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Trailing sun-loving coleus is an easy-to-grow annual foliage plant that adapts well to hanging baskets and container gardens where it sprawling stems can drape over the edge of the planter. You also can plant it at the front of garden beds where it will intertwine with flowering annuals and perennials to bring color to the landscape. Most trailing coleus have smaller leaves than upright. Trailing coleus • New trailing coleus series with controlled vigor • Can be grown like a conventional coleus despite trailing stems (though additional PGR applications may be required) • Suitable for finish in a wide range of sizes • Adds interest to shade programs • Ultra-late flowering • Colorful, bold foliage is hard to resist at. Coleus plants are tender perennials, which means they won't survive in cold weather. They are usually grown as an annuals in the UK, planted out in May when there is no threat of frost. To keep plants from year to year, bring them indoors in autumn, or take cuttings in summer that can be grown on for new plants the following spring 15 Pelleted Seeds Coleus Kong Rose Giant Coleus Seeds. nurseryseeds. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (4,392) $9.00 FREE shipping. Only 1 left. Add to Favorites. coleus wizard rainbow 20+ seeds per pack ships within 48 hrs. USA Color: Neon pink. The dramatic foliage of 'Trailing plum' is sun-loving. Also, it is one of the best types of coleus that cascade down! Grow them in rich, moist, and well-draining soil. 7. Black Dragon. Height/Spread: 12-14 inches tall, 10-12 inches spread. Color: Deep burgundy with purple-black edges

Planter perfection is yours with this easy-to-grow eye-catching trailing coleus. Named after the great waterfalls of the world, these coleus with their bold, nonfading foliage colors and dense small leaves are very heat tolerant. They prefer morning sun with shaded afternoons but are tolerant of a sunnier & shadier conditions. The well behaved growing plants add architectural interest and mix. Coleus leaves range from one to six-inches long, and also come in many different shapes and sizes. Coleus plants also have unique, square semi-succulent stems. Toxicity: Coleus are non-toxic to humans, but the sap can cause minor skin irritation. The essential oils they contain are toxic to dogs, cats and other animals

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  1. Welcome to Rosy Dawn Gardens! Rosy Dawn Gardens is no longer accepting orders for the 2021 season. All varieties of Coleus will be listed as Sold Out until our 2022 Online Catalog goes live on December 1, 2021
  2. 2. Red Trailing Queen Coleus. Botanical Name: Solenostemon 'Red Trailing Queen'. Coleus is one of the best foliage plants, and you can grow it in hanging baskets as well. Learn about the various types of coleus plants here. 3. Peperomia Ruby Cascade. Botanical Name: Peperomia 'Ruby Cascade'
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  4. Solenostemon (Coleus) Plug Plants. Sold. Out. 6 x Solenostemon (Coleus) —. Regular price. £ 16 GBP. Solenostemon (Coleus) - if you want more than one of the same variety —. Regular price. £ 16 GBP
  5. Coleus Plants - Great Falls Angel Bring fantastic foliage into your garden! This season's must-have patio plant - the Coleus Plants - Great Falls Angel is boldly colourful, sun and shade tolerant, bushy and carefree! The mosaic foliage is a work of art, with green, maroon red and magenta

Trailing Plum. The absolute best cascading coleus, this low-growing, sun-loving variety is vigorous, graceful and gorgeous in containers. Avoid planting it in a terra-cotta pot, because the vivid purple will clash with the pot when the stems spill over the edge Minimum temperature ranges (in degrees C) are shown in brackets. H1a - Under glass all year (>15C) H1b - Can be grown outside in the summer (10 - 15) H1c - Can be grown outside in the summer (5 - 10) H2 - Tolerant of low temperatures, but not surviving being frozen (1 to 5) H3 - Hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of the UK (-5 to 1) H4. Coleus Idea: Look for trailing coleus varieties for your hanging basket. They'll drape down, covering the basket with color. Petunia Petunias are longtime favorites for hanging baskets. They offer flowers in just about every shade of the rainbow, and if watered and fertilized regularly, produce so many flowers you can hardly see their leaves Some coleus plants, however, have a trailing habit, which makes them perfect for hanging baskets. Climate. Experts differ on the hardiness levels of coleus plants. Some say they are cold-hardy to. Home > Coleus. Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS PLACING YOUR ORDER PLEASE E-MAIL taylorgreenhouses@yahoo.com. Coleus are beautiful, easy to grow indoor and outdoor plants grown for their colorful leaves. Coleus Sampler Collection. $13.50

