiting or moving to Ecuador to be aware of the recent changes to their visa entry requirements in order to avoid. Newspaper Article on Expat Blogs. We are delighted to be featured in another article in the newspaper, along with our friends, the Watsons and the Bluefields. The topic is our blogs: Los jubilados son los cronistas en Cuenca. Our picture is on the link. In Spanish, the literal translation blog blog. Americans Chuck and Nancy Watson have limited.

US Expat Taxes for Americans Living in Ecuador - What You Need to Know. 12/29/2016. There are an estimated 10,000 Americans living in Ecuador. Ecuador has been voted the best overall country for expats, and it's not too hard to understand why - the beautiful landscapes, security, good-quality free healthcare, and friendly locals for a start Cuenca, Ecuador Rentals. Cuenca is a top destination for expats and retirees as it is a melting pot of arts, culture, and culinary adventures. Add the relative peacefulness of the city compared to centers like Guayaquil and Quito and you've got the best city in the world to retire in, according to an article by International Living in 2011 Sept. 26, 2017, at 9:45 a.m. How Cuenca Became One of the World's Biggest Expat Retiree Havens. More. Some retirees choose to live abroad largely with other foreigners. (Getty Images) Cuenca is. Cuencahighlife.com has a list of blogs on the left side of the home page that can be clicked on and one can read blogs by people living in Ecuador and cuencahighlife.com has interesting articles and news stories about life in Cuenca. Thank you so much for participating and sharing all of this excellent information! Cheers, Molly. More Expat. The old Ecuador George site was lost by my server. Some of the buttons don't work yet and I'm just getting started but look around if you have a few minutes. This new site will be a little different. I will still be talking about Ecuador, especially about how to eliminate most of that anxiety that comes from retiring and moving to another.

Each blogger has established themselves as experienced and knowledgeable expats in France, making these blogs excellent resources for like minded travellers. Diversity: We wanted to cover a diverse range of topics and interests by providing a range of expat blogs. The ones listed in the Top 20 France Expat Blogs are all unique in their own way. Cost of Utilities in Ecuador (From 71 Expats) Whew, this has been a lot of information to process to answer such a simple question! Before I start the article, I just really want to say a big thank you to all the people that have been participating in Summary I survived the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! Throughout April, I wrote about Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, where I live with my husband and cats. This post contains a complete list of April 2018 Emily in Ecuador posts and my reflections on the Challenge. Links to all April Posts The 5 most popular are in bold

Welcome to my blog my name is Si Kendrick just a normal guy originally from a small town called Hexham near Newcastle in the UK what started out as a simple get away spiraled in to much more, i had found my paradise and decided living in Manabi was the answer.sharing some of my experiences in Ecuador giving you tips on the way, if i can find my paradise then so can you Ecuador Expat Bloggers Keeping track of all of you bloggers out there who are writing about your adventures in Ecuador. Making and keeping friends who have made the leap from their country of origin

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A Place for Expats in Cotacachi, Ecuador Welcome to the Cotacachi Expats community site where we endeavor to provide a place for Expats to connect and share information. It is hoped that this will eventually become the go-to internet site for people to find information, share knowledge, and connect with others in the community Of course, when I say uninformed I refer to comments in several expat blogs implying that there is no real estate law in Ecuador, and many of the bloggers were actually promoting real estate properties without the required license, and in some cases, promoting real estate practices without the required licenses Blogs about Life in Ecuador. Nancy and Chuck - Retirement in Ecuador. I Feel Obliged to Share this Covid Information 5 months ago 4 years ago Xpadorian Blogs. Ecuador Expat Bloggers 8 years ago Visitors as of January 1, 2012. Free counters. Total Pageviews. Blog Archive 2017 (3) August (1) misc pictures July (2) 2016 (3).

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The Perfect Spot for Pioneering Expats is Manabi, Ecuador. Ecuador has been earning quite a name for itself as a prime destination for North American expats, due largely to its beautiful scenery, authentic charm, and low cost of living. So much so that many would-be expats may even fear that all of the best places are becoming overpopulated. Ecuador Grocery Store Cost. The mercados have some packaged items, but they mostly carry fresh, unpackaged foods. Most expats choose to purchase packaged or specialty items at one of Ecuador's major grocery stores, such as Supermaxi, Tía, Akí, Mi Comisariato, Coral, etc.. We spent $254 in September 2020 at grocery stores on things like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels.

