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I got Botox for the first time as a gift to myself for my 41st birthday earlier this month. The photo on the left was taken that morning before my appointment and then the photo on the right was taken 2 weeks after which is the amount of time my dermatologist said it would take for full results to be visible Since you're (OP) interested in preventative Botox for fine lines, I'd suggest letting your injector know you don't want to be frozen! And as for feeling physically different, I don't really feel that much of a difference since there's still some mobility. Maybe 1-2 days after the injections my forehead will feel a tiny bit heavy. I tried botox for a heavy brow and early signs of the 11s on my brow and I LOVE the results. I wish I had a better before photo but my brow has always been heavy and created hooded eyes. The botox has opened up my eyes so much. This is 4 days after around 28 units in my forehead. Both photos are after photos Botox will stop them from getting worse. These are lines from motion and nothing else is going to stop them. She can actually use very little and no one can tell. I have been getting Botox in my cheek area for years for some nerve damage. (Bright side--I'll never have forehead wrinkles!) It wears off if you don't like it

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  1. Botox discussion sans mean comments, please. Yesterday, u/stupidhusky posted her Christmas gift of botox injections. I didn't comment on the post because I didn't like some of the uncomfortable comments and arguments that were made, but I sincerely wanted to know more about the practice, regardless of whether or not botox is a skincare procedure
  2. At around $10 to $15 per unit, you can expect to pay between $200 and $300 for the 8 to 20 units of an average forehead treatment. I paid $260 for the injections to my forehead and between my.
  3. ence of the wrinkles on his frown lines (between his brows). We injected 38 units of Jeuveau into his glabella (area of the forehead above and between the eyebrows). Botox Cost: $14 $10 per unit with our nurse injector, Lorissa. $16 $12 per unit with Dr. Nguyen
  4. Before Jeuveau, and after via Dr. Mary Lupo. Jeuveau (rhymes with Hello!) is one of the newest anti-aging treatments to hit the scene. Like Botox, its predecessor, it is made from processed botulinium toxin A, and works by forcibly relaxing your face to reduce fine lines and prevent further wrinkling from happening
  5. After having Botox in your forehead, avoid wearing anything which may fit tightly across your forehead, such as a hat or headband. What to Know About Laying Down After Botox . It's essential to avoid laying down after Botox for four hours. This prevents putting pressure on areas of treatment, allowing it to diffuse correctly into your muscles
  6. June 21, 2013. Answer: Botox and reactions. Botox injections wouldn't cause small pimples around the injection site two weeks post-treatment. It sounds like you're having a reaction to a topical treatment. Evaluate what is different or has changed and visit a dermatologist for further assessment. Helpful
  7. The second and third day after my treatment my forehead looked as smooth as a baby's ass. My wrinkles were gone.Botox had given me my groove back, and my new forehead and I were ready to take on.

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Botox turns off the muscles that contract to form the 11 lines in the glabella. Occasionally, even after Botox has turned off the muscles, the crease persists. This may improve over time with Botox treatments every 3-4 months, however, for deep lines I often place a small amount of filler, like Restylane, in the crease to improve the wrinkle SUBSCRIBE to see each video - it's free! http://bit.ly/2cGWkTIYou guys first saw me get botox in part one, I got injections in my forehead, smile lines, and.

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The cost of Botox varies depending on location and provider. On average, prices can range from $10 to $20 per unit. This means the 40 units for the forehead area will cost from $400 to $800 and the crow's feet could be priced around $240 to $480. If this price seems steep, keep in mind that many medspas run discounts for first-time patients. #Botox is a drug that temporarily weakens the #muscles that are responsible for causing wrinkles. When injected in small doses, it can reduce #finelines,. Thanks to stubborn horizontal lines and expression wrinkles, the forehead is a common place to receive Botox injections. But when it comes to the popular wrinkle smoother, there are a lot of.