Coleus is probably one of the easiest plants to grow and propagate. In fact, the plants root so easily that you can even start cuttings in a glass of water. They can also be propagated by seed indoors about eight to ten weeks prior to your last expected spring frost. Coleus can be added to beds and borders for interest or grown in containers In a greenhouse at the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment's Horticultural Research Farm, 111 cultivars of coleus grew lush this spring under the careful watch of assistant horticulture professor Garrett Owen, undergraduate student Ty Rich and doctoral graduate student Paul Cockson Coleus can be included in hanging baskets, too. Some of the trailing selections will flow nicely over the edge. Compact, bushy types can be used in the center of the basket. Keep in mind that coleus are thirsty and a hanging basket can dry out quickly — choose a self-watering basket for best results

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Bedding and Trailing Plants in Trays. Garden Ready Plug Plants A-Z. Garden Ready Plug Plants A-Z. We are delighted to offer our extended range large, easy to grow UK Grown Garden Ready Plug Plants. They will establish quickly when planted straight into their final location in the garden or patio. Supplied in trays of 33, 60 or 90 at a height of. Description. Coleus 'Kiwi Fern'(height12-18; mounding) Favored for its unusual, airy quality, this coleus has narrow, frilly leaves that are dark purple and red with yellow highlights at the edge. Fabulous for pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes with its modest size. Sun tolerant 'Trailing Plum Brocade' coleus from 2015. My feelings for coleus deepened when nurseries began offering sun varieties. In my opinion, sun tolerant coleus are the best thing to ever happen to a hot summer garden Coleus likes a warm and slightly shady spot to grow. When to grow. Coleus seed can be sown at any time of the year if you are growing it as a house plant. What you need. A packet of coleus seeds; Seed tray; Seed compost; Polythene bag; How to grow. Put the seed compost in the tray, leaving a 1cm gap at the top 'Trailing Bleeding Heart' coleus - FineGardening. The 14-inch-tall cultivar 'Trailing Bleeding Heart' has hot fuchsia-pink leaves ringed with purple and a band of lime green. Article by Fine Gardening Magazine. 769

  1. Given adequate light, coleus overwinters easily indoors. Dig up healthy plants in the fall, just before cold weather hits. Make sure you get as much of the root system as possible. Pot your plants in suitable containers with well-draining soil and water them thoroughly. It may also help to trim back the top half of growth to reduce shock.
  2. Victorian gardeners favored coleus for intricate garden designs, exotic houseplants and striking bouquets. Trailing garden coleus form beautiful patchwork ground covers or spill exuberantly over container rims. Mounded or upright coleus provide colorful backdrops that draw eyes into shady depths. They can even be trained into treelike topiaries
  3. Coleus plant care indoors: Provide bright indirect sunlight, temperatures of 65-75°F, and moderate to high humidity levels. Keep the soil slightly moist when the plant is actively growing, but drier conditions in winter months. Fertilize lightly with a high nitrogen fertilizer every two weeks, and pinch back the stems to create a fuller, bushy.

Coleus Stained Glassworks 'Royalty' is a brilliant example of plants that pack a punch. Its exciting deep purple luscious foliage is covered with bright pink patterns that make it completely unique. Plant in your beds and borders, or patio pots for a pleasing foliage effect to your garden Project lead Ty Rich (left) and Paul Cockson record data in a coleus cultivar trial at the UK Horticultural Research Farm. Photo by Matt Barton. The research plants ranged from trailing cultivars to those that formed tall, upright structures and included at least seven color groups

Some of the trailing coleus, like Trailing Burgundy, will create long ropes, while others like Trailing Garnet Robe, Trailing Rose, and Trailing Plum Brocade will spread horizontally. Mounding coleus, such as Purple Duckfoot, Charlie McCarthy, Black Lace, and Cantigney Royale will create a virtual ball of foliage I feel helpless for saving the plant. My goal is to perpetually grow coleus for years from the same plant and have some to share, but i can't leave a light on 24 hours a day. One thing I noticed is a coleus that gets morning sun, hasn't flowered (a trailing variety), while a normal variety that only gets evening sun, flowered to death

