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  1. Kwila Decking 19mm thick should be installed at maximum 450mm joist centres. For 32mm thick decking this can be increased up to 600mm joist centres. Given that Radiata pine joists are softwood and Kwila is a strong hardwood, the joists should be clean and sound and the screws should penetrate at least 40mm into the joists to achieve good holding
  2. Kwila Hardwood Decking. Kwila (Instsia spp) is a South East Asian tropical hardwood used for extensively for decking in NZ. Attractive gold to reddy-brown coloured timber which will age to driftwood grey if left to weather. Kwila is hard wearing, easy to work with and has good strength, durability and excellent stability
  3. Merbau Decking, Hardwood Decking (Kwila Decking) Merbau decking has an extremely low Tangential Shrinkage Factor compared to other species, 2.5% compared with Jarrah at 7.5%, Spotted Gum 6% and Kapur 6%. This allows the decking boards to be laid relatively close together 2.5- 3.0 mm on a 90 mm board compared with Jarrah which is recommended at 5mm

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Merbau Decking (Kwila Decking) Merbau (also known as kwila) timber is a hardwood and popular material durable decking material in Australia and Brisbane. Merbau Timber. Merbau trees grown in North Queensland and many areas in south-east Asia, the Pacific Island and Papua New Guinea. Kwila or merbau trees can grow to forty metres in height. Kwila is the most well-known hardwood decking timber in use in New Zealand. It is a pale brown to dark reddish-brown coloured hardwood that comes in a nice length spread and is quite stable. Its only downside it water-soluble tannins that leech from the timber with exposure to water, a process called bleeding. This resin will stain, so be. Kwila is an extremely durable, long lasting, tannin rich hardwood. Perfect for all your decking, screening and fencing needs, Kwila is a popular choice that looks great and lasts - provided it is properly maintained Kwila has quite considerable reserves of extractive and readily stains all adjacent materials. It can only be removed with chemical stain removal products, such as Timber Wash www.homesafeproducts.co.nz. The amount of run off will depend on the specie, how dry it is before the decking is laid and how long exposed the deck is to the weather sanding followed by an application of Kwila oil will bring it back close to its original colour. If the natural silver/grey colour is preferred let the furniture weather naturally. The furniture should be oiled at least twice a year. We recommended Wattyl Deck and Furniture Oil; choose your own colour (Natural Kwila)

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We stock a range of Australian Hardwood species for decking including Spotted Gum, Iron Bark and Blackbutt. Australian Hardwoods make beautiful and unique decking timbers with strength and durability to match the Kwila and Pacific Jarrah. Our Australian Hardwood decking is sold in either 86x19, 90x19, 140x25, 135x19 dressed on four sides A JSC Timber solid hardwood deck made from renewable natural resources is not only an architectural link between the landscape and the built environment; it adds value to your home and uses one of the world's truly renewable resources. Kwila heartwood is yellow-brown to dark red-brown in colour Hardwood decking is sourced from responsibly managed forests around the world. The decking comes in a number of species and colours that can be maintained to retain their colours or left to weather and silver-off naturally. View the different types of hardwood decking below; Garapa Decking, Vitex Decking, Kwila Decking and Purple Heart Decking Kwila decking has a golden/brown colour and can vary greatly from board to board. Most Kwila has small yellow mineral deposits, making it even more distinctive. The grain is interlocked with straight elements. The colour deepens as Kwila ages. It is non-siliceous, sometimes lustrous. Timber 'bleeds' when wet producing a dark brown stain

