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Hit Enter, or the Post button your Facebook app, and your reply will now be directly beneath that comment: Now, only the person who wrote that particular comment will be notified, and not everybody else who have written comments on the original posting. This is also a way to get a discussion thread going Im not getting a notification anywhere if friends comment/reply/mention me on my own posts or in response to my comments on their posts. I only noticed after I scrolled through my newsfeed and came across a few of my own and friends posts where someone else had commented on something or tagged me in a comment If I delete my comments in Facebook a minute after I post, will that person still get notification from Facebook? It depends how they have set their notifications. If their account is set to send email notification every time you post something, then they will get the notification. But when they try to see the post, it won't be there Great, phwd. Thanks! Can you confirm that a notification is NOT sent out when I leave a comment to my own post directly after the person's comment (so it appears beneath it), go offline and in the meantime the person edits her/his comment? - a_hanif Mar 22 '16 at 19:0 Only the person you reply to directly will be notified. Then B replied to A's comment and C replied to B. Does A gets notified by C's reponse? No. Now lets say the sequence is A - B - C - C, where C replied to its own comment. Does everyone get notified? Nobody would get notified since they were replying to their own comment

When you comment on someone's post (status update or link or photo or anything they've shared), the privacy setting of the post you are commenting on dictates the privacy setting of your comment. You can quickly determine the privacy setting of the original post by the icon next to it. The most often used settings are Publicand Friends Answered 5 years ago · Author has 73 answers and 468.8K answer views No. Facebook notifies only when there is an appreciative activity for example a like, comment, share, etc. Your friend may come to know about it only if he is keeping a track of it. 33.2K view You can reply to a comment on a Page post by going to the comment Apparently this question refers to when you've commented on a public (or less likely, friends-of-friends) post. And the short answer is you can't. FB occasionally—not that often, but it does happen—display a News Feed story like John commented on April's post

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  1. Random question... if I post a reply to a Facebook comment, then decide a couple hours later to delete it, will the original poster still see the notification that I made a comment? That is one good way to get screwed even if you delete the comment. Click to expand... Only if they have email notifications turned on. There's a million.
  2. It also gives you the option to reply to the hidden comment. Now, alternatively, you can delete a comment from your Facebook timeline. That completely removes it, and nobody will see it - not you, not your friends, not the person who posted the comment, and not their friends. BUT, the person who posted the comment will know that you deleted.
  3. To hide comments on Facebook's native platform, all you have to do is hover over the comment. You'll see a drop-down arrow; when you click on it, you'll see the option to hide comment or embed.. Just click hide comment.. After you do this, you'll see other options you can take, including unhide, delete, and.
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  5. So when you come across your comment or someone's comment on your update, select the three-dot menu next to the comment and pick the Hide comment option. The comment's text should fade or appear..
  6. When something gets reported to Facebook, we'll review it and remove anything that doesn't follow our Community Standards.Your name and other personal information will be kept completely confidential if we contact the person responsible

A Facebook Mention is when you write a post or comment and include a person or page's name within the text. The name becomes a blue link to that page or profile, and the respective party receives a notification that they were mentioned. A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let. The second point is that it must be a recent post not one for days or weeks. So the process, basically, is not aimed at just deleting the message from your end. But to disable or deactivate your Facebook account in order to delete the message from the other party's end. You should remember of course to re- after the process If I delete the comment, does the user still get notified that new comments are available or does the Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 178 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers Click Comment. The comment box expands. Frequently, this box is already expanded, in which case you can simply go on to Step 2. Click in the text box that appears. Type what you want to say. When you're finished, press Enter. Frequently, comment threads, or a series of comments, can become like an ongoing conversation

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Sometimes, you want to keep on top of the activity of someone else on Facebook. Maybe it's a friend and you want to see what they're doing on a trip. Maybe it's a family member and you're trying to keep up to date on a medical issue. Maybe it's a competitor, and you want to monitor their Facebook posting content and schedule as it happens. Now, you can keep checking their page if you want Open Facebook Ads Manager, and find the dark post you want to review. Then click the Edit link below the ad name to open the side panel, and click the Preview icon. Ads Manager automatically takes you to the dark post, so you can read and respond to all the comments. Pros: You won't have to sort through regular post comments since you'll.

