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  1. d and body. Smelling of pine and a sweet caramel aroma, this strain..
  2. True to its name, Super Glue confers deep physical relaxation that can easily trap you on your couch under the right circumstances. It also has serious bag appeal, with a rich, musky aroma and thicky, chunky flowers. The strain's THC content has been measured at between 18% and 28%
  3. Bred by John Dieser of Verano brands, Super Glu is a backcrossing with Original Glue. The strain highlights the diesel aroma of its parent, but tastes more floral with added rich coffee notes. Buds..
  4. ant hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights. Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time due to its potency, effects, taste, and time it has been around. People that love Indica strains flock to Northern Lights and its hybrids for the pure relaxation that it offers
  5. The Super Glue strain produces fluffy nuggets with coiled army-green leaves scattered across its surface with long fiery-red pistils. The protective coat of trichome-hairs are sticky when the bud is fresh, much like the Super Glue moniker suggests. Upon drying, its trichomes are much like glue and must be broken apart carefully
  6. Super Glue Strain (aka Superglue OG) is a super potent, hybrid marijuana strain. It has a reputation of hitting hard like a smack on the face. The average THC content of this strain can be between 18% to a whopping 28%
  7. A cross between an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights, Superglue (sometimes spelled Super Glue), is an indica-leaning strain with rather mysterious origins. Super Glue is said to be the perfect name for this strain, as its widely purported relaxing effects tend to get users stuck on the couch

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  1. ant hybrid, a combination of Skunk #1 X Northern Lights. It can be found in several medical marijuana dispensaries in California and Washington State, but not much of anywhere else. If it appears on the black market, consider it a rare find
  2. ant, evening hybrid mix of Afghani and Northern Lights (NL). But, there are also those who claim it's a blend of NL and OG Kush or even Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter. Nobody seems to have the definitive answer
  3. d-blowing theories. Different Types of Glue You may be more familiar with the popular Gorilla Glue strain (GG4), the original glue strain getting its name because while trim
  4. Superglue is also known as Superglue OG or Super Glue. While there is a consensus on its genetic lineage, there may be other variants. One that we know of is a cross between Northern Lights and Afghani. At any rate, Superglue is an elusive strain
  5. The Super Glue strain is characterized by a distinctive smell leaning towards a heavy chemical or diesel smell, coupled with a woodsy scent, and a strong citrus streak. It can be best described as a lemony fresh wood furniture cleaner kind of smell. It is oddly satisfying in a wood shed or living room setting. It also tastes like it sounds

Superglue is an indica-leaning hybrid that has the powerful genetic combination of an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. super glue strain. True to its name, Super Glue provides deep physical relaxation that can easily trap you on your couch under the best situations Super Glu cannabis strain by John Dieser of Verano is a backcross of the first Glue cannabis strain, and an Indica dominant hybrid.It shines with notes of diesel, richly earthy coffee, and nuanced florals.Buds are frosted out with sticky, cakey trichomes which glitter in the jar The Super Glue strain is in fact a high-yielding species that requires little maintenance. A beautiful Indica - Sativa hybrid with genetics from the Afghani Hashplant x Northern Lights which provides the plant a predominantly Indica growth pattern and a relaxing, social after effect Super Glue is an indica -leaning hybrid strain created by Seedism Seeds. It is created by a combination of the Northern Lights strain and the Afghani landrace strain. This powerful genetic combination means that Super Glue has inherited strong indica effects that provide deep relaxation

Just like the more popular Gorilla Glue cultivars, Super Glue is one strain that's guaranteed to get users glued to their couch. No doubt, Super Glue is one of the all-time best strains for late-night chill sessions with like-minded buddies. If you're looking for a little skunk & sour before sleep, why not give Super Glue a shot Through the crossing of an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights, Seedism Seeds came up with this Sativa strain that releases a sweet caramel aroma combined with pine. You get the earthy tones that are also mixed with citrus and spiciness to linger in the air when you open a jar with Super Glue weed Superglue: Loaded With THC And Earthy Flavors. Superglue is an indica-dominant (60%) cross of Northern Lights and Afghan strains, resulting in a potent strain with thick buds that are loaded with trichomes. The aroma is a fresh, bold, piney flavor that smells like walking into a fresh forest. Upon toking, the flavor is defined as earthy and woody Buy Super super silver glue strain The Best Cannabis Shop for Mail Order Marijuana. Shop the largest selection of silver glue strain Super Glue OG Kush marijuana strain is an Indica dominant marijuana hybrid.The breeder of this kush remains unknown. Staying true to the name, Super Glue OG Kush instantly locks users to the couch. This weed is a superb choice for growers, as the buds are very sticky and richly covered with trichomes