Common Name (s): Merbau, Kwila, Ipil. Scientific Name: Intsia spp. (I. bijuga, I. palembanica) Distribution: From East Africa to Southeast Asia and Australia; (primarily New Guinea) Tree Size: 130-200 ft (40-60 m) tall, 4-5 ft (1.2-1.5 m) trunk diameter. Average Dried Weight: 51 lbs/ft 3 (815 kg/m 3 Our decking hardwoods range in colour from pale cream (Vitex and Yellow Cedar), honey-brown to medium brown (Garapa and Tonka) through to dark red-brown (Massa, Jarrah and Kwila). All hardwood decking timber will weather to a silver grey if left to do so. The timber of some decking woods, like Kwila, will leach a dark coloured stain when wet Kwila is a high quality, strong and durable hardwood. It has become popular in New Zealand and Australia, where it is in high demand for decking, outdoor furniture and high quality interior finishing's. Kwila is suitable for superior joinery including staircase materials, handrails and posts

Hermpac's decking range is extensive and covers ideal solutions for commercial or residential applications. Whether treading the boards of durable Greenheart or Purpleheart, or admiring the silvered colour of a stable Vitex deck around the residential home, be they a slick narrow profile, watershed, or random width, we've got decking. Hardwood Decking. For outdoor living at it's best, you can't beat hardwood decking. We supply a range of timber species Kwila, Garapa, Purpleheart selected for their ability to withstand the NZ climate while retaining their natural good looks. Eventually all timbers will silver to grey with the high UV conditions in NZ Hardwood Decking. ITI Timspec offers a range of Hardwood decking species. Suggestions and guidelines to make the right choice are: lengths available, moisture content, durability, profile, bleeding, splintering, hardness, width of the board and cost. Click on the species shown for each profile to read about the advantages of each species

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The quality of our pacific kwila decking and flooring provides a surface that is secure from all but the most severe impacts and scratches. This ensures a wood floor or deck that will provide many years of beautiful service. Take a Tour!. Kwila is a high quality, strong and durable hardwood. It has become popular in New Zealand and Australia, where it is in high demand for decking, outdoor furniture and high quality interior finishing's. Kwila is suitable for superior joinery including staircase materials, handrails and posts The Australian Department of Primary Industries gives Kwila a Rating One which is the highest standard of suitability for timber outdoor furniture. For many years Kwila has been used for boat building, flooring, decking, marine jetties, mine timber and staircases

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  1. 20 years of experience in making Kwila outdoor furniture. Each piece that is made by us is hand crafted and is made with pride and love for the product. we design timber furniture with integrity, simplicity and strength, using new and sustainably managed timbers. Free Quotation
  2. Forums › Home Workshop DIY › Best Decking Oil For Kwila Deck. Paul1977. 4116 posts Uber Geek # 242793 14-Nov-2018 13:48. It's that time again when my Kwila deck needs oiling. I have previously only used true oil-based decking oil on it, but the brand I normally get seems to have switched to only water-based products for their decking oil
  3. Tradeware Building Supplies stock a large range of timber species in decking including Merbau Decking, Kwila Decking, Pacific Jarrah Decking, Spotted Gum Decking, Blackbutt Decking, Ironbark and Treated Pine Decking. We also have a great range of composite decking such as Modwood and Trex just to name a few for your decks and patios

Tutorial on How to Straighten Bent or Bowed Decking Boards, Hardwood Decking, Crooked decking, Kwila Merbau / Kwila ~ Decking, Interior Flooring, Furniture, Joinery. Buildpro imports Merbau, or Kwila (Intsia bijuga, Intsia palembanica) as it is commonly referred to in New Zealand, for various applications in the domestic New Zealand market

Yeah, I just did our Kwila deck last weekend and used Cabot's Natural Decking Oil, Kwila colour. Last yr I stripped a Kwila deck as the previous stains were not “cutting the mustard†all water based stain,I installed a boiled linseed & turps mixture,worked a treat,cheap as chips,it is the linseed that nourishs the timber & the turps. Merbau / Kwila Timber is Very Durable. Kwila or Merbau is known for its durability. The durability is attributable to its natural oils, which allows it to endure harsh temperatures and climates, saltwater and other extreme conditions. This means that it can withstand outdoor use as well making it a perfect product for your outdoor timber decking Merbau/Kwila Decking Photos courtesy of Garden Envi One of the most commonly used decking timbers, Merbau/Kwila (find out what the difference is between Merbau and Kwila on our FAQ page!) is a tough, durable and beautiful timber that's perfect for decking Decking Wood QLD supplies a wide range of Building Material, specialized in Decking, Hardwood, Plywood and Engineered LVL's. Our product range is available throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast region, however, we can distribute timber anywhere in Queensland by or transport network