Newest Classifieds in Expat Blogs and Websites. Photo. Title. Description. Country. Ecuador Insider. Sophisticated, historic cities miles of unspoiled, sun-kissed beaches fertile farmland temperate mountain hideaways. Ecuador—the #1 Retirement Haven in the World­—Has It All. A Temperate climate year-round AMERICAN EXPAT CURRENT EVENTS: American Expat Lost Wife his in the Philippines during Retirement Life. This is what happened to this 83 year old American Expat losing his Filipina wife in the Philippines. There are many more stories just like this one, unfortunately. Take care and blessings No place is perfect, of course, but the peacefulness of a smaller town can far outweigh the inconveniences for some expats. How about Ecuador? Countdown: 7 days left in Ecuador. How could this month have flown past already?! We are eager to return to our comfy bed, our dog and cat, garden, and friends Charlotte's blog, Footloose Lemon Juice, hails from Manchester and, despite the fact that she is in her twenties, she has lived in Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, Brazil and Italy. Her blog has three sections that offer tips for expats, international news and charming anecdotes from her life with her Brazilian fiance

Expat Ecuador is a resource for expatriates living in Ecuador, and foreign nationals who are interested in learning more about living and working in Ecuador. Here you will find resources, news, videos, photos referrals, reviews and other items of interest Ecuador Living Magazine is now accepting editorial submissions for our March 1, 2013, premier issue.. Our interests include expat personality profiles, entrepreneurship, how-to articles, emerging trends in Ecuador, the hospitality industry, real estate opportunities, unique tourist attractions, photography and more Top 10 Shopping Sites for Sending Gifts to Expats & Overseas Travelers. The cheapest country to buy electronics is the United States. Do some of us become expats because it's like being a minor celebrity? When do big expensive cities become not worth it for new expats

Ecuador was named as the favourite place for expats to live in 2015's InterNations' Expat Insider survey.The reason for its popularity is that it occupies first place in the Personal Finance and Cost of Living indices with 91% of people saying they are happy with their cost of living and 80% saying they are satisfied with their financial situation For the second consecutive week, Ecuador ranked first among all Latin American countries in administering Covid-19 vaccines per capita, with an average of 300,000 a day receiving the jab. Cuenca High Life offers on-line publications, local translated news, and reports about the expat life and living in Ecuador.. The cost of living in Ecuador is quite low for expats and the country continually shows up as one of the cheapest places to retire in the world.As Ecuador resident and author Susan Schenck says, I knew I could not live in the USA on my pension-not if I wanted to have a roof, or food, or a car!. You don't have to be old to take advantage of the great prices though Ecuador is equator in Spanish, and the country lies directly on it. With a beautiful coast, Amazon jungles, and cosmopolitan cities with a low cost of living, Ecuador has a lot to offer expats. Learn about working and living in Ecuador. Working in Ecuador. Have a job lined up before you move to Ecuador PUERTO CAYO, ECUADOR - Two new client-based, professional service businesses are set to establish headquarters in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador on January 1. Steve Watkins, founder of the agencies, said his corporation, The Legacy Firm, LLC, will launch a commercial marketing company and a full expat guide service beginning on the new year

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2. Re: recent exodus of 'gringo expats' living in Cotacachi. Very good point Margareth. Ecuador has a good side and a dark side. Better to investigate well first, and then move. Prior to all it would be good to manage to learn good Spanish, so expats can communicate directly with the people I've spent the past five years as an expat in Europe and decided that it is time to move back to my home in Canada. It's a challenging process deciding to move back home, and difficult to process the emotions which come with closing the book on expat life. So, I tried to make a video to capture the emotions that come with expat life Expats in Ecuador, Blogs by Expatriates Living July 28, 2017 ~ Todd Gorishek ~ Leave a comment When I was thinking of moving to Ecuador I read some online publications, not really any blogs, and I was enamored with the exotic lifestyle people could have living in Ecuador