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Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is a safe and effective alternative to the traditional method as it introduces solid foods in a way that respects an infant's autonomy, provides supplemental nutrition, and promotes healthy weight and eating behaviors (Rapley 2015). In this fact sheet, we will discuss what BLW is and strategies to help parents feed their infants using this approach Purpose of review: Infants are traditionally introduced to solid foods using spoon-feeding of specially prepared infant foods. Recent findings: However, over the last 10-15 years, an alternative approach termed 'baby-led weaning' has grown in popularity. This approach involves allowing infants to self-feed family foods, encouraging the infant to set the pace and intake of the meal Aim of this systematic review was to critically examine the current evidence about baby-led weaning approach and to explore the need for future research.A systematic search was conducted in Cochrane library databases and DARE (Database of Abstract of Reviews of Effects), EMBASE and MEDLINE in the period 2000-2018 (up to March 1st) to address. Baby Led Weaning, quite simply, means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning. The term was originally coined by Gill Rapley, a former health visitor and midwife. According to the most recent research most babies reach for food at around six months, which is also the time that mothers are being encouraged to wean* by.

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  1. How to cut foods for baby-led weaning. Remember that baby-led weaning will be messy. Strip baby down to a diaper, or use a quality bib. Don't worry about a plate or bowl—it will most likely get thrown on the ground. Put baby's food directly on the high chair tray. The food should be cut into matchsticks about the length of baby's fist
  2. Baby led weaning apples are great for introducing to your little! Whether you're just starting out with BLW or doing it again with a new baby we're showing you how to serve apples for baby led weaning today. Apples are an awesome first fruit for baby. They're inexpensive, store well, and have a ton of options for serving
  3. s or until tender. STEP 2. Blitz to a purée in a food processor with a splash of milk to create a smooth texture. You may need to scrape the sides of the bowl a few times while blitzing to get a smooth consistency throughout
  4. Starting from what exactly is baby-led weaning, to every parent's concern of baby-led weaning and choking, this guide goes over it all. I will also share how to know when baby is ready for BLW , the top 10 best first foods , a helpful sample blw feeding schedule , helpful tools to have on hand , and much much more
  5. In the U.S., weaning refers to ending breastfeeding. However, in many other countries, weaning refers to the introduction of complementary foods. The whole idea behind baby-led weaning is that the baby controls what and how much she eats, beginning at 6 months, by feeding herself. There is no such thing as spoon-feeding or baby food
  6. Jenny Best is the founder of Solid Starts (@solidstarts), a team of pediatric food + feeding experts, doctors, nutritionists, and dietitians, and the world's..
  7. Explain baby-led weaning to everyone who takes care of your child. It's important to ensure all caregivers follow the same safety precautions you do. Best baby-led weaning foods. As long as it's soft, cut into manageable pieces (baby fist-size at first) and not on the list of foods that pose a choking risk, it's on the baby-led weaning menu

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  1. Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is a term coined by Gill Rapley, co-author of Baby-led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods. Rapley graciously chatted with me about her philosophy and explained that although she did not invent BLW, she found the method to be successful in her work as a former health visitor and midwife in the United.
  2. g a more common way of introducing solid foods to new eaters, in place of traditional spoon-feeding purees, but are there special considerations when it comes to vegan babes? Most of us were first introduced to foods in the form of purees as babies - like carrots, peas, and rice cereal - but baby-led weaning is.
  3. Your safe and healthy guide to baby-led weaning for babies 6 to 12 months . Start your little one on solid foods the healthy way. Simple & Safe Baby-Led Weaning empowers you to help your baby feed themselves while they develop motor skills and an adventurous palate. Learn when to begin baby-led weaning and what to expect along the way while also getting practical advice for creating balanced.
  4. When it comes to baby's first foods, there are two methods of introducing solids. The traditional method includes baby being spoon-fed purees by an adult, in contrast to the Baby-Led Weaning method which consists of skipping purees and giving baby finger-foods that the family is eating at mealtime.. No matter the method you choose to start baby's first foods, Bumkins has you covered with.
  5. Baby-led weaning is so much safer at 6 months - Waiting a month or two will make baby-led weaning as safe as possible for your lovely little baby. They are able to easily put baby size pieces of food in their mouth without pushing it out, they are able to chew and swallow and it will be so easier on you Mommas too
  6. Baby-led weaning (BLW) is an alternative way to introduce your baby to their first foods. It relies on offering baby-sized pieces of regular foods rather than purées, starting around 6 months of age
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Through baby led weaning, baby develops the ability to: Self regulate, which may set the child up for a healthier BMI in the future, according to this study . Self-select, which has been shown to increase weight in underweight babies and support a healthy weight in most babies A good way to think about your baby when it comes a baby led weaning schedule at this point is whenever you feel like you need something to eat, give something to your baby too! Wake up. Breast/bottle feed. Breakfast: Oatmeal swirled with nut butter, strawberries. Snack: Toast fingers spread with avocado. Lunch: Whole wheat corkscrew pasta. Baby-led weaning is a method of introducing solid food to babies whereby purées and spoon-feeding are skipped entirely in favor of finger foods that a baby self-feeds. Pictured left to right: Steamed broccoli floret; a sardine filet from a can, an avocado spear, and a banana spear. Coined by Gill Rapley, a former public health nurse in the U.K. Mom-led Weaning Waiting until your baby starts weaning on their own is best. But some parents may decide to actively wean before their baby shows signs of wanting to wean. If you are considering weaning your baby, speak with WIC breastfeeding staff. They can help you consider if you should wean or help you get through a tough time in your. The Baby Led Feeding Cookbook is the only recipe book you will ever need for baby led weaning. Find Out More The Baby Friendly Family Cookbook contains over 150 recipes that are baby friendly but so yummy the entire family will love them too

