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For shipwrecks before 1770, see also Category:Lists of shipwrecks as these are generally listed by decade, but some years may have a dedicated list. Contents Top 1740 1760 1780 1800 1820 1840 1860 1880 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 202 This is a list of shipwrecks located in or around the United States of America. Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap Download coordinates as: KML Alabama. Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates American Diver: February 1863 An experimental Confederate submarine that sank in Mobile Bay while under tow during a storm.. This list of shipwrecks is of those sunken ships whose remains have been found. Aarhus Historic Shipwreck. Admiral Graf Spee. VOC ship Amsterdam. SS Andrea Doria, 1956. USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor. VOC ship Batavia. Bendigo, North Carolina, United States. Bismarck battleship List of shipwrecks: 14 January 2020 Ship Country Description Pappy's Pride United States The fishing vessel capsized in a collision in fog with the tanker Bow Fortune ( Norway) in the Gulf of Mexico off Galveston, Texas.Two rescued by another vessel and the United States Coast Guard, but one of them died, two remain missing List of shipwrecks: 2 January 2020 Ship Country Description Yong Yu Sing No. 18 Taiwan The fishing boat — which had lost contact with Taiwanese authorities on 30 December 2020 — was spotted floating near Midway Island.Upon further inspection by the United States Coast Guard, a lifeboat was missing, as were all ten crew. The ship was also damaged in what looked to be a collision

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Search for Shipwrecks Multibeam data collected on an underwater wreck found in the Gulf of Mexico. Coast Survey's Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS) contains information on over 10,000 submerged wrecks and obstructions in the coastal waters of the United States 67.33986 : -193.35937. 1000 km. 1000 m 1. The fleet of Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan's lost fleet is one of the most famous shipwrecks of old times. Two Mongolian invasion fleet attempting to attack Japan was wrecked in storms 1274 and 1281, killing tens of thousands of troops This is a list of shipwrecks located in or off the coast of Canada This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources Can generate inexisting chunks No Shipwrecks are, as their name suggests, generated structures resembling sailing ships that are found in most of the Overworld's aquatic landscapes. 1 Generation 2 Structure 3 Loot 3.1 Supply chests 3.2 Treasure chests 3.3 Map chests 4 Achievements 5 History 6 Issues 7 Gallery 7.1 Odd generation 8 References Shipwrecks rarely generate naturally in all oceanic.

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  1. 5 Famous Shipwrecks Still Waiting to be Discovered. From Christopher Columbus' flagship to one of the most legendary commerce raiders of the American Revolution, learn the stories behind five.
  2. utes. The ship was regarded as a legitimate target by the Germans.
  3. List of shipwrecks: 4 January 1833 Ship Country Description Britannia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland The ship was wrecked at Mazara del Vallo, Sicily with the loss of two of her crew.She was on a voyage from Cephalonia, Greece to Palermo, Sicily.: Cotton Plant United States The steamboat was destroyed by fire at New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. List of shipwrecks: 14 March 1886 Ship Country Description Charles H. Morse United States The schooner disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean near New York City. She probably was the schooner the passenger liner Oregon ( United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) - en route from Liverpool, England, to New York - collided with at 04:30 just 15 nautical miles (28 km) from New York
  5. List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1778 Ship Country Description Fame Kingdom of Great Britain The ship was wrecked on Sable Island, Nova Scotia, British America. Jenny Kingdom of Great Britain The ship was driven ashore and wrecked on Staten Island, New York, United States
  6. TheShipsList website, online since August 1999, will help you find your ancestors on ships' passenger lists.We also have immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists and more; as well as hundreds of passenger lists to Canada, USA, Australia and even some for South Africa
  7. Here we take a look at 10 of history's most famous shipwrecks: 10. MS World Discoverer. The MS World Discoverer was a Danish cruise ship created in 1974. While carrying passengers on a cruise in 2000 it struck a rock at the Solomon Islands, resulting in the ship subsiding. A distress signal was quickly dispatched and all crew and passengers.