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  1. Special Order. Good Times 8008x2288mm Ekodeck DS Leatherwood - 14 Module Decking Kit. (0) $6746. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Special Order. Good Times 5720x3432mm Ekodeck DS Alpine Ash - 15 Module Decking Kit
  2. Also known as Kwila, Ipil or Vesi, Merbau comes from south-east Asia region through to Fiji. After cutting, the timber turns to a dark reddish brown colur, and being quite a durable timber, it is very commonly used as a decking timber. It can also be used for flooring, stairs, handrails and other joinery applications. Merbau projects
  3. Kwila is an extremely durable, long lasting, tannin rich hardwood. Perfect for all your decking, screening and fencing needs, Kwila is a popular choice that looks great and lasts - provided it is properly maintained. Consistent yellow-brown colourAvailable in a range of lengthsEasy to work with.

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Merbau Decking, What you need to know. Due to its extreme durability, Merbau is commonly used for decking, flooring, staircases, boat building, and making outdoor furniture. Also known as Kwila, Pacific Kwila, Ipil, and Vesi, Merbau i.. The ShadowDeck Kwila Dome nail-free decking is a New Zealand's only BRANZ appraised hidden deck fastener solution system designed and trademarked by ShadowDeck to allow for an unbeatabable nail-less deck The standard timbers we have readily available for decking are Balau, Kwila, Garapa, Siberian Larch, Macrocarpa and Radiata - although others can be machined. PURPLE HEART DECKING. Native to Central and South America. Purple Heart is known for its heartwood. This decking timber is durable and hard wearing Merbau timber also known 'Kwila' is a hardwood, native to the Indo-Pacific region. It offers superior durability and is termite and rot-resistant. It is highly versatile due to its stability when sufficiently dried and is commonly used in cabinetry, joinery, construction, marine, and outdoor applications. Orange to reddish-brown in colour.

Cabot's shows you how to oil a timber deck. Cabot's Aquadeck decking oil gives long-lasting protection to decks and exterior timber Kwila is still the most popular decking material by far because it looks good, it performs well and at $85 per square-metre, it's not overly priced Unoiled Kwila furniture, might experience minor splitting over time, but this adds rather than detracts from its beauty. If you decide to oil your furniture regularly to maintain its original colour, then use a light decking oil. An oil with a UV stabiliser and an anti-fungal additive is recommended

Kwila is often considered a benchmark in decking. Tough and durable hardwood. Griptread. Low shrinkage. Less splitting or cracking due to tannins. FSC. Our Timber Cutting Service is available in-store only. Timber sold by lineal metre may require cutting. We can also trim pre-cut timber products to suit your specifications Kwila Decking. Kwila, or Merbau, is a hardwood decking that is naturally tough and durable. Aside from its strength of character, Kwila is very popular in New Zealand because it's got a natural red colour that enhances any backyard. Some other benefits of Kwila decking include Leaching, sometimes known as tannin bleed, is when your timber cladding or timber decking bleeds or leaks onto the surrounding surfaces. Tannins are natural extractives present in certain timbers, and this leaching can cause unsightly stains on surrounding materials, most notably light coloured ones

Vitex & Kwila Pencilround Decking & Exterior Hardwood NOTE: Grip-tread profiles are not available in Vitex! 0 MM 20 Scale (1:1) and dimensions (in mm) are approximate. 100 180 x 20 3.2 3.2 3.2Also available in outdoor-treated NZ Radiata (H3.2) 3.2 3.2 3.2 90 x 3 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PINE AND KWILA DECKING? The decks could be of any shape, size or material, but the two most common types of the deck are softwood and hardwood. Pinewood (softwood): A highly reliable and easily available decking wood option, pine offers the decks more longevity. This pinewood is the most commonly used decking. Merbau/Kwila. Merbau, also known as Kwila, is a common hardwood timber used for decking, screening and external joinery, which is sourced from Northern Queensland and South East Asia. It is reddish brown in colour and offers class 1 durability in above ground applications for outdoor use. Merbau/Kwila timber's durability is in part a result.