Hi Guys!!! I've been MIA, I know i'm sorry! Enjoy this video, I hope some of you find it helpful somewhat. These are my own thoughts and my own experience, s.. Another benefit of Baby Botox is that it can also be used in more areas of the face and body than the traditional-strength treatment. Baby Botox can be focused into the usual areas where you would have traditional Botox, the frown lines, forehead, and crow's feet, but Baby Botox can also be used to give a lot of areas a little lift and tighten, says Benito How to Ensure You Get The Best Treatment . We had Engelman break down exactly where a person should not inject Botox, and she explained that, in most cases, Botox is used from the cheekbones and above, so, for lines between the brow, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles around the eyes.Botox is the only neurotoxin that is FDA-approved for both the brow and crow's feet region Botox cosmetic has been used for these types of wrinkles since the late 1980s. Still, not enough research has been done to rule Botox effective for wrinkles and bags directly under the eyes

Botox is priced per unit. On average, each unit costs about $10 to $15. If you receive up to 20 units in your forehead, you could be looking at a total of about $200 to $300 for treatment of. Real patient. Results may vary. Videos taken at maximum eyebrow elevation before and 30 days after treatment with BOTOX ® Cosmetic. Photos taken at maximum eyebrow elevation before, 7 days after and 30 days after treatment with BOTOX ® Cosmetic. In 2 clinical studies of healthy adults, 61% and 46% had a ≥ 2-grade improvement in their forehead lines at day 30. In my opinion. having only had 21 units of Botox injected into your forehead ONLY would have absolutely nothing to do with the symptoms you describe. I would suggest reviewing the clinical before and after pictures your doctor took for real comparison. Also, any so called effect of Botox is temporary and generally does not last beyond 6 months Whether it was for forehead wrinkles, crows feet or frown lines, for the next three and four months you can relax and bask in your new-found self-confidence. After this period, head back to your practitioner for another treatment. Staying on a schedule will help to maintain your youthful look. You'll Take 5-7 YEARS Off Your Face

So, with forehead BOTOX® treatment the aim is to partially relax the muscles in the area. Put simply, we want to have a line of treated muscle and a line of untreated muscle, but where that line runs is the crucial element. A small difference in the separation of injection points can make a big difference to the result Day five was proof that through God and Botox, all things are possible, except for a smaller forehead. The only thing I can compare it to is waking up as a kid on Christmas Finding good online Botox injection before and after photos will help you find a great Botox injector. * 1. before and after brow lift * 2. Before and after pictures of the forehead * 3. Brow lift before and after * 4. Before & after results for pebble chin * 5. Masseter before and after Botox * 6. Frown lines before and after * 7 A week ago I had Botox for the first time. At 28, you may be thinking, She's too young or She doesn't need it. Believe me, not once did I think I'd get injections before my mom. March 1, 2018. Answer: Icing after Botox injections. Appling ice before an after a Botox injection does decrease the degree of swelling a bruising especially in the area right around the crow's foot zone. There are many small blood vessels in this area and it is prone to bruise if your are not technically careful about needle placement

The bottom photo is me raising my eyebrows two weeks after getting Botox. I still have movement in my brows, but the forehead wrinkles aren't present. In the photos below you can see my frown lines and bunny line before I started botox. The bottom photo is months after getting Botox. I need a refresh but, COVID-19 Botox, fillers and the COVID-19 vaccine: What you should know. By Melissa Pandika. March 10, 2021. Dermal filler injections can lend your face that smooth, sculpted look that so many of us covet. But if you'd like to get a baseline understanding of how much Botox other people get to treat certain areas, you can look at some average numbers. Below is a list of the average number of Botox units given to treat different parts of the face. Bunny Lines (Lines on the Nose): 5 to 10 Units. Chin: 4 to 8 Units. Crow's Feet: 5 to 15 Units Per. The forehead alone can cause a flattening of the brow (which does not look good.) Treating the glabella balances out the forehead for a natural look. Considered One and a half areas (32 units of Botox) Cost - $450 - $475. Scenario 4 - Frown and Crow's Feet. Considered Two areas (40 units of Botox) Cost - $600. make an. Botox injections in the forehead. The consequences (result) of the procedure are displayed in the photo before and after botulinum therapy. On average, the drug continues to act up to 7 months. Is Botox harmful. Possible negative consequence