List of shipwrecks: 11 July 1906. Ship. Country. Description. Angola. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Elder Dempster 1,811 grt steamship was on a voyage from Vera Cruz to Montreal when she ran aground and was wrecked when 6 nautical miles (11 km) East of Louisburg, Nova Scotia The list of shipwrecks in 1943 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1943. 1 January 2 February 3 March 4 April 5 May 6 June 7 July 8 August 9 September 10 October 11 November 12 December 13 Unknown date 14 See also 15 References America Maru (Japan: World War II.. List of shipwrecks: 4 March 1867 Ship Country Description Atalanta United Kingdom The barque sprang a leak and was run ashore at Muckross, County Donegal.She was on a voyage from Ardrossan, Ayrshire to Havana, Cuba.: Bee United Kingdom The schooner was wrecked on the Isle of May, Fife.Her crew were rescued. She was on a voyage from the Faroe Islands to Leith, Lothian List of shipwrecks: 6 January 1934 Ship Country Description Torlak Norway The cargo ship sprang a leak and was abandoned in the Norwegian Sea (64°50′N 8°10′E  /  64.833°N 8.167°E  / All crew were rescued by Queen's Cross ( United Kingdom) which was towing the ship to Rosyth, Argyllshire, United Kingdom for scrapping. Torlak was towed into Bodø, Nordland by Hadsel ( Norway.

Posts Tagged 'Spence's List of shipwrecks' Home Tag: Spence's List of shipwrecks . Shipwrecks of May 24. Posted by: Dr. E. Lee Spence. The British East-Indiaman Hartwell was carrying 209,280 troy ounces of silver when she was lost on a May 24. Lots of other ships were lost on other May 24ths. They range from an 18th century British ship on. Map. General map of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, showing rebel defences and obstructions. Scale 1:30,000. Depths shown by gradient tints. Shows location of sunken ships. LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.) 370 LC Treasure maps (2nd ed.) 133 Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as a raster image. Includes table of rebel forts

List of shipwrecks: 2 February 1883 Ship Country Description Kenmure Castle United Kingdom The steamer foundered minutes after all eight passengers and eight of the crew escaped in one of the ships boat, during a gale in the Bay of Biscay.The ten British crew and the rest of the unnamed Chinese crew were lost while the 1,951 ironclad steamer was bound from London for Shanghai List of shipwrecks: 6 January 1892 Ship Country Description USRC Gallatin: United States Revenue Cutter Service: Also known as USRC Albert Gallatin, the revenue cutter was wrecked on Boo Hoo Ledge in the Atlantic Ocean off Manchester, Maine, United States.Her wreck is located at 42°33′50″N 70°44′52″W  /  42.56389°N 70.74778°W  Historic Shipwrecks In The Gulf Of Mexico. Part of the mission of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is to ensure that significant archaeological sites are not adversely affected by oil and gas exploration and development. This responsibility often includes the protection of historic shipwrecks. Historical research indicates that over.

Shipwrecks.com is the longest-running website on the Internet devoted to shipwrecks. Shipwrecks.com is an information-packed hub to research wrecks of all time periods and locations, as well as a way to keep track of expeditions, job opportunities, and to learn about new books, wreck research & dive techniques, etc. We are updating our site and adding new features, so some older features are. The Deepest Shipwreck Dives Today. Table 2 shows the 20 deepest technical shipwreck dives as of 2018, again identifying the first tech teams to dive on the wrecks. Note that only the five deepest shipwreck dives from the 1990s made it on the new list Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Shipwreck Trail Sites. Click on a marker on the map to access additional information about the wrecks located along the sanctuary's Shipwreck Trail

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Within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary lies a trail of historic shipwrecks, scattered along the coral reefs and buried in the sandy shallows a few miles off shore. The nine ships along this Shipwreck Trail have many tales to tell, from the stories of individuals who came before us to why they were here and their difficulties in navigating these waters Lloyd's List. One of the best sources of information on shipwrecks, not least because of the span of its coverage, is Lloyd's List. From 1741 this shipping newspaper gave a daily record of information on shipping casualties received in London. As Lloyd's intelligence network grew, its information became increasingly accurate and comprehensive Bikini Atoll Wrecks — The Dirty Dozen Expeditions. 95 vessels were caught in the crossfire of the Able and Baker bombs dropped on Bikini Atoll. Now, from the misery and destruction wrought by the nuclear tests, Bikini's nuclear ghost fleet has risen as the world's preeminent wreck diving destination. The Dirty Dozen team has carefully. Visible Shipwreck Collection V 1.2.km