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  1. Well the reply button lets you reply to the comment but a user will not receive it via email or get any notification. In the article above, we have shown how you can notify users only on replies to their WordPress comments. You can also allow users to subscribe to comments. This way, they can subscribe to comments and receive notifications when.
  2. Comment Approved allow users to be notified when their comment is approved. Users can check the option when leaving a comment. You can also customize the email message sent to users after their comment is approved. For detailed instructions, see our article on how to notify users when their comment is approved in WordPress. Allow Users to.
  3. You can reply to it. Running the risk of feeding the trolls. You can report it to the platform. An act that feels like praying to the fickle internet gods to smite it with digital lightning. You can delete the comment (on some platforms). As the commenter is in your digital house, you can force them to leave. And there's the nuclear.
  4. Well that's not good. There are things which can be answered right away in a reply, that can get the customer going in the right direction. Maybe a solution is to create a second Amazon account for customer support, and post a review on each product, telling potential customers to reply to that comment for questions
  5. ar Mastering Sales from Facebook, I had a client tell me that he doesn't like posting comments to other people's or companies wall because he doesn't like getting 40 emails from other people's comments. I think that's a shame because Facebook is all about sharing and participating in a community. So
  6. 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 548. You can use @name syntax anywhere in your comment to reply to a specific user. This will notify that user in their global inbox. There can also be notification through email if you set it up in the preferences found in your profile page. This feature is specific to comments and doesn't work in posts
  7. A Facebook Mention is when you write a post or comment and include a person or page's name within the text. The name becomes a blue link to that page or profile, and the respective party receives a notification that they were mentioned. A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let.

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Respond on Pages: The key to commenting on Facebook pages is to reply fast. The quicker you respond, the more likely your comment is to get noticed. Make sure to turn on your notifications. How to get more comment engagement on Twitter? Channel your inner-Wendy's. Amazing replies on popular tweets get a compelling level of reach and engagement And if you happened to Like the now-dangerous post as well, you're effectively giving it the thumbs-up without even realizing it. Scammers also use the click-bait posts to build up a mountain of Likes, Shares and Followers on new Facebook pages and then either sell the pages to other scammers or use them themselves to spread spam. Also, you might be missing out on a few comments by the same user because they didn't reply to the same comment thread. Facebook's native tool is helpful because it comes with Facebook for free. Then again, Facebook Business Manager has several issues that make it harder to quickly go through your inbox and prioritize tasks Once you have a proper name and you've added your comment, click the Send icon: The comment is now part of the spreadsheet, and it shows my name as the targeted recipient of that comment: In a few minutes, I receive an email stating that I've been @-mentioned in the comments of a file, and I get a link to go to the file and respond

you are blocked on face book comment community. reasons may below-. uploaded a spamming content from you. sexual contant sharings. informal comments of any user, they can complaint and you will be. Easily choose to keep, delete or respond to comments or posts using your keywords. Now, let's get into some cool ways to leverage the new Facebook Group keyword alerts. #1 Get Notified When Someone Uses Foul or Abusive Languag If you heart, pin, or reply to a comment, the commenter may get a notification that you responded, depending on their notification settings. Likes and dislikes are anonymous. If you like a comment, the commenter may get a notification that says, Someone liked your comment. Viewers don't get a notification when you dislike their comment Some of them will express their pains and needs in the comments on your Facebook ads, and you get an opportunity score every time you decide to answer such a complaint. The truth is: Negative comments can help you improve your online image if you manage them professionally. Don't delete all the negative comments at once To turn on Facebook Post notifications, simply follow these steps: Go to any post you want to get notifications from. Click on the three-dotted button above the post. Select 'Turn on notifications for this post' from the drop-down menu. Now you will receive notifications when there is a new comment on the post

DOs and DON'Ts for how to respond to a negative review on Facebook or Yelp DO get prepared. In the heat of the moment (and especially when you're upset about an unfair negative review), it can be tempting to say the wrong thing in a hasty response to negative comments Open Facebook on your iPhone or iPad. Look for the blue icon with a white f. You'll typically find it on your home screen, but it may be inside of a folder. If you're not already signed in, enter your information to do so now. This method will help you hide your friends list from everyone except yourself