In the Self-Feeding Baby course, I have condensed nearly 20 years of nutrition practice and knowledge, all of the current research on baby-led weaning (and data about why it is a safe alternative to spoon-feeding), my tried-and-true meal plans and feeding schedules, 100 practical and delicious recipes and careful consideration about what to. Child-led weaning occurs when a child no longer has a need to nurse - nutritionally or emotionally. A baby who self-weans is usually well over a year old, is getting most of his nutrition from solids, is drinking well from a cup, and cuts down on nursing gradually. If children are truly allowed to self-wean in their own time, most will do so somewhere between the 2nd and 4th year Baby-led weaning. Baby-led weaning means giving your baby only finger foods and letting them feed themselves from the start instead of feeding them puréed or mashed food on a spoon. Some parents prefer baby-led weaning to spoon feeding, while others do a combination of both. There's no right or wrong way Baby-Led Weaning Interest has increased recently in a movement called baby-led weaning. (Weaning, in this case, does not mean stopping breastfeeding or formula feeding, it means starting solids.) Baby- led weaning is a way to introduce solids to your baby while skipping the puree/cereal stage of foods altogether Baby Led Weaning is a method of starting complementary foods in which the baby self -feeds from the start. Instead of offering pureed foods fro m a spoon, soft pieces of food -- either cut into long stick-like shapes, or diced into small pea sized pieces -- are offered. The food is placed in front of the baby an

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Baby Led Weaning. The feeding approach known as baby led weaning or BLW for short, is a style of feeding infants that allows them to feed themselves right from the start. The food is offered in thick finger-size pieces and is soft and easily squishable between your fingers In baby led weaning, parents can offer a variety of baby-friendly solid finger foods right from the get go. This can include whole pieces of food (like toast), or purees (like mashed potatoes). The key is that the baby is in control of the feeding (by pre-loading a spoon, for example) Baby-Led Weaning has become all the rage with many parents choosing this method of transitioning their little ones to solid foods. Everyone is jumping in, with speech pathologists, dietitians, occupational therapists and moms flooding social media and the internet with BLW courses, BLW Facebook pages, BLW food and Pinterest ideas and countless Instagram accounts

Baby Led Weaning is a style of feeding infants and toddlers that allows them to feed themselves from the beginning. Food is many times prepared in thick, sliced, and finger-shaped pieces that they can hold easily themselves. The food is also soft, providing a low risk of choking. Generally, you will start with single-ingredient first. Chances are you know all about baby-led weaning by now. From talks with fellow moms to science-backed articles, you know what it takes to urge your baby to reach for a bite-sized carrot cube instead of waiting for the weaning spoon.. But, one thing that still bugs you is coming up with yummy recipes that your little one can't get enough of Baby-Led Weaning Cookbooks. If you need more ideas for how to prep your baby's meals, there are several cookbooks with helpful tips and recipes. Here are a few options: The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley PhD and Tracey Muskett This book is a comprehensive guide to baby-led weaning and includes over 130 recipes for you and your.