France: A printed list of shipwrecks off the French coasts can be ordered from Patrick Lizé. He can be contacted at patricklize@hotmail.com; North & South America: Web Dive Log, wrecks in Canada; Northern Shipwreck Database, Northern Maritime Research, Canada. The Northern Shipwrecks Database project is a searchable CD database of more than. An estimate shows that more than three million shipwrecks lie on the ocean floor. The figure dates back to when humans began traversing the ocean and lakes. The oldest wrecks include 10,000-year-old canoes while the newest are 21 st century shipwrecks. A small fraction of the ships are known, and an even smaller portion have been explored Database of shipwrecks in the North Atlantic from 1841 - 1978. Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia. Sinking of the SS Golden Gate. Sinking of the SS Golden Gate in 1862 off Manzanilla, Mexico on its way to Panama from San Francisco. Includes a list of the 338 passengers on board, including lists of survivors and the 180 who died in the fire and sinking

Explore each shipwreck to learn more about World War II off the North Carolina Coast. Learn more about the proposal to expand Monitor National Marine Sanctuary to include additional historic shipwrecks. Download a free curriculum guide, Battle of the Atlantic: Discovering and Exploring When the War Came Home, for students in grades 6-12 This rusty shipwreck sits on the Skeleton Coast, just north of Luderitz in Namibia. The 976-mile-long (1,570 kilometers) Skeleton Coast is littered with shipwrecks, according to the HuffPost 1,000 miles. Biggest losses of life. 1. 1563 Five ships and 1,250 lives lost off Bermuda. 2. 1715 11 ships and more than 1,000 lives lost off Cape Canaveral and Fort Pierce. 3. 1733 15 ships and. The Treasure Chests found in Shipwrecks spawn Shipwrecked versions, which are worth the same amount, but count towards the Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Commendation. Known Shipwreck names [] The Flock of Seagulls circling a Shipwreck. Shipwrecks spawn at random locations, but their names are taken from a list. These are the currently-known.

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The final vessel in this list of Great Lakes Shipwrecks is the wooden steam barge John M. Osborn, which was wrecked in the Whitefish Point in 1884. Built by the Morley and Hill Company of Michigan, she was operated by the Cleveland Iron Mining Company Technical Shipwreck Diving Sites; Expedition Shipwreck diving Sites; Blog. Recreational Shipwreck Diving Blog; Technical Shipwreck Diving Blog; Expedition Shipwreck diving Blog; Shipwreck Discoveries; Great Lakes Updates; Scuba Gear; Shipwreck History. WMHS Newsletter; In The News. Book; Great Lakes; Radio Show News; TV News; Newspaper Articles.

My Top Ten Shipwreck Songs. Until someone lays down a record about The Poseidon Adventure, these are my favourite shipwreck songs... 10. IAMX - The Great Shipwreck of Life. Ex-Sneaker Pimp Chris Corner has made some interesting records under his new IAMX identity. This is one of the strongest. on chromonial closets, middle England Hunting New England Shipwrecks. Shipwrecks of Maine. The state of Maine has some 3,500 miles of undulating coastline and over 2,000 coastal islands. With all that water and coastline, it's no wonder that Maine has an abundance of shipwrecks. To view a map of Maine, click on the thumbnail image at right The majority of Oregon shipwrecks have occurred on or near the Columbia River bar, where the ebb tides of the Columbia run into the flood tides of the Pacific. Strong currents, a shallow channel, and powerful winds—which can capsize poorly loaded ships and create foggy conditions—have made the bar one of the most deadly in the world A list of the deadliest ocean shipwrecks in history. The RMS Titanic, one of the world's most infamous and tragic shipwrecks, sank in 1912