The Super Glue strain is a potent average THC level of 28%. Suppose you're not careful with a variety like Super Glue.It will stick to the couch like glue; It's highly sedating effects. This strain has a tangy and citrus flavor profile for an ultra earthy and refreshing smoke The Super Glue strain displays compact nugs and tightly curled sage green leaves. However, the deep orange hairs break up the whole green look and make the strain look, if not more interesting, then at least more appealing. There is also a coating of white trichomes, which is actually sticky and explains the strain's name

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Bred by Seedism Seeds, the strain is the result of a functional, funky cross of Northern Lights and Afghani weed. Also known as Superglue or Superglue OG, it's a 60% indica-dominant strain that's perfect for relaxing all weekend long. The Super Glue strain can be impressively potent Super Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain - Hybrid This Marijuana strain of Gorilla Glue is wonderfully grown greenhouse Super Gorilla Glue. Grown right in Santa Barbara County, you can expect the herb to be fantastic quality and perfect for your next Marijuana order in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and neighboring cities

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Super glue strain review: What strain is super glue? Super glue is an indica leaning hybrid [ 70% Indica / 30% Sativa ] marijuana strain with high THC levels and CBD content of below 2 percent. THC to CBD ratio could be as much as 100:1 if the plant's CBD content is 0.2% or less Happy. Super Lemon Haze (100%) White Widow (100%) Northern Lights (76%) Gorilla Glue #1 (75% The Super Glue strain produces fluffy nuggets with coiled army-green leaves scattered across its surface with long fiery-red pistils. The protective coat of trichome-hairs are sticky when the bud is fresh, much like the Super Glue moniker suggests. Upon drying, its trichomes are much like glue and must be broken apart carefully Super Glue Strain Review - Everything You Need to Know & More! A Nevada cannabis company did get spanked by the Gorilla Glue company for trademark infringement and had to strain back in That up-and-down high and heavy THC marijuana can leave even regular users blunted like a rookie, including your boy Super Glue. $ 45.00. A far safer alternative to sniffing glue is smoking this complex strain known as Super Glue. The love child of star-crossed lovers, Afghani and Northern Lights, Super Glue is a prime example of bud, with dense forest green nugs, colorful trichomes, and flowy hairs. It's the sticky icky for more than one reason

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Super Glue Strain - Not to be confused with the Gorilla Glue strain — Super Glue is in a league of its own. Cultivators around the world agree that the Super Glue cannabis strain is a must-have in the garden. Once you begin to harvest your Super Glue crop, the trichome content will slow your trimming scissors to a near standstill — hence the Super Glue name Superglue bred by Seedism Seeds using a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights. Sweet caramel and pine aroma's will permeate the air while providing a relaxed body and mind effect. You will be provided with a functional and energetic state ready for a productive social afternoon

Despite its playful name, Superglue marijuana seeds are not to be taken lightly. This hard-hitting, fast-acting strain can immediately switch up your headspace to something that's focused, motivated, and clear. You'll be able to think freely as you enjoy notes of earthiness and the woods. Pack Size: 3 Seeds. Choose an option 3 Seeds 5 Seeds. Superglue from Seedism Seeds is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. We found 1 offer for EUR 46.80 for 5 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Superglue Cannabis Seeds from Seedism Seeds somewhere - have a look to our Superglue Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops - or visit one of the.

Krazy Glue is also called Crazy Glue made by The Bank. This strain carries one of the highest THC levels measuring anywhere from 15 to 44.50%! Meanwhile, Super Glue Strain also has very high THC but not as mind-boggling as Krazy Glue. Both strains offer almost similar effects and may be used as recreational or medicinal strains Original Glue (GG4): This one used to be the real one and only 'Gorilla Glue'! Original Glue is the 30% THC gooey ganja game-changer you have heard so much about. This strain is a marijuana MOAB (mother of all buds) that devastates every stoner upon combustion. Her former title Gorilla Glue rests in peace with Harambe Organic Gardeners' Super Glue Description. Rumble in The Jungle. Gorilla Glue #4 from Josey is (Chemsis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel) is a potent hybrid strain that won 1st place in the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. This chunky, chemy, crystal-covered strain flowers in 56 to 60 days. This Strain is a real winner in all categories.. 5 - Super Glue (The Aptly Named Marijuana Strain) There is no question about it; Super Glue is a brilliant name for this marijuana strain because users are 'glued' to their sofas after using this indica dominant hybrid (40%). It is a cross of Northern Lights and Afghani and was the second most powerful strain recorded by High Times in.