BABY LED WEANING MEAL SCHEDULE (6-12 months) This is what we did; 1 meal a day at 6 months, 2 meals at 7 - 8 months. 3 meals at 9-10 months. 4 meals at 11 months. and finally 5 meals a day at 12 months (3 meals and 2 snacks) Now, there are families that jump right into 3 meals a day at 6 months and add meals every month at a faster pace. This is especially important if you are transitioning from spoon-feeding to baby-led weaning. Remember: Everything baby is doing is a new skill, and they need to see how it's done to understand better. Imitate baby's facial expressions and encourage them to imitate you. Watching to learn is a huge part of infancy

Baby led weaning with bananas is an easy way to introduce the fruits to your kid, They can be a great first food to feed your little as well. Whether you're just starting out with baby led weaning or brushing up on your knowledge, we're showing you how to serve bananas babies If you are deciding between purees and baby led weaning, see our article Purees vs Baby Led Weaning here where we discuss the pros and cons of each method. Stage 2: Introduce a broad range of foods gradually (7-9 months) You can offer baby a wider range of foods, tastes and textures But Posner says her main concern with baby-led weaning is that many babies are not ready for chunks of food (even soft chunks) until much later — around 8 months — than the typical 6-month. So here's the secret on baby led weaning there aren't any hard and fast rules. Okay, so you don't want to give a new eater a round hard food like a grape might want to add some other choking hazards in here, or honey before one, and you do want to limit added salt and sugar, but the beauty of baby led weaning is that babe eats what you're eating, albeit with some modifications To read more about the benefits of baby-led weaning (BLW), check out this free printable. We've been teaching baby-led weaning from a dietitian's and feeding therapist's perspective - evidence-based, flexible (not rigid), and practical for busy families - for almost 5 years to thousands of parents across the globe

Baby-led weaning FAQs!If you're considering this approach to introducing your baby to solid foods, here are some of our best baby-led weaning tips and evidence-based insight. Here's everything you need to know about baby-led weaning to make it enjoyable and safer for your babe.. If you've been part of the PBJ family for a while, you may already know that we're big fans of baby-led weaning Baby-led weaning requires infants to be able to self-feed successfully enough to maintain sufficient energy and nutrient intake. Although Naylor and Morrow [] present a rationale for infants being able to self-feed at around 6 months of age, there is little data examining ability to do so.It should however be noted that no empirical data exists on efficacy of spoon-feeding and the UK. Baby-Led Weaning plan is a method for introducing and feeding babies solid foods. It simplifies the process of weaning and beings weaning your baby onto solids. Rather than being spoon fed, this technique allows for the child to lead the way and to feed themselves from an early age With baby led weaning, your baby shares and self-feeds whole family meals, just cut appropriately, and completely skips spoon-feeding and puréed foods. Babies can start as young as six months and if they meet all signs of readiness. LEARN MORE

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Baby-led weaning gives your baby a large degree of control over his or her move on to solid foods. In baby-led weaning, you offer your baby a variety of pieces of food (such as pieces of pasta, meat or fruit) that they can hold, and you let them suck and chew on them to explore the taste Baby-led weaning primarily is done because milk (whether formula or breastmilk), is not enough to sustain your kid at around 6 months of age. They need to get their nutrients from other food, which can come in the form of pureed food or baby-led weaning. Another reason is the tremendous benefit baby led weaning or BLW offers Put simply, Baby Led Weaning = self-feeding. The baby feeds herself finger foods instead of having a parent spoon-feed her. This means that babies typically bypass traditional baby food and eat what the family eats, with some modifications. This fosters independence, helps the baby practice oral and motor skills, and it has been shown to reduce. With baby-led weaning, babies are included in family mealtimes from the start, eating the same food and joining in the social time. This is fun for the baby and allows her to copy mealtime behavior, so that she will naturally move on to using utensils, and adopt the table manners expected in her family. Babies can begin to learn about how.