If successful, you will receive a JSON response with the newly created comment ID. In addition, this endpoint supports read-after-write and can immediately return any fields returned by read operations. { id: 1809938745705498_1809941802371859 Tag to respond to comments. Your responses to Facebook post comments can go unread, especially if you get a lot of comments. Tagging people you reply to calls their attention to your response You are going to love this tip. If you get a lot of comments on your public posts, Facebook tries to make things easy for you with the Comment Ranking setting. Buried under the Facebook settings. Besdides images, you can tag comments and posts on Facebook. Just use '@NAME' within the post or comment. Use the person's profile name as it appears on Facebook for a successful tag

Manage comments on modern page is not easy specially if you are monitoring a lot of pages, this is a lack of functionality that I'm sure Microsoft will address in future updates. I was challenged a couple times to try to build a solution to get notifications on new comments in modern pages, after a few tries I was able to put together a solution that notifies the owner of the page when a new. This may be a feature request as I can't figure out a way to get notified by email or in the Windows 10 notification center when someone adds a comment to a word document. It works just fine if someone directly @ mentions me, but as the owner of the document, I would like to be alerted when anyone adds a comment even if they don't specifically.

Image Board: TikTok Comment Reply Video Preview. Method 2. More Private Way to Reply to a Comment with a Video on TikTok. If you want only the people who left the comment to see your video reply, you can make a private video's link through TikTok direct messaging. Here is how. Step 1 Create a TikTok as usual Step 1: Open Facebook account to give the reply of any comment on the Facebook posts with video. Step 2: Click on the camera icon in the Write a comment box. Step 3: Select any existing video from your computer, laptop or an Android phone Replies - If this is a comment that is a reply to another comment, the permissions required apply to the object that the parent comment was added to. Page owned Comments and Replies — For any comments or replies owned by (on) a Page, you must use a Page access token if you want User information to be included in the response

When a Tweet author hides a reply, the author of the reply will not be notified. How to hide a reply. From a reply to one of your Tweets, click or tap the icon. Select hide reply and confirm. To view your hidden replies, click or tap the hidden reply icon which will be available in the bottom-right of your original Tweet. How to unhide a reply Select which notifications you'd like to receive by how often, what activity, and whether you'd like to see them by email or text; Managing Multiple Facebook Pages with Custom Notifications. If you're a Facebook page admin for a business (or multiple businesses), you're by now pretty used to seeing notifications from the page

The default keyboard combination for search on a Mac is ⌘ Command + F. Type mentioned you in a comment in the search field. This will highlight all comment tag notifications that contain this phrase on your notifications page. Scroll down and click on a notification. This will open the comment you're tagged in Facebook has created a way to turn off comments on Facebook pages and groups, but you need to be the group admin or the original poster to do so. From the left-hand side of the Facebook page. However, you can still reply to the comment, resolve the task by resolving the comment, and reopen the task by reopening the comment thread. You can also see the comment history in those apps, but you won't see the task history. For example, if you assign a task in Word for the web and later open the document in Word for the desktop, you'll see.

It's Facebooks way of getting you to use more Facebook. Which in your case, failed miserably. They send these notifications to people who haven't had much of interaction on facebook to have a page full of notification. Unfortunately, the way to get rid of these is to use more Facebook, get more friends and to interact with them Keeping your account secure. Unfriending or blocking someone. Shopping safety. Policies and reporting. Reporting abuse. Reporting a problem with Facebook. Reporting a privacy violation. Hacked and fake accounts. Managing a deceased person's account Let's start with Visitor Posts.If you click on the Edit link on the right of any of these Page Settings, you can adjust them. Within Visitor Posts, you can choose between allowing Page visitors to publish on your Page or to disable the ability for Page visitors (meaning, any Facebook user) to publish posts on your Page. If you choose to allow posts on the Page, within that, you can also. December 6, 2016. Now you can reply to and like comments on Instagram! Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets users like Instagram comments, and makes it easier to reply to individual Instagram comments. Instagram's new commenting design quietly launched for most users today, and while it looks similar to Facebook comments, it doesn.