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For darker skin tones, the appropriate age to start Botox tends a bit higher, more like 40 to 45, but it will also depend on the circumstances. If someone has gotten a lot of sun exposure or their. Baby Botox - also known as the 'blink impact', is when Botox is administered in small doses to subtly tweak expressions. This is what happened when Chlara Marino, 29 had the treatment with Dr Vicky Dondos at Medicetics. Gone are the days where Botox would leave someone with a glassy-looking forehead and a frozen, expressionless face But you can't look at your results until after 2 weeks. The very first time you get botox, it takes a while for it to kick in. On subsequent trips, it will kick in faster, at least in my experience. After two weeks, I went back to my provider and she added a bit more botox in my forehead to get rid of some pesky wrinkles right above my eyebrows Botox is a temporary treatment and how long it lasts varies from patient to patient. The effects of the botulinum toxin usually begin to wear off after 4 - 6 months. Results tend to last longer after several treatments, this is due to the fact that the skin has more time to regenerate the collagen it needs to fill in the lines and wrinkles Botox in Men Before and After Photos 1. Men are getting Botox in increasing numbers. This before and after photo set shows how Botox can improve the appearance of crow's feet in men. Botox before and after photos in man v2. Male crows feet and forehead lines can be reduced with Botox injections every three to four month

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  1. Botox is approved for treating forehead lines and crow's feet in addition to glabellar lines. Dysport is approved only for glabellar lines. The procedure involving Botox is like that of Dysport
  2. Botox Before and After | Real Patient Results. Botox before and after photos show the dramatic effect that this injectable treatment can have for preventing and smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. Botox is the #1 cosmetic treatment globally due to its efficacy in treating forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow's feet
  3. The difference between Botox and fillers like Juvederm including price, pain, before and after pictures, which lasts longer on forehead, eyes, lips, and which to get first
  4. Botox is an injection that smooths out the wrinkles that commonly form in the forehead, around the eyes, and brow. The treatments are entirely safe and effective for everyone. It is FDA-cleared, painless, and requires no recovery time. The results, when performed by a skilled technician, are dramatic and all-natural looking
  5. imal downtime. You can return to your daily routine immediately after you leave your specialist's office
  6. Gender: Female. This 29-year-old woman had Botox injected to the forehead to treat wrinkles and glabellar lines View Photos. Before. After. Botox. Age: 34. Gender: Female. This 34-year-old patient had 4 units of Botox injected to relax the muscles that raise the uppe.
  7. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after treatment. Avoid hot tubs and saunas for 24 hours after treatment. Keep your head upright for 4 hours. Avoid lying on your face. Avoid wearing tight-fitting headwear that goes across the forehead. Limit alcohol consumption for 24 hours due to concerns over bruising

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Botox facials are generally well tolerated but erythema may be seen after treatment, lasting for up to 2-3 days. Skin may also feel warm, tight and itchy for 12-48 hours following treatment however this is temporary. If the treatment area is still irritated after 48 hours contact your provider. The skin will be light-sensitive following treatment BOTOX Before and Afters. We use BOTOX for a variety of wrinkles that form near the forehead, eyes and lower face. BOTOX for Forehead Lines. Wrinkles that come with raised eyebrows in the forehead area. BOTOX can reduce the look of these lines to where they are no longer visible. BOTOX for Crows Feet. Pesky wrinkles that form near the eye as you. Botox is an injectable substance containing botulinum toxin that is used in many cosmetic treatments. When injected in small amounts, Botox can weaken the muscles around the mouth and other areas for three to six months. During this time, the muscles relax, making wrinkles and lines diminish until the toxin wears off Botox before and after images demonstrate how effectively this cosmetic filler works to smooth out crow's feet, brow lines, and forehead wrinkles. Read on to see actual patient results and find out if the #1 anti-aging treatment in the world is right for you

BEFORE & AFTER botox RESULTS Case 1 Beautiful patient with concern of the lines of the forehead, glabella frown lines and crows feet, had Dysport injected into the areas of concern. Results in photo shown 2 weeks after neurotoxin. Previous Next CASE 2Pleasant patient with concern of the lines of the forehead, glabella frown line Apr 6, 2019 - See Gwyneth Paltrow before plastic surgery and how her beauty look has changed over the years with her best red carpet moments. Botox Forehead Forehead Lift Kim Basinger Stanley Kubrick Gwyneth Paltrow Nicole Kidman Mini Face Lift Botox Brow Lift Botox Lips Benefits of Botox In 1989, Botox was approved by the FDA for treating blepharospasm and other eye muscle-related problems. After three years, the body approved to use Botox for cosmetic reasons to lighten severe frown lines, especially between the eyebrows BOTOX ® Cosmetic dosing units are not the same as, or comparable to, any other botulinum toxin product. There has not been a confirmed serious case of spread of toxin effect when BOTOX ® Cosmetic has been used at the recommended dose to treat frown lines, crow's feet lines, and/or forehead lines.. BOTOX ® Cosmetic may cause loss of strength or general muscle weakness, vision problems. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the #1 selling treatment of its kind*: It's the first and only treatment FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better in adults. You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to severe frown lines. It delivers predictable, subtle results.