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Baby led weaning is essentially missing out spoon-feeding purées and going straight to finger foods, allowing your little one to feed themselves. Introducing your baby to food can be a little daunting, it's a big learning curve for both you and your baby so take your time, try new things and see what works for you They say that if a single puree passes your baby's lips you have failed at baby-led weaning, or that what you're doing really isn't baby-led weaning. To me, this seems unnecessarily restrictive and likely to cause more—rather than less—stress. Baby-led feeding (BLF) is a more flexible, practical approach

Meat is a great first food for babies. But parents and caregivers struggle with how to serve meat safely to babies. Enter ground beefI like to think of it as the gateway meat for baby-led weaning. Here are 5 easy recipes for feeding ground meat to your baby Baby-led weaning is all about allowing babies to experiment with food. After all, they get enough nutrients from breastfeeding or formula. Identify Potential Allergies; Baby-led weaning is an excellent way to pinpoint whether your baby is allergic to certain foods (4). So, don't be afraid to expose the little one to new foods every four days.

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  1. Baby-led weaning. Sometimes your baby will decide for herself that she has had enough. This can make your feel disappointed, sad or even rejected. This may be especially so if you were looking forward to many more months of leisurely feeding. A chat with an Australian Breastfeeding Association counsellor may help
  2. Baby-led weaning may mean that my 12-month-old eats like a carnivore who loves fruit but I'm okay with that. It feels really good and natural to trust his instincts (except when he throws food overboard onto the floor), and I haven't missed the special cooking and reheating of baby food cubes. My little guy hardly ate anything.
  3. istrados con cuchara por los padres por alimentos enteros que el niño es capaz de coger y llevarse a la boca. La clave de esta técnica es que el lactante comerá los.
  4. Baby-led weaning (BLW) means forgetting purees and weaning spoons, and simply letting your baby feed himself. Like traditional weaning, it's suitable from six months for most babies (NCT 2013). Many parents follow BLW without even thinking about it. This is particularly the case with second or later children
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  6. d, and makes a perfect finger food / baby led weaning dish. If you are looking to introduce raw tomato to your baby in the right way, this salad is the perfect first step. Caprese salad might not.

Read this article if you want to know more about Baby Led Weaning - its importance and other pertinent facts.. In a nutshell, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is all about independence. You try to skip the use of spoon and fork so basically; you're not serving purees or mashed recipes to your child We're being joined by Registered Dietitian, Mariah Reil, whose going to explain what baby led weaning is and how to go about it. She's also going to explain why baby led weaning doesn't. Baby-led weaning has become the new hot trend among new parents. The author published a weaning-related Instagram post that went viral, and it suggested many parents feel judged about their choices. She shares three tips on how to better feed children, regardless of the method parents choose. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories 0:00. 0:00 / 4:40. Live. •. Hey guys! In todays video I will be showing you how to make Veggie Fritters for your toddlers. This recipe is an excellent way to start baby-led Weaning. source DOs and DON'Ts for baby-led weaning 1. DO offer your baby the chance to participate whenever anyone else in the family is eating. You can begin to do this as soon as he shows an interest in watching you, although he is unlikely to be ready to put food in his mouth until he is about six months old. 2

Baby-Led Weaning Basics. With baby-led weaning, mealtime can be messy, but it's also a more family-friendly way of introducing a child to solid foods. The basic idea is to skip purées, mashed-up fruit and rice cereal and let babies feed themselves right from the start at about 6 months of age Baby-led weaning is a new feeding method in which children feed themselves independently from the first introduction of solid food - usually around 6 months. Rising in popularity, this new trend has babies forego mush ( purées ) and spoon feeding and go directly to solid foods from the get-go

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If you begin baby led weaning with baby from 6 months' old, they won't have developed a good pincer grip. (A pincer grip is the ability to hold an item with their thumb and forefinger). Instead, baby will need food that they can grasp in their whole palm or fist. For that reason, food batons can work very well for baby at this stage Baby Led Weaning is defined by Wikipedia as: A method of adding complementary foods to a baby's diet of formula or breast milk. A method of food progression, BLW facilitates the development of age appropriate oral motor control while maintain eating as a positive, interactive experience Baby-led weaning is a (messy) approach to introducing solid foods that skips the spoon-fed purees and introduces babies to whole foods first. A pediatrician offers up tips for starting baby-led.