Now Facebook is making me confront one more difficult question in my life, and I just don't know the answer. 1. I can like each post. But that's like giving out a trophy for participation. I can. Step 6: Click View Comments and then click View _ more comments Step 7: View, Like, and Reply to comments on your Facebook Ads . That's it! You may get a notification that will take you directly to the post if you have a new comment on your Facebook ad, but it's good not to rely on this completely If you report a post or comment as spam to Facebook, Facebook will review the comment or post and determine if it violates one of their rules. If so, they will remove it. You will receive a notification in your messages and in your security center when Facebook takes action or declines to take action

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  1. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications. It solves most of the issues that affect Mark Jaquith's version.
  2. To make your comment visible to someone, you can add them to the comment. They will receive an email notification with your comment. Tip: If someone has set their status to Out of office and you have permission to view their calendar, you will get a notification in the comment as you add them. On your computer, open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation
  3. 1. With Discord open, locate the comment you want to reply to. 2. Hover your cursor over the comment so a bar of icons appears to the right of the message. In this bar, click the arrow icon — or.
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2. Respond below the review immediately. Once you've read the review, you should respond below the review immediately. You can do this by logging into Amazon.com with your Seller Central account. If you haven't done this before, it might be good to set up your Amazon profile with your logo as your profile pick For example, if a post gets bumped to the top that has 50 comments, I have to go on an Easter egg hunt and open up *every single comment* to identify the one or more comments with new replies. Sometimes I see a blue line on new replies, and sometimes I see a time stamp on the last reply Don't worry, if you're sure that you did not commit any huge offenses, you will safely get your account back in a few days to a week. You can also try to message Facebook Support to make an appeal , but it typically takes them so long to respond that the block will be over at the same time you get the issue resolved

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Today I got a notification from Facebook that someone tried to access my account. In fact it was me (with my JavaScript turned off - don't ask); but the reason I knew of this possible privacy breach was because of a little known Facebook security feature - Login Notifications.. Facebook's Login Notifications is a feature that does exactly as you would expect; it lets you know when and. When you use one of these replies, you'll be able to respond to a comment with text, GIFs, images, It's about to get a lot easier to manage conversations on Facebook Add the Replies option in the comments of your Facebook Fan Page. This is a simple 2 step procedure and takes less than a minute to do once you are logged i.. Comment Email Responder via Ugh!!'s Greymatter Honeypot is an easy way to send an e-mail response to the commenter and have that same response automatically show up in the comment section as well. If you haven't enabled threaded comments, you can follow Kim's instructions for enabling threaded comments on your WordPress blog

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6,764. I've not managed to hit a limit on the times i've done loads of comments, 300-500 in a day, but the problem i find, is the frequency of them, if you do too many close together, you usually get a polite message. . Apr 25, 2013. #3 Use the tips and messages below to help you get it right. Here are some guidelines for responding to thank you for condolences on Facebook statuses: Don't feel the need to respond to messages of sympathy immediately. Avoid unnecessary details regarding the death. You may feel it necessary to announce the death as you respond to messages When you type certain words into Facebook, an animation appears both to you and to the person you send them to. Type Facebook Text Delights as a post on someone's wall or in reply to comments. Let's get right to an example. Wonderful Time. One of our readers in Hialeah, FL found this one and sent it to us How to Reply to a 'Thank You' Email . When someone writes you a thank you note, you don't generally need to reply to it. It would be silly to go get a You're Welcome card to stamp and send off. But emails are instantaneous. It's a lot easier to reply to a thank you email. Here are some ways you can respond to a thank you in an. Step-by-Step. 1. Choose Comment Link. Pick the link of a comment you want to use with the embedded comments plugin. To get the link to a comments right-click the timestamp right next to a comment and copy the link address (Details see: Getting a comments's URL ). 2

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2. Defend Yourself With Humour. Humour is the best defense mechanism in this situation. Using humor is a go-to solution when you don't know how to reply when someone insults you. You can instantly use the insulter's insult and insult them back in a hilarious way so the tension defuses Set up the comment-to-messenger growth tool inside of ManyChat and sync it with the post you created in Step 1. Part of this will include deciding on what message (s) people will receive when they comment on your post. If you want to promote your post as an ad, you can set that up inside the Ads Manager When you click Review on a comment, you have three options: reply directly to the comment, assign it to someone else on your team, or tag it (so you can identify or find it more easily later). If you find you receive a lot of similar comments, Agorapulse even lets you created automated moderation rules based on certain words or phrases The easiest way to tell whether a message has been read is to log onto Facebook with a web browser. Clicking on the Messenger icon reveals a list of the people you've communicated with. Selecting.