Coleus Plants for Sale - Large Selection of Brightly Colored Varieties - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The healthiest plants start here Trailing Salamander (Solenostemon scutellarioides Trailing Salamander is an eye-catching, shade-loving, trailing coleus with lobed green leaves with deep maroon centers. For sunny spots, consider Strawberry Drop (Solenostemon scutellarioides Strawberry Drop), named for its heart-shaped green leaves with strawberry pink. Both are nice plants. Although Inky Fingers (UK) is a little thin, like the runway models I see from time to time. Macho Fingers looks like a coleus I have seen here (just can't remember the name right now), maybe Fright Night? Here is a sport of India Frills. I got 100 URCuttings from NCFarms last spring, They included some dark red leaved ones The Gardens at Atlock Farm. Things are heating up as everything comes together for Coleus Day at Atlock Farm on Saturday, September 13, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please see Atlock's website at www.atlockfarm.com for directions. This post offers an extensive armchair tour of the gardens and other sights at Atlock Coleus work well in both situations: they don't get lost in a mixed planting with dramatic elephant's ears, castor beans, trailing sweet-potato vines, or towering canna lilies, and they're sophisticated enough to pair gracefully with ferns, heucheras, or luminous blue scaevola

Bacopa (Sutera cordata)- This lovely little annual comes in a variety of colors, such as purple, pink, blue, and white, and in recent years, its medicinal properties have become a pretty hot topic.As a trailing plant though, it has long been a favorite of gardeners. Perfect in a basket or in the landscape itself, bacopa brings a bright pop of color in a small package A wonderful trailing plant that can be successfully overwintered by cutting hard back and keeping somewhere the temperature doesn't fall below 0°C. Pot-up individually and either place on a windowsill of a cool room, or under the staging in a heated conservatory or greenhouse. New growth put on in spring can be used for taking cuttings Coleus adapt readily to containers, which provide a great place to showcase their exquisite colorations. Mix and match coleus with annuals that open flowers in contrasting or matching hues, or plant them solo to let them steal the spotlight. Create an all-foliage planting by blending coleus with trailing sweet potato vines and delicate ferns

Trailing lobelia Trailing petunia. Photo of two hanging flower baskets of Snow Princess Alyssum courtesy of 'Proven Winners'. Shade Plants for Hanging Baskets. Begonia Coleus Dracaena Fuchsia Impatiens Lamium Mimulus Polka-dot plant Bacopa Creeping Jenny Lobelia. Photo courtesy of 'Proven Winners'. These hanging flowers are blue. Krelymics 2pcs Fake Trailing Climbing Plants Artificial Hanging Ferns Plant Plastic Hanging Greenery Garland for Wall Indoor Outside Hanging Basket Decor 82cm (Green, 2pcs) 4.2 out of 5 stars. 29. £12.51 Container garden. Start a Container gardening is an easy and pleasant arrangement, it is a great way to present any garden landscape in a lively manner. But before starting the Container Garden, a small flower garden or flower arrangement should be considered.After you choose long plants in your garden, select attractive thriller plants, spiller plants, and finally filler plants Coleus with trailing growth habit is desirable as it increases its utility for use in hanging baskets, mixed containers, and as ground cover. There is a lack of published information on the genetic mechanism controlling growth habit and the development of new trailing types with orange colors In a greenhouse at the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment's Horticultural Research Farm, 111 cultivars of coleus grew lush this spring under the careful watch of assistant horticulture professor Garrett Owen, undergraduate student Ty Rich and doctoral graduate student Paul Cockson. The variety trial evaluated cultivars for.