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Superglue, also known as Tacky Glue, is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that produces a functional and relaxing high to the mind and body. Smelling of pine and a sweet caramel aroma, this strain is bred by Seedism Seeds. Superglue is made by crossing Afghani and Northern Light.Those who enjoy Superglue say it relaxes you while still leaving you functional and energetic enough for social. Super Glue's description. Superglue is an indica leaning hybrid with a sweet smell of caramel and pine. A cross between Northern Light and Afghani, Super Glue is relaxing but leaves you functional. Effects. This strain helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. Super Glue is uplifting, helps with focus, and keeps you happy Super Glue is an indica-dominant cultivar bred by crossing Afghani with Northern Lights. The world-renowned Northern Lights is itself an inbred descendant of Afghani landraces, meaning it's 100 percent pure indica Super Glue Strain Review. My eyesglued in a low position. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ My bodyglued to the couch. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Super Glue is an indicia-dominant hybrid that starts with body feels before relaxing your mind and inducing euphoria. It's my go-to when I need a lullaby, cause it rocks me to sleep! ⁠⠀.⁠⠀.⁠⠀.⁠⠀.⁠⠀.⁠

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Super Glue Marijuana Strain is a cross between Indica Afghani and Indica-dominant hybrid Northern Lights, created by Seedism Seeds. Originating in Amsterdam, this hybrid is potent yet consumer-friendly and smooth, with THC levels ranging from 18 to 24%. This marijuana strain is most commonly used to achieve an uplifting, powerful feeling of. Super Glue Type: Super Glue is a 60 % Indica and 40 % Sativa weed hybrid with THC levels that come up to 23 %. It is descended from: Afghani; Northern Lights; Super Glue is the descendant of two very popular strains, Afghani and Northern Lights. These are two heavyweights as far as weed goes. Super Glue is a second-generation heavyweight. Buy super glue strain USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. Surely, there are a lot of stores available in the market where you can buy such strain, weed and other stuffs online, but the challenging task is to verify whether the products they are delivering are genuine and of good quality or not

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Super Glue boasts indoor yields of that can reach 4+ oz per plant with highly resinous large buds and colas glistening with golden crystal trichomes at maturity. Finishes in 8 to 9 weeks. Taste is earthy pine with hints of cinnamon. This cannabis strain is good for evening time use due to its sedative effect Super Glue. Super Glue is a sativa strain , This strain's genetics include:Gorilla Glue #4, and Starfighter F2.It originates from: Afghanistan, and Colombia. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief Growing Super Glue (GG#4) Strain. GG4 strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The plants flourish in sunny, warm weather. GG4 is an easy-to-moderate strain to grow and provide generous yield. So, it's a win-win strain for all the growers and the perfect strain to grow if you have an average experience in growing strains Gorilla Glue Weed Strain. RATING: 9.9. TYPE: Sativa Hybrid. THC: 25% - 28%, CBD. APPEARANCE: Gorilla Glue #4 has super frosty nugs that seem to be more THC than actual plant matter. SMELL: Strong pungent earthy aroma, with overtones of powerful industrial ammonia. BEST FOR TREATING: Stress and pai Super Glue Feminised Seeds - 5; Super Glue Feminised Seeds - 5 their darker green color with the big fan leaves quickly turning yellow half way into their flowering period.This is a strain for cash-crop growers who desire both yield and quality and don't mind to invest in new scissors every harvest.The aromas balance between pine and.

Super Glue Strain Super Glue Strain. Out of many strains and flowers, the Super Glue Strain is of much prominence. It is comparatively a new strain but has grown quite a bit in popularity, for the right reasons. To understand why it would be worth looking at some interesting facts about it. Important Facts about [ I'm back with another video for you guys! Got some bomb ass Super Glue! Also check out my homies YouTube channel!!! All your gaming needs in one place! https.. Precisely blended botanicals to emulate Super Glue's flavor & attributes found in nature! The hand-picked, metaphorical adhesive to keep your head on straight is presented in the form of Super glue, an indica-dominant hybrid that came about from the combination of the highly potent Afghani, with the eminent Northern Lights variety, sought after for its strong psychoactive effects. Seedism Seedbank Super Glue Feminised Seeds-5 Seeds. $89.99. Wish List Compare. Overview. Superglue is a medium strength Indica/Sativa hybrid with a mainly Indica growth pattern, and a relaxing, social after effect. Details. Sticky fingers, ruined scissors and many hours of trimming make the Superglue a strain to be prepared for