I first got Botox before my wedding, when I was 32. I didn't get it again until I was 38, after my second baby, and then waited until after Baby Gray to get it again, when I was 39. GOOD OR BAD FOR HEADACHES? I didn't get it for headaches, but I know that Botox can be used to treat migraines Jan 22, 2019 - Botox Brow Lift. See more ideas about botox brow lift, botox, brow lift

Botox Before and After Pictures in Greensboro, NC. View Our Greensboro Botox® Procedure Page. Dr. H. Christopher Coley is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who offers the popular Botox® procedure for patients in his office. Botox® can greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in many areas of the face Download Template, Fill in the Blanks, Job Done! Edit with Office, GoogleDocs, iWork, etc. Over 2000 Essential Templates to Start, Organize, Manage & Grow Your Business, in 1 Place Patient Case #3598. These Botox before and after photos show the amazing change in our female patient's forehead. Tweet. Share. Pin. Share. Before. After. Previous Injectable and Filler Before and After Photos Case Next Injectable and Filler Before and After Photos Case Drum roll please the Botox before and after photos. Act Surprised - Botox before and after in forehead - Lines visibly reduced. This is my angry face - creases significantly reduced between eyebrows. Botox before and after under eyes. Botox before and after - crows feet reduced around eye area This Botox Aftercare & What to Expect After Botox post is sponsored by Arkansas Family Dental. Arkansas Family Dental gave me Botox services in exchange for my honest review of the process and the results. I've been curious about Botox for some time since I have many friends - some much younger - getting Botox. But I waited until my 40th birthday so I could actually have a little 40th birthday.

Before and after botox. These pictures are taken a month apart. The change here is crazy! MY EXPERIENCE & RESULTS. I could feel some change in my muscles straight away after the injection. It didn't make my face feel all relaxed and wonderful immediately, as I had dreamed, but I did notice a positive change She worked her way through the rest of my forehead (about 10 more times), using a total of 20 Botox units. On a scale of 1-10, the pain level stayed at a 1 or 2, so I was able to head back to the.

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Botox is a great treatment option for temporarily reducing the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines. At $640 per treatment session, Botox is not cheap, but the vast majority of patients come away satisfied with their results Botox is a bottulism toxin that's injected directly into the muscles of the face to paralyze the muscles. Once the muscles are paralyzed, the skin on the surface relaxes taking the wrinkles with it. Botox usually lasts from 3-6 months, but mine only lasts about 10-12 weeks because my metabolism is so fast. Juvederm usually costs around $625. My eye shape changed after I had Botox. They are now smaller and hold a very different shape. Are the changes permanent? - My eye shape has change for the worse. They look smaller with saggy lids after 12 units Botox in my forehead and temples. I've totally changed the shape of my eye shape and size. My eyes had an exotic look and now that's lost

First time: After getting 'blood spattered all over' his face, microneedling and some 'f**king' laser treatments, Dr. Diamond suggested Oliver get Botox injected into his forehead 'It looked insane The answer is simple: if a muscle is paralyzed, it cannot move, and if a muscle cannot move, it cannot wrinkle. Thus, Botox works by freezing the muscles that cause wrinkles, such as the deep groove that often appears on the forehead between the eyes as we age. Botox is used to treat severe glabellar (frown) lines Botox was administered to these 3 areas: the forehead, the glabella, and the crow's feet. Post procedure images were taken 10 days later and demonstrate markedly decreased forehead wrinkling, less eye wrinkles when smiling and frowning, and a softer glabella when frowning. Click a thumbnail above to view detailed image The procedure I had spent months researching was over in less than five minutes, and I left the doctor's office with a red forehead, eager for the results to kick in. botox-before-after-bella.