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  1. The Spruce / Kara Riley Light . Generally speaking, coleus is a full shade plant—while recent cultivars have made it more tolerant of sunlight, it still does not like direct, sustained sunlight and needs either shade or partial shade in order to thrive. If you notice the colors of your coleus plant look washed-out and dull, that's a good indicator that it might be getting too much sun
  2. ation: DO NOT cover seed; 70-75°F; 10-20 days. Sizes: Packs; Premium Packs; 4-6 pots. Approx. finish: 8-16 weeks. Coleus can be one of your first stops for those who are on the search for shade loving annuals. Grown primarily for its foliage, coleus can add a nice accent to other flowering annuals and perennials, or.
  3. The low growing and trailing qualities of the coleus make it an excellent filler for the window box and add visual appeal at the base of the surrounding flowers. It is a low maintenance annual that is one of the best shade loving container plants. If you bring the coleus indoors before the first frost, it grows as a houseplant
  4. We especially love the inclusion of the coleus; its deeply colored foliage adds beautiful depth to the planting. Place this basket in a spot with full sun for best color. A. Coleus (Solenostemon 'Trailing Rose') — 2. B. Calibrachoa 'Cabaret Light Pink' — 2. C. Verbena 'Wildfire Rose' —
  5. A trailing verbena characterized by a multibranching growth habit, spreading up to 3 feet to create a dense low-growing carpet of blooms. Also highly mildew resistant and thrive under a wide range of weather conditions. Lanai® series: A semi-trailing verbena characterized by bold patterns, bright colors, and contrasting eyes
  6. Coleus will readily root in a cup of water. Just cut the stem and place it in water like a cutflower. The roots will appear in a matter of days. Transitioning the coleus cuttings from water directly to soil can be a shock to the plant sometimes and you may not get the best results. On the contrary, it is also possible to directly grow coleus.

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Coleus Seeds & Plants. Foliage that deserves to be front and center (but also plays nicely with other plants), coleus will knock you out with its size and vibrant hues — from watermelon pink to rich burgundy, deep orange to luscious greens. Incredibly tolerant and easy to grow in both shade and sun. 1. Show Colossal leaves, the biggest we have seen for coleus and coming in a kaleidoscope of colors. If you want a stunning, vibrant shade garden or container planting with low maintenance, this mix fills those needs, awarding you with long-lasting foliage all season. When the first frost is nearing here we like to take cutti Botanical name Solenostemon scutellarioides Other names Common coleus, Flame nettle, Painted nettle, Coleus blumei, Coleus blumei var. verschaffeltii, Ocimum scutellarioides, Welewaka, Coleus pumilus, Plectranthus blumei , Plectranthus scutellarioides, Dwarf coleus, Painted leaf, Poor man's croton Genus Solenostemon S More Coleus Plants. Propagating coleus plants is easy, which is another reason why gardeners love them. To make more coleus plants, take cuttings, then root the stems in light soil or water. This time of year, coleus plants are found at local garden centers in multi-packs. This is an economical way to start a garden outside or indoors Coleus are grown for their gorgeous foliage and can be a welcome addition to a garden of flowering plants. They can survive in sun or shade, but different types have different preferences. Hardiness is a factor for this perennial plant, especially when grown outside of their native Southeast Asia

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7 /12. To achieve luscious color in a deeply shaded window box, give impatiens a try. The most common variety in the United States, Impatiens walleriana, is easy to maintain, grows well in. A knife, gardening shears, or your fingernails. A small container. Water. Rooting hormone helps, too, but you don't have to have it. Coleus is one of those happy plants that roots easily from cuttings. 1. Find an Apical Stem on a Mature Coleus Plant. Apical stems have a bud at the end of them Or for edging or hanging baskets, check out low-growing sprawling types like 'Trailing Plum' or 'Ruby Ruffles' that grow about 10 inches tall but spread 2 feet or more across. They also enjoy part sun to partial shade. 'Giant Exhibition' coleus grow to be about 4 feet tall and have huge leaves Wait to put plants outdoors until spring nights remain above 50°F. See the link above for step-by-step instructions. Problems Coleus are generally unbothered by pests or diseases when grown outdoors, but watch for aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites indoors. Genus : Plectranthus. Plant Height : 1 to 3 feet. Plant Width : 1 to 3 feet The coleus plant is a long-time favorite annual due to its bright colors and requiring very little care. Coleus scutellarioides come in numerous color and texture combinations, but be sure to check the labels since some grow in full sun. Their green, yellow, pink, red, and maroon leaves can add color to dark places