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You can reply to comments on your Page's posts publicly or in a private message. When you reply with a private message, anyone can see that your Page has responded privately below the comment. Private responses are helpful when addressing matters that are of a more personal nature or are specific to the individual And many features have been added to the app since then, including games, payment transfers, bots. Here is a list of 25 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks that might be useful for you: 1.) Send. New APIs for Comment Replies. Last week, we launched comment replies on Facebook pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers. This allows businesses and celebrities to engage with their fans more directly. Today, we're updating the API so developers can build tools that make it easier for brands to monitor and respond to comment replies

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As a business, you're likely to get asked the same questions more than once. Facebook provides a saved replies feature that can help out page admins with quick responses to high volumes of. Adding a clear description helps you get the most of your listings and helps buyers at the same time. Facebook will let you add some tags to your product to help your posts get seen. I'm not sure if I should hide the comment or respond with a kind comment back. What advice do you have. Thank you! Reply

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500 Social Media Marketing Tips, the #1 Amazon Bestseller:Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007L50HE6Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007L50HE6Paper.. You can unfollow your friends, non-friends (if you followed them), pages, and groups on Facebook. What Happens in Pages and Groups Similar to profiles, when you unfollow a page or group, their. Here's how to get there: Step 1: Instead of clicking Settings, click Notifications. Step 2: Click, Activity and then Check-ins. On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of every recent check-in at your location. Unfortunately, Facebook won't show you every check-in that's taken place at your location Put $1 in, get more than $1 out. It's a simple narrative. But Apple's iOS 14 changes are chipping away at Facebook's ability to measure and demonstrate performance. And Facebook is reacting by making wholesale changes to what kind of data and reporting they will offer back to advertisers, said Madan Bharadwaj, CTO of marketing.

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While Facebook does notify you when you receive a reaction on a post or comment, there is no notification for a reaction being deleted. So if you manage to get lost in the sea of reactions, the person may never tell that you deleted your reaction. That being said, Facebook does let you view who reacted to your post If you've been on Facebook at all, you've probably seen those pleading posts, featuring a very sick child or a suffering animal. Often the posts also show a picture of Jesus, with a request for the viewer to take action. Type Amen for this baby and share, the post commands. Keep scrolling if you're heartless. Pretty soon, [ When you enter a group where the blocked person is a member, you will be notified about it. However, if you block them on Messenger only, you can still view their Facebook profile and interact. Public events. If it's a public event, only friends and hosts can see if you're interested or going. They may see your status in a News Feed post, notification, on the event page itself or in the Events section of your profile. You can control the visibility of your response on the Event page When you unfollow someone, they would still be on your friend's list, nothing will change, and they would not even get to know that you unfollowed them. They don't get a notification If you unfollow a friend, group, page, or non-friend them, they do not get any information

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You can also choose which types of activity you want to be notified about. Do you want to know every time your page gets a new comment, a new page post share, or a new mention? Turn these and other options off or on from within this section. Finally, tell Facebook whether you want to receive notifications by email, text, or both If you share someone's response to your question sticker as a new Story, they will receive a notification, even if you don't tag them. This ensures that they'll know when you answer their question. And of course, they'll be notified if you respond to their question via DM. 3 ways to get creative with the Instagram Stories question. If you've ever bought a car or had service done at a car dealership, you know that soon after the transaction you'll get a phone call or an email asking you take a survey about your experience Here's How Facebook Gives You Up To The Police. If you're ever involved in a serious crime, you can expect the police to subpoena your Facebook account. Here 's what Facebook sends them. The Boston Phoenix has a fascinating story up about the unusually tech-centric hunt for Craigslist Killer. In the course of reporting, the paper's reporters.