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Kwila is a popular choice of decking material in New Zealand. It's a high quality, medium-priced tropical hardwood hailing from sustainable and renewable sources in South East Asia. It's favoured in New Zealand due to its ease of installation, excellent long-term lifespan and low maintenance requirements Resene Kwila Timber Stain timber stain - exterior - solventborne. Resene Kwila Timber Stain is designed for direct application to new and weathered timber decks and furniture to enhance and restore the timber colour and provide protection against water, fungi, and U.V. light

Kwila is one of the most popular hardwoods for decking use, but its popularity has led to the decimation of many ancient rainforests in Indonesia. While some kwila is certified as sustainable, there is still a lot of debate around the ethics of using this wood Tip.1 Merbau timber decking is quite a dark hardwood timber, so if your deck is new and receiving its first treatment we recommend starting your journey with a Natural Pigment decking oil to a Light Oak. If you make the mistake of running with a dark pigment from the start you will not be able to go lighter. Whereas if you start light you can always go darker Kwila is an attractive wood that stands up well to climate extremes, so it has been sought after for decking and outdoor furniture. It is now over a decade since Greenpeace exposed the vast scale. Kwila When your new and expensive Kwila decking first goes down it will look amazing. That is due to the colour and grain of the finished timber. That colour is due to the very high levels of tannin in Kwila, but it will bleed out a great deal of that colour as soon as it is rained on Better Products • Better Selection • It's all there at Timberman. Call us 0800 TIMBA 4 U (0800 846 2248) Kwila 140x19 Grip Tread Premium. Read More. Kwila 90×19 Grip Tread Premium. Read More. Vitex 140×19 Smooth Premium

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Used for decking, boardwalks and landscaping. bbi Vitex is a hardwood timber that has a golden-to-creamy grey appearance. With its durability, bbi Vitex makes an excellent timber for use outdoors including decking, boardwalks and landscaping. We also offer Kwila and Garapa decking product. For best results, it is recommended that Vitex decking. Kwila Deck Maintenance. About six weeks after we've finished building your kwila deck we highly recommend you stain it. There are different shades of stains to choose from, We use Cabots natural stain we found this brings the kwila back to the original colour, If your kwila deck was a silver colour you would need a darker stain Deck Oil. $ 45.50 - $ 488.50. Natural House Deck Oil contains plant oils, wood rosins, and extracts, impregnated with refined waxes and earth oxides. The oil also contains pine oil and eucalyptus oil to give it natural fungicidal properties. A transparent exterior timber finish formulated for softwoods and hardwoods such as kwila eucalyptus. Pacific Kwila, also known as Merbau, is a resinous tropical hardwood principally forested in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific, but also found in Papua New Guineau and Northern Australia. It is regarded as one of the most durable timbers in the world and has been used for many generations in boat building. Kwila is one of the most elegant and modern designs in vinyl decking. The long, beautiful slats of rich, red wood makes this design a clear choice for marine applications, but the pattern looks beautiful in endless applications and compliments any décor