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4 units of Botox to upper lip to soften vertical lip lines Before After 22 units to Glabella (11's), 10 units to forehead Before After An ounce of prevention! 12 units to glabella (11's). Many younger patients are looking to prevent the development of wrinkles with the help of Botox. Before Frowning Before Relaxed After [ The Botox treatment has become a mainstream cosmetic treatment done by millions of men and women over the years to keep wrinkles at bay. For those that have not tried it yet and are considering the Botox treatment, we created a comprehensive Ultimate Guide to the Botox Treatment to answer all of the Botox questions you may have about the treatment Too much Botox in the forehead means a frozen look. Some patients like this, and some younger patients may even look good this way! But for many in our late thirties and beyond, a frozen forehead is bad. Our eyebrows naturally lower over time as we get older. This, in turn, pushes our upper eyelid skin down towards our eyes Botox/ Dysport / Xeomin to Eyebrow and Forehead - Takes 1-2 Weeks To See Results. It does take about 10 days to see results from Botox. The final results should be visible after two weeks. (Jason Emer, MD, Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon) Absolutely Norma forehead wrinkling or brow furrows; Here are a few before and after photos of baby Botox used to treat the forehead and crow's feet. Recovery after baby Botox is quick. In fact, there.

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Botox can cause the forehead to drop Because the frontalis muscle is a brow elevating muscle, injection of Botox into this muscle may cause some depression or dropping of the brow. In many cases this may be someone exaggerated during the first few weeks after the injection and usually subsides to some degree It's about £300 for the forehead. That's not cheap but personally I wouldn't shop for Botox on price, the result depends on the expertise of the injector. Botox takes time to work, and looks and feels better after a couple of weeks or maybe a month. If you're thinking of Botox for a special occasion plan the best time XEOMIN is --just like Botox- a Neurotoxin that is clinically proven to reduce frown lines. XEOMIN, like Botox and Dysport, is a botulinum toxin type A approved to treat the 11 lines between the brows and frown lines. XEOMIN was approved in 2012 and is just as effective as Botox. Botox and XEOMIN work by the exact same mechanism, but the.


Botox has FDA approval to be used for existing wrinkles on just three facial areas (crows feet, forehead lines, and frown lines between the eyebrows) — and this limited approval took almost 15. After that, you can resume to life as normal! Botox: Before and After. I am super happy with my results because it has smoothed out my forehead and frown lines, but I still have some movement. Botox can last anywhere form 3- 6 months depending on the person. Last time I had it, it lasted about 5 months before it was mostly gone Botox. Botox injections may be used to reduce some of the wrinkles caused by overactive muscles. These injections are particularly useful for crow's feet/smile lines by the eyes, the forehead and the frown lines located between the brow. The Botox injections are made with an extra small needle in our office which most other places do not use

Botox: Before-After. The below photo has been taken at maximum frown before and after treatment with Botox cosmetic at day 7. You can easily see a difference between these two conditions - before and after the Botox to lift eyes. Alternative Solution To Lift Eyelids. In order to lift your eyelids, you can try Eye Secrets. After going through. Botox Before and After Photos. If you are considering getting Botox shots, then you ought to take a look at Botox before and after pictures to get an idea of what the results look like. For example, photos of Botox before and after forehead wrinkles can give you a realistic idea of what kind of results to expect To find a good Botox or Dysport doctor, see Dr. Irwin's list of recommended cosmetic dermatologists. See Dr. Irwin's Guide to Botox for more information on relaxing frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crows feet. Learn more about treatment options for Forehead Issues, including frown lines and forehead lines or wrinkle

Jun 12, 2020 - Move toward a natural look with Botox & Dysport, the most popular wrinkle treatments. TREAT those frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines and get back to the best you! RESULTS: In a temporary resolution or smoothing of wrinkles that usually becomes apparent around 3-10 days later. Maintenance is key. LEARN MORE & BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT with Emily @ Natural Injector in Los. Injecting filler in the brow is more effective than Botox and is an immediate result. I prefer to combine the Botox and filler for the optimum result as one treats the muscles and the other volumizes and lifts the brow. The entire treatment takes about 5 minutes and is painless because the area is numbed with local anesthetic Botox for men makes up almost 10 percent of all cosmetic surgeries, according to 2017 data from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. Men are also increasingly getting LitLifts, a series of. First, it's important to note that jaw Botox is an off-label use, which means that the FDA hasn't approved Botox to be used in this capacity, and there are possible complications you should be.