Tips to get enough iron for baby-led weaning. Offer a source of iron-rich food at each meal (two times per day when starting): scrambled eggs, black beans, tofu, cooked spinach, clams, oysters, liver, fish, beef, bison (higher in iron than beef!), chicken (dark meat is higher in iron than white) or pork. Offer iron-fortified infant cereal baked. 7 Steps for Talking to Daycare About Baby Led Weaning So your baby is approaching 6 months old, they've been at daycare for a little while now - or maybe they're going soon - you've got the rhythm down, drop-offs go well, they nap there, all is good

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Baby-led weaning (BLW) is an increasingly popular tactic for starting solids. It originated in the United Kingdom after the publication of Baby-Led Weaning , by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett subject descriptors and Boolean operator: baby-led weaning OR baby-led OR BLW. According to the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), these terminologies are not in the controlled vocabulary, however it was necessary to use them, given that the references of interest mentioned at least one of the terms in the title and/or keywords If you want to cut strawberries for baby-led weaning and your baby has developed her pincer grasp, you can treat these yummy berries like all finger foods: make sure they're soft enough to mash with gentle pressure between your thumb and forefinger, and chop them into small pieces the size of your pinky fingernail or smaller, like this I thought it might be helpful to share some Baby Led Weaning Sample Feeding Schedules beginning at 6 months of age (the recommended age to start solid foods by the American Academy of Pediatrics). Of course, every child is different so keep in mind that exact times may vary based on napping schedules and appetite

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  1. 2) Always watch your baby while they eat. Remember, choking is silent. And sitting down to eat with your baby is one of the benefits of Baby-led Weaning anyways! 3) Offer soft foods. If food does happen to get past the gag reflex and cause your baby to choke, they will be much more likely to cough up a soft food
  2. More Baby-Led Weaning Food Fun. So there you have it, 5 easy ways to serve your baby beef for baby-led weaning. Do you think your baby can eat some of those? Definitely start out easy with the burgerbut once your baby has explored a few different tastes and textures, don't forget to regularly offer high iron foods like meat
  3. Healthy recipes for all the family, perfect for your baby led weaning journey (BLW). Recipes range from vegan to meat and include starters, mains, sides and something sweet too. No refined sugar and little-to no use of any sugar substitutes (honey, mapel syrup). The BLW guide cites reputable sources such as World Health Organisation (WHO) and Gill Rapley

Baby-led Weaning and Tongue Tie. As a registered dietitian who focuses in family feeding, the main reason I recommend baby-led weaning (BLW) is because it encourages lifelong intuitive eating. BLW is a self-feeding, family-oriented feeding style. Baby picks up and brings the food to their mouth from the very first bite of solid food Baby-led weaning. Baby-led weaning is when you allow your baby to choose what they eat. They then feed themselves solid foods instead of spoon feeding. To do this, your baby needs to be able to sit upright, pick up and hold food, and bring food to their mouth. These skills develop in the majority of babies at around 6 months old Baby Foods & Weaning. Introducing a wide variety of foods, flavours and textures to babies from an early age can help to make the fussy toddler stage a little easier. Browse my baby friendly recipes which include both puree and baby led weaning ideas According to the Academy of Pediatrics, Baby-led weaning involves the practice of allowing children to feed themselves all of their foods from the beginning of complementary food introduction—rather than the traditional method of spoon-feeding pureed foods at the start of complementary feeding.. This method of feeding was introduced in. Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Bites. Cheese and broccoli make the ultimate combo and mixed with delicious quinoa, they are simply divine! Another fantastic baby led weaning lunch idea that you can batch make and store in the fridge for hungry tummies! Get Recipe. Photo Credit: emeraldandella.com.au

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Baby-led weaning is the concept of putting babies in control of what they eat. It involves parents putting age-appropriate foods on their child's plate and allowing them to choose what and how much they eat. Doctors typically recommend starting the weaning process at six months because at this age, babies tend to have good head control and can. Natural weaning, sometimes called child-led weaning, occurs when the child no longer has an emotional or nutritive need to breastfeed.(4) This usually doesn't occur before 18-24 months of age. Letting the child set the pace for weaning allows him to reach the developmental milestone of weaning on his own timeline Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB) has 433,886 members. Welcome to Baby Led Weaning for Beginners and Beyond! BLWBB is a place for all caregivers to learn how to do Baby-Led Weaning safely. Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is an approach to the introduction of solid foods to infants What Is Baby Led Weaning. Baby Led Weaning, or BLW, is essentially skipping the purees and giving your baby developmentally appropriate finger foods. At its core, it encourages parents to let their baby lead with eating. Babies pick up the finger food and put it in their mouth. This usually means parents aren't tempted to encourage their.