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It's possible - I have read that merbau/kwila will eventually weather to a light silver colour but, as there is so much oil in the timber, it can take a long time to do that. However I also know that the oiliness of merbau/kwila means you can't paint it, and so that same property might prevent Cetol or a similar product from penetrating Merbau, Kwila, Kapur, Belian, Balau and Kempas - as well as some Australian Eucalypt timbers such as Spotted Gum and Blackbutt to name a few, have a high tannin content. This becomes a problem when the timber is exposed to moisture. Decking timbers will face the harshest conditions of any external timbe Merbau Timber is known as Intsia bijuga, Kwila and Ipil and unlikely to fire & pest resistant. So, it is great to use in the fire hazard location in Australia. Therefore, Timer Decking is becoming the preferred decking timbers in Australia over the traditional spotted gum and Iron Bark decking timbers

Decking Timber Decking is an attractive, economical and durable material used as a feature to outdoor living and entertaining areas of Australian homes and businesses. Australian Hardwood Decking is very aesthetically pleasing and is becoming more and more popular for patios, pool/spa areas and to maximise living space A beautiful hardwood timber species deriving from a few locations around the world, merbau comes from the Kwila tree. The species is found in tropical climates in locations such as Queensland, Australia and Indo Pacific islands like Fiji, and Samoa, as well as Tanzania, India, and Madagascar Kwila timber is a wonderful hardwood, that withstands our very harsh Australian climate, which is why we choose to sell furniture made from this fabulous timber. Due to its durability, stability and natural resistance to splitting, all furniture made from Kwila can remain permanently outdoors in all climates

Kwila Griptread Decking FSC 100 x 25mm (90 x 19mm) SKU: 1930650. Select branch to see stock. $8.99. inc.GST. LM. Kwila Griptread Decking Finger Jointed FSC 150 x 25mm (140 x 19mm) SKU: 1930653. Select branch to see stock Kwila also bleeds a lot of red sap and shouldn't be used around wet areas like pools or over concrete which will stain. Vitex has a clear sticky sap that you need to let leach out before coating, but won't stain. If your deck is large, kwila is available in longer lengths Ive got my deck. Kwila un weathered and then i have the challenge of decking oils.. confused about which direction REALLY love the colour of the kwila when its new and sanded, that light colour. but dont want yellow.. Can get access to Intergrain Ultradeck / FW Cutec cd 50 extreme Spa N Deck ( on special order only ) So what do i want to. Decking. In order to keep a hardwood timber deck looking its best, it must be kept clean & well maintained. It is a good idea to inspect a hardwood timber deck at least annually to ensure that it is in good condition. The deck must be regularly maintained as it may become discoloured or affected by moisture & weather

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Kwila, also known as Merbau Decking, is a popular tropical hardwood decking used in New Zealand and Australia. Kwila / Merbau is naturally a reddish brown colour and is known to be affected by tannin bleed - a kind of leaching of colour as the wood ages. This leaching can continue for a long period. Typically Kwila will hold its colour for. Merbau also known as (Kwila) is a rainforest hardwood from Indonesia, that is generally dark brown to dark reddish brown in appearance. It is ideally suited to be used as a decking product or as a privacy screen or as outdoor furniture. One of the advantages is the abundance of natural oils in the wood, this helps ensure the timber is stable and durable and should be complemented with oils.

Over time, even cedar and redwood can rot unless well maintained. Hardwood floors have a natural warmth and feel, and some types of woods (mainly softwoods) can be an inexpensive decking material. Some types, include ipé, can be expensive, though, and wood must be maintained and well cared for to prevent splitting, cracking, and discoloration residential decking in New Zealand has exploded over the past few years. Vitex ages to an attractive silver colour and has Class 2 durability (25 years plus, above ground). Further benefits include its minimal bleeding of tannins (less staining of concrete and other hard surfaces) when compared to other hardwoods such as Kwila Capped composite decking has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to reflect the natural beauty of hardwood's various colours and wood grains. NexGEN Decking offers high-quality, eco-friendly, maintenance-free decking and cladding products, as well as a variety of accessories to suit any project Decking and deck framing above ground shall be either cypress, preservative treated pine or Above Ground Durability Class 1 hardwood. Hardwood decking boards and deck framing containing sapwood must be preservative treated. Preservative treatment for posts in the ground and framing on the ground, shall be to hazard level H5 Merbau / Kwila Decking. If you are looking for Wholesale Merbau Timber Decking then you have come to the right place. Our staff will endeavour to help you not only on price but on service and ensuring that you know all the information you need before making your final decking selection