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Botox® can help in a variety of areas of the face, including the forehead, the cheeks, plus, the area around and under the eyes and more. During the procedure, small quantities of neurotoxin are injected into precise locations, using a very fine needle. There is a minimal amount of discomfort associated with the injections, often compared to a. After having Botox ®, you should wait at least four hours before you use a sunbed. This is because lying down for extended periods immediately after the procedure could cause the Botox ® to move to other muscles in the face, away from the muscles that were injected

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In other words, Baby Botox can help you hold onto your baby face. 3. It can be a subtler way to maintain results. Baby Botox can also be used as an upkeep strategy. I really think of it as small. Helps Manage Adult Acne. In recent years, Botox has emerged as a potential treatment option for stubborn acne. Although there are few studies on the subject (clinical trials are currently underway), Botox is said to help reduce oil production and is most commonly used to treat forehead pimples.However, given the potential side effects of Botox (which we'll cover in-depth below), many.

All Botox Photos, Dysport Photos, Xeomin Photos before and after photographs on this site are actual Rejuvent Medical Spa & Surgery patients unless otherwise noted. They were taken at our Scottsdale facility. These Botox photos are not retouched. Individual results may vary. Schedule Your Botox at Rejuvent Scottsdale. Would you like to find out if Botox, Dysport or Xeomin are right for you After botulinum is injected into the muscle bellies around the brows, forehead or crows feet it causes the muscle to be paralyzed which prevents the overlying skin from forming wrinkles. So grab your mirror scrunch up your forehead and if you see lines there count them. 2 lines will look like the number 11 and 3 will look like 111 Injecting Forehead Lines with Botox requires a skilled injector to achieve symmetry of the eye brow position and to avoid any complications of heavy eyebrows or droopy eyebrows. A patient came to me, she said: Ok, Yan, I heard you are one of the best with forehead Botox injection Will Botox Produce Effective Results on a 55-year-old Woman? February 2021. I am 55 years old. I have never had any cosmetic procedures. Article by SkinMD, LLC. 2. Botox Before And After Before After Photo Cosmetic Treatments Skin Treatments Botox Clinic 55 Year Old Woman Botox Fillers Bombshell Beauty New Cosmetics From botox, facelift to hair transplant, the speculations kept on coming for this American actor. It was mainly caused by fans seeing the changes happening on his face and body over the few years . So has Sylvester Stallone ever had cosmetic surgery? Let's find out! Before & After Photo

Botox and Dysport in Scottsdale AZ. Botox is the #1 cosmetic treatment in the world and a popular choice among men and women wanting to rejuvenate their appearance so they look significantly younger and more energized. Botox and similar neuromodulators such as Dysport are FDA cleared anti-aging treatments, extensively proven to safely and successfully diminish the appearance of wrinkles known. Botox Before and After - Dysport Before and After. Botox & Dysport (or botulinum toxins) are neuromodulators that work by stopping muscle movement exactly where injected. This effect generally lasts three months. Once treated, the full effect can take up to two weeks to be complete. LEARN MORE Why Bruises Happen After Botox Injections. Bruising is a common side-effect after any injectable treatment and is not limited solely to a Botox injection. But because botox forehead injections are in a more visible place, the likelihood of bruising developing on the treatment area is much higher and more noticeable Overall, swelling after botox treatments is normal, especially when it's used for forehead lines. Unless a blood vessel has been punctured by the injection itself (interrupting blood flow and usually caused by the needle straying into the eyebrow), any swelling you experience is completely normal and will subside in two days Injecting the filler in the under-eye area corrected the loss of volume under the eye and gave a fuller look in the overall cheek area. Juvéderm Voluma was also injected in the lips to help plump and fill fine lines. Our patient was also treated with Botox to the forehead to correct the deep lines that have formed as the patient had gotten older

Botox treatments make this easier on the patient, with the added benefit of having visible results. It's a long-term investment. While Botox treatments are far from a permanent solution to forehead lines and other fine wrinkles, it's a long-term solution that can give you reliable and visible results as long as you keep up with your treatments

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