More and more parents are using the baby-led weaning approach to starting solids, which means they start right at six months of age with finger foods, and skip purees and spoon feeding.. It's important to know that there is no single right way to introduce solids to your baby, whether you want to start with traditional spoon-feeding or try baby-led weaning) Top Tips for Baby-Led Weaning. Here are some of our top tips to successful baby-led weaning: Your child needs to be able to close their hand around the food so that they can pick it up and eat it. Longer pieces of food are better, so where you can, cut food into sticks approximately 5cm long We love baby led weaning and were so pleased to receive the BIBaDO bib, which we consider to be the best baby led weaning bib, to review. One thing I've written about extensively whenever I've talked about our baby led weaning journey is the mess. The baby led weaning mess can put so many Mums off trying it Yet I hear from many moms who want to try baby-led weaning, but are too terrified that their baby will choke on solid foods. Some good news recently came from a new study of 206 babies, called A Baby-led Approach to Eating Solids & Risk of Choking.The study compared a group of baby-led weaners (whose parents were given extra education on how to safely practice baby-led Weaning) to a. The real risk comes if parents try to hurry baby-led weaning and put chunks of food in a baby's mouth for him. Mess, on the other hand, is a fact of baby-led life. I've learned to relax about the couscous grains, scrambled eggs and avocado that end up all over the kitchen, but I've seen the looks of horror on friends' faces as.

Baby-led weaning is associated with a number of benefits, like promoting more nutritious eating later in life and helping kids maintain a healthy weight. Bread makes a super easy go-to when. Baby-led weaning is the practice by which parents allow their young children to feed themselves, choose food by themselves, as well as chew and swallow it right from the very beginning, rather than starting their weaning with spoon-feeding and pureed foods Anyway, I like a natural approach to things and like the idea of baby led weaning. I follow Solid Starts and a couple other pages on Instagram that help guide BLW. They talk about giving six month olds large pieces of food to play with/gnaw on/eat, like a thick piece of crusty bread with lentil purée, or a watermelon piece, a carrot, a slice.

Baby-led weaning is a method of introducing complementary foods to baby using real foods the rest of the family is eating, rather than starting with single ingredient cereals or purées, says Laura Morton, a registered dietician and author of BLW Baby Food Cookbook: A Stage-by-Stage Approach to Baby-Led Weaning with Confidence. I didn't know baby led weaning was a thing when I had my first daughter, but I wanted to try it out with my second. I was too sleep-deprived to read long books or dig around for tips online -- I needed to learn from a mom who had already figured everything out. Stacy is that mom! Her class helped me learn what I needed to know quickly, Through.

In baby-led weaning, parents can introduce and provide a variety of baby-friendly baby led weaning food. This can include whole foods (such as toast) or purees (such as mashed potatoes). The main thing is that the baby can control his/her own feed with some help from the parents (for example, with a preloaded spoon) The risk of choking is similar for puree feeding and baby-led weaning. The most recent Pediatrics research (A Baby-Led Approach to Eating Solids and Risk of Choking, 2016) suggests that there is no greater risk of choking with baby-led weaning in comparison to 'traditional' parent-led feeding with purees. However, the study also found that. Baby-led weaning (BLW) is an approach to introducing solid foods in which infants at least 6 months of age (corrected for prematurity) feed themselves all of their food from the start of complementary feeding . This approach has gained popularity and is recommended in some parenting books, websites, and blogs, leaving parents wondering if this.

Baby Led Weaning, or BLW, is a baby self feeding technique that allows babies to discover and experience food themselves. After reading about it and talking to some mom friends, I knew I would love to try a combo of doing purees and Baby Led Weaning for Otis. Otis was starting to get VERY interested in the things we were eating at the dinner table Pro: Allows baby to explore different food and textures. Rather than limiting your baby's diet, baby led weaning allows your little one to try a world of different starter foods and textures. With purees, most of the textures are the same, from carrots to sweet potatoes. But eating a soft slice of a carrot is quite different from another. Toddler recipe: Sweetcorn & spinach fritters. 29 ratings. 5.0 out of 5 star rating. These healthy sweetcorn and spinach fritters are packed with vitamin C from the veg, plus protein from the egg. They make great finger foods for baby-led weaning. 16 mins. Artboard Copy 6 To learn more about how to build a well-balanced plate for your child to meet their nutritional needs during this time, check out this post - Starting Solids - purees or baby led weaning. Here's a recap of the first 3 months of our baby led weaning journey. I also shared his meals from day 1 through 12 months on my Instagram feed