Decking and Flooring. We supply a wide range of local and imported decking to suit your needs. From local species such as Spotted Gum, to imported species such as Merbau and Kwila, Addlife Timber can supply the right timber for your project Call 07 5513 1555 today to find out more about our Merbau/Kwila Decking. Looking for high-quality building supplies on the Gold Coast? Call 07 5513 1555 today to find out more about our Merbau/Kwila Decking. Quality Australian Hardwood Specialist P : 07 5513 1555 F :07 55 131 999 . E: sales@greenmounttimber.com.au

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Our decking posts and handrails include hardwoods like Merbau/Kwila, breadloaf or ladies waist, rebated and non rebated handrails as well as treated pine and primed pine options. We have a large range of Kwila, Pacific Jarrah and Spotted Gum in 90×42 and 140×42, with some timber species in up to 240×42 which is great for wide handrails and. Simmonds is a premier Wholesaler of a wide range of timber products for the housing industry, commercial construction, home renovations, and industrial markets. Products are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North & South America in order to provide customers with the right solution for their needs

Once your Kwila furniture is totally dry, and if you want to maintain the rich colour of your furniture, at this point it is recommended that you oil the furniture using a light decking oil, such as our Jarrah Oi l Timber Species Australian Hardwoods Spotted Gum Red/Grey Ironbark Blue Gum Blackbutt Tassie Oak Victorian Ash Meranti Imported Hardwood Species Kwila/Merbau Pacific Jarrah Tonka Pine Slash Radiata Hoop Cypruss Oregon Western Red Cedar Uses Hardwood Spotted/Blue Gum Building, Flooring, Decking, Steps, Handrails, Fencing, Landscaping, Screening Red/Grey Ironbark Building, Flooring, Decking. Range of timber Merbua decking and posts. Kwila balustrade, bread loaf handrail and bottom rails, 66x11 bullnose, 42x11 square edge,31x11 square edge,42x18 square edge. Make an offer for all or let me know what you need. Moving sale so will not be available for long. Pick up Sheldon 4157

Merbau / Kwila . Solid posts sawn & dressed from 90 x 90 through to 200 x 200 Architectural D.A.R screening K.D D.A.R Beams, bearers, rafters & joists K.D wide board stair material Handrail/ Beer rail Decking / Wide board Decking Tongue and Groove flooring . Contact Aussie Timbers to discover just why we are Nerang's preferred Merbau & Kwila. Merbau/Kwila DAR. Dressed Merbau/Kwila boards ideal for external useage and in all fire restricted areas. Useage: Ideal for screens and external fixtures. Prices include GST. Item. Size. Price. Merbau F/J Bottom Rails. 68mm x 42mm Hardwood deck frame with kwila decking, posts, battens and hand rail. Marine wire ballustrading Pergola 45 x 45 Kwila battens 90x19 Kwila deck with lift up seats for pool equipment in Hawthorne / Bulimba, Brisbane 90x19 Kwila deck with lift up seats for pool equipment in Hawthorne / Bulimba, Brisbane. Handrails and Ballustrading. In weather exposed applications, or subjected to other sources of moisture, handrails, posts, newels, balustrading and infill should be either naturally durable Class 1 or 2 species including Spotted Gum, or Kwila. At Garde Timber, we nominate Spotted Gum as locally produced Queensland timbers as can be oiled as a.

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Outdoor Furniture. 76 products. Create your dream outdoor living retreat with quality outdoor furniture designed for NZ conditions. Visit one of six 4 Seasons outdoor furniture stores nationwide for a personalised consultation and advice about what materials and furniture styles are best suited to your local climate and outdoor space

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