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The USS LST-480 was a World War II Navy ship, moored in West Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The ship, along with five others, was sunk in the West Loch Disaster on 21 May 1944 when a mortar round accidentally exploded causing a huge fire. The disaster claimed the lives of 163 men maintains a large database of shipwrecks, dumpsites, navigational obstructions, underwater archaeological sites, and other underwater cultural resources. • This internal database, Resources and Undersea Threats (RUST), includes approximately 20,000 shipwrecks in U.S. water

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August is the month with the most shipwrecks in Alaska maritime history. Ship fires, groundings (mostly from falling asleep at the helm), and capsizing (mostly hauling fish aboard) are three common causes. August is also the month with the most shipwreck survivors compared to the number of shipwrecks Most of the shipwrecks that we list are in 50 feet or more, except for the galleons that we list out of historical interest. Unlike many other parts of the world many of the shipwrecks around Florida are not naturally occurring, but have been sunk intentionally to form artificial reefs for marine habitats

Huge cluster of shipwrecks in small Maryland bay gives rise to a wildlife mecca. Kayakers who take to the Potomac River as the weather gets warmer could find themselves immersed in floating. Shipwreck List as of 23/07/2021 - 777 shipwrecks in total Name Location SS VICKY: Bass Strait, Off Wilsons Promontory ABSTAINER: Lakes Entrance, near the ba LIST OF SHIPWRECKS LOCATED ALONG THE COAST OF THE OVERBERG DISTRICT MUNICIPAL AREA SHIP AREA VESSEL-CATEGORY (TYPE) NATION DATE-WRECK Underley Between Agulhas and Quoin Point 12\24\1860 Andre Hugo 11km south of Agulhas Fishing vessel South African 10\16\1994 Pisa Bot River Mouth Wooden Sailing Vessel (Barque) Italian 08\18\1879. From 1839-1927 the Index to Lloyd's List provides a reference to the entry in the list by name of vessel. Other published material on shipwrecks held at the Maritime History Archive includes Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam, 1824-1962 Charles Hocking

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List of shipwrecks. This list of shipwrecks is of those sunken ships whose remains have been located. Note: The above text is excerpted from the Wikipedia article List of shipwrecks,. An Historical Examination of Acts 27 and 28. Following his last great missionary journey, the Apostle Paul returns to Jerusalem. There he is arrested and sent to the Roman provincial capital of Caesarea, where he is tried and eventually transported as a prisoner to Rome, to appear before the emperor's court Lake Erie hides secrets of 2,000 shipwrecks. The Great Lakes hold the secrets of about 8,000 shipwrecks. Lake Erie covers 2,000 of them, among the highest concentration of wrecks in the world. Only about 375 of Lake Erie's wrecks have been found. They are schooners, freighters, steamships, tugs and fishing boats, and thanks to the cold, fresh. A list of non-fiction books about shipwrecks. Score A book's total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book

Here are 10 of the most notable shipwrecks on this deceptively dangerous island of sand: 1583: HMS Delight. HMS Delight is the first recorded shipwreck off Sable Island. It was sailing in company. Living Shipwreck, The * Bonus - Deep Challenge Disc 3: Mystery On The Caicos Banks Graveyard Of Ships Haunted Lake, The Lost In Time * Bonus - Save A Whale Disc 4: Ghost Fleet Lost Warrior, The Of Shipwecks And Sharks Predators And Prey * Bonus - Sanctuary Disc 5: Windjammer Down Death Of The Emperor Emerald Sea, The Shipwrecks Of The Great Lake List of selected publications on shipwrecks and shipwreck related topics in NOAALINC Krieger, Michael J. 2002. All the men in the sea : the untold story of one of the greatest rescues in history. VK1329.C35 K75 2002 Holecek, Donald F. Attitudes of a scuba diving population concerning government regulation of underwater resources Features a comprehensive shipwreck database and list of the greatest maritime disasters. Partly fee-based, but searching for one specific vessel is free