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Coleus can be used in your gardens, containers, patio gardens, flower arrangements or even as a houseplant. They can be trailing plants or bushy mounds. The leaves can be lacy, ruffled, smooth, twisted, solid colors, have contrasting edges, or a kaleidoscope of colors, big, little, round, pointed. In other words, something for everyone Coleus are: Low maintenance, requiring little fertilizer. Great thrillers or fillers in containers. Plants can fit most spaces with strategic pinching. Who says you need flowers for summer color? Overwinter indoors as a houseplant. Coleus combine with practically everything, trailing varieties are especially attractive in baskets and window boxes Sun Coleus Umbrella Plant Caladium Coleus Cordyline Dracaena Fuchsia Graptophyllum Impatiens New Guinea Impatiens Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers Thrillers Ageratum Alternanthera Trailing Petunia Trailing Vinca Variegated Bskt Grass Verbena Vinca Minor Asparagus Fern Bolivian Jew Creeping Wire Vine Diachondra Silver Fall (Coleus) New! Add some WOW! power to your containers or landscape with this amazing coleus. It grows quickly to form a large, bushy clump of fantastic foliage. 2-3' tall, sun or shade, annual. More chartreuse coleus: ColorBlaze ® Lime Time ™, ColorBlaze ® Royale Alligator Tears

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United Kingdom (Zone 8a) wrote: Acquired as a plug plant from Mair & Thompson in the UK circa 1999. Currently in a large pot and outside during frosts to -4C, looking OK. It has been kept in a cold green house over winter, and doesn't lose all its leaves. Flowers start in early spring and continue thru most of the year, albeit only a few at a time Coleus plants also work very well in hanging baskets, particularly the trailing varieties. Healthy, strong plants are in now for £4.99! # instantcolour # coleus # plantforcolour # gardencentre # langlands ‍ Plant database entry for Coleus (Coleus scutellarioides Stained Glassworks™ Royalty) with 5 images and 12 data details. × New and Unread Tree-Mails. Close. × Share This Page. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms:.

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It looks like this is the first time you've added anything to your cart. We just wanted to remind you that we are a wholesale starter plant company that sells to businesses, schools, clubs, and other non-profits.State law dictates that you must be growing for resale to order from us since we are not collecting sales tax Semi-Trailing Nasturtium Varieties: Semi-trailing plants grow 2-3 feet tall and wide. Scarlet Gleam - Great for hanging baskets, window boxes or over a low wall. I have used Scarlet as ground cover, and I have seen it climbing a trellis to nice effect. Troika Red - While some Nasturtium varieties are over a hundred years old, this is a. 24 designer plant lists for beautiful container garden plantings & colorful mixed flower pots combinations. You will love these great patio design & backyard landscape ideas!. One of the most universally loved garden features is the container garden Coleus seeds are fairly inexpensive and may be purchased from almost any nursery or harvested from a plant that has gone to seed.Propagating coleus from seed is a fairly easy process and within two weeks of germination, coleus seeds will have sprouted and began to show their colors

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All types of coleus require the same cultural conditions for good growth, regardless of where you reside in the state and whether they have an upright or trailing habit. However, the amount of preferred light depends on the specific cultivar you are growing, so read the plant tag listing the coleus' preferences before planting in a permanent. FREE Delivery on orders over £80 (UK) / £300 (Ireland) Search. Flowering Geranium Trailing Vine Pink quantity. Add to basket. Flowering Geranium Trailing Vine Red. £7.75 . Coleus Bush Green UV PROTECTED quantity. Add to basket. Coleus Bush Pink/Green UV PROTECTED. £6.50 1. 2. ». Just Artificial have an amazing range of artificial trailing plants that include ivy, pothos, grape trails, flowering trails such as Geraniums, Hibiscus and Fuchsias for indoors and even some that are more durable for outdoors. Some are made using the latest high quality silks and others using realistic grade plastics - tougher for. Coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides) is a bushy, colorful plant that is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 10 to 11, but grown as an annual in much of the rest of the U.S

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Oakland Nurseries, 147 Melton Road, Burton-on-the-Wolds, Leics LE12 5TQ (01509 880646; www.oaklandnurseries.co.uk). Mail order available - send four 1st-class stamps for a catalogue Coleus Size: Coleus will grow from 9-16 inches tall and wide. Colors of Coleus: Green, red, maroon, pink, white, and yellow; 5. Four O'Clocks. Four O'Clocks are named such because their flowers open up late in the afternoon every day . . . at 4:00. They also are unique in the fact that each plant may contain multiple flower colors Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) is one of the easiest summer plants to grow. While it is considered a tender perennial, most gardeners treat coleus as an annual. Coleus is tough, somewhat drought tolerant and grows in most soils. The Kong Rose is a newer cultivar known for its giant, light-green. Coleus Defiance | Coleus Defiance | Plant Identification | Pinterest. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select