Today, we are going to list down the 10 most valuable shipwreck treasures recovered that fetched millions of dollars to the treasure seekers. 10. Belitung Shipwreck - $90 million. Belitung Shipwreck is also known as Tang shipwreck or Batu Hitam shipwreck that occurred around 830 AD Chronological list which details the circumstances of the loss. Huntress, K, Checklist of Narratives of Shipwrecks & Disasters at Sea to 1860 (Iowa State University Press, 1979). A guide to contemporary accounts of losses. Grocott, T, Shipwrecks of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Eras (London, Chatham Publishing, 1997) Known as the Milkmaid in English, the Melckmeyt is the oldest known shipwreck in Iceland, found just off the coast of the tiny island, Flatey. It sunk as part of a smuggler's run gone awry. It. Under federal law, shipwrecks within three miles of a state's coast belong to the state if they have been abandoned by their original owners. Virginia gave Sea Hunt a license to salvage two shipwrecks found in its waters, believed to be the La Galga and the Juno. After Spain argued that it still owned the ships, a federal judge ruled that Spain. On The Rocks: Shipwreck Database. The web's richest source of information about Nova Scotia shipwrecks is available through the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's online shipwreck database: On the Rocks.. 5000 shipwreck records from the Nova Scotia Museum's Marine History Database along with 250 rare and powerful images await you

A map of shipwrecks featured on Shipwreckology. This map was created by a user. Learn how to create your own Today still, the art of treasure hunting survives, and few treasures are more appealing than shipwrecks. Probably the largest treasure among them is La Flor de la Mar — The Flower of the Sea — a Portuguese frigate that set sail from Malacca, Malaysia, in 1511 carrying the largest treasure ever assembled in Portugal's naval history. The ship was caught in a violent storm in the Strait of. The Register Book for 1764-66 is now available to view in PDF format. Vessels can be found in alphabetical order of ship name. This is the first time that pages from this original edition of the Register of Ships 1764 has been made available online. The only surviving volume is on permanent loan to the British Library

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District of Kennebunk: A List of Vessels Built, from 1800-1873. Shipbuilding in the Port of Bristol. Containing a List of the Vessels Known to have been Built in the Port of Bristol, with an Introduction, Notes on the Builders, Appendices, Tables and a Map. Shipbuilding in North Devon Last week was a good week for shipwreck aficionados. According to a small group of smart, overachieving explorers from the Arctic Research Foundation, a 19th century shipwreck has been found. Map created by Rean Monfils. The map above shows many (but not all of) of the ships sunk during World War 2. The map was created by Rean Monfils and combines the Geographic Information System (GIS) database of Asian Pacific shipwrecks with the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean (AMIO) WWII shipwreck database

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ship wrecks off the irish coast irish shipwrecks irishwrecks online database historical record of shipping disasters off the irish coas Yorkshire Coast Shipwreck Map One of the finest maritime books written is 'Shipwrecks of the Yorkshire Coast' by Arthur Geodfrey & Peter Lassey (published in 1974 by Dalesman Books). They spent many years researching details about the wrecks along the Yorkshire Coast, and this was pre-internet, so they had to write to Lloyds of London Insurance. This is a list of the most disastrous catastrophes involving ships. This list is ranked from least to most deaths. 10. Mary Rose. Death Toll: 400. The Mary Rose was an English Tudor carrack warship and one of the first to be able to fire a full broadside of cannons. She was one of the earliest purpose-built warships to serve in the Royal Navy.

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I am not very literate in poetry unfortunately (never developed a taste for it beyond music). However, there is one song/poem about a shipwreck that stands out in my mind The Balad of the Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers. She went down last Oct.. Newspapers - One of the original newspapers to regularly provided reports of shipwrecks was Lloyd's List. Some libraries and archives may have a rare set of the 1969 Gregg Publishing reprints of Lloyd's List in 43 bound volumes including surviving issues from 1741 to 1826. As well, regional newspapers, an excellent source of shipwreck. His list also contains turpentine, sassafras and oil from walnuts and acorns. He mentions furs, iron, copper, pearls and a variety of edible roots, fruits, beasts, fowl, and fish.I have the names of twenty-eight different kinds of beasts which I have been told are found in various parts of the country, wrote Hariot