Super Glue is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Super Sour Diesel X Glue BX2 strains. This celebrity child brings on the best of both of its parent strains, with effects that will knock you flat out before you know it. The high comes on fast and hard, slamming into your brain with a lifted yet relaxing feeling, shoving out any negative or racing thoughts. Super Sour Glue is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Super Sour Diesel X Glue BX2 strains. This celebrity child brings on the best of both of its parent strains, with effects that will knock you flat out before you know it I am not selling or distributing any product I'm reviewing, This is purely an educational review that based off my opinion!! 21+ only!! Anyone under 21 pleas.. Super Glue is an Indica-dominant hybrid that shows the strains of a phenotypes of Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. At every bong use, you will get a soothing effect that lets you focused

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  1. Super Orange Glue 2nd Prize Extract Elite Cup 4:20 2016. This multiple award winning hybrid is a cross of the Gorilla Glue#4 that we obtained from our good friends at International Cannagraphic forums. GG#4 is well known for her amazing THC production, making it a easy decision for us to increase the THC levels on the Orange Diesel v3.
  2. ant hybrid. Still true to its parent strain GG4, it has cal
  3. ized, and has an impressive genetic profile. This strain was developed by crossing our very potent and aromatic Super Glue with a carefully selected, extremely fruity Apple Fritter

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  1. ant, which is another substantial hit
  2. Super Glue Cured Badder. Superglue marijuana strain was originally developed by Seedism Seeds, founded in 2007 by three cannabis enthusiasts. It became popular after winning the 3rd prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 for the best Sativa. Even the Indica to Sativa ratio is an adequate balance of 60/40, but the strain tends to have a.
  3. SUPER GLUE STRAIN WAKE AND BAKE STYLE . 12 views. 3 0. Facebook Instagram; Twitter Snapchat; Add to My Stash; Add to Playlist; Report; WAKEANDBAKEINC. Published on June 05, 2021 SOMMELIERVA - GORILLA GLUE - STRAIN REVIEW. nahbrisa. 3.5k views | 3 months ago. 00:05:53. Kush Santa Indoor Grow Tour Gorilla Glue Lemon Orange Bud Under FC6800.
  4. ant hybrid that shows the strains of a phenotypes of Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. At every bong use, you will get a soothing effect that lets you focused. Get a woodsy earthy flavors & pine citrusy smell. It has high level of B-Caryophyllene, Limonene and Nerolidol terpenes
  5. Super Lemon Haze x Gorilla Glue. Super Lemon Haze x Gorilla Glue is a hybrid strain , This strain's genetics include:Super Lemon Haze, and Gorilla Glue #4.It originates from: Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand. It may taste fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, piney. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm.
  6. Gorilla Glue Auto is a huge producer so it advised to add support around this strain, to help the side branches during the flowering stage. This lady is very resistant to plant disease and can withstand colder climates without suffering from mold or powdery mildew
  7. ised. Genes 60% Indica / 40% Sativa. Genetics Wedding Glue Autoflwering. Harvest 450 - 550 g/m²

Begin NU met besparen, vind de beste online deals en korting bij ProductShopper. De beste online deals van vandaag. Ontdek alle aanbiedingen bij ProductShopper Superglue is a hybrid strain engineered by Seedism Seeds. A spin-off of Afghani and Northern Lights, Superglue inherits indica growth patterns plus a tastey caramel and pine fragrance. Superglue brings soothing relaxation to the mind and body, yet leaves you functional and energetic enough for social interaction or an efficient afternoon Linalool. Linalool is an relaxing and sedating floral smelling terpene. 0.09%. Humulene. Limonene is an uplifting and invigorating citrus smelling terpene. 0.2%. Totals above represent the average amounts you can expect to find available from this strain. This data is updated frequently as more lab tests are reported and analyzed from vendors.

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Super Glue Others Super Glue, which has also been called Super Glue OG A Northern Lights Afghani and OG Kush mix the buds are laden with crystal trichomes giving it the them the icing sugar coated appearance Flowers are full of sticky resin as the name suggests Find Super Glue strain information, local reviews & ratings, and where to buy Super Glue Super Gorilla Glue Marijuana. Gorilla Glue Marijuana or better known is GG#4 is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling glued to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb. *Actual photos of buds from our batch above. Note that this is an Indoor Flower () gift. From AllBud.com: Indica Dominant Hybrid - 70% Indica / 30% SativaTHC: 23%, CBD: 1%Superglue OG, also known simply as Superglue, an indica-dominant hybrid, a combination of Skunk #1 X Northern Lights. It can be found in several medical marijuana dispensaries in California and Washington State, but not.

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Cali Super Glue. Cali Super Glue being and influencial cannabis hybrid strain cross with strawberry and grape ape to get this amazing strains is best for patients suffering from anxiety and chronic pain. This strain guarantees immidiate relief from pain for the relieve Super glue is a type of glue called a cyanoacrylate, a fast-setting liquid that bonds two surfaces together very quickly. When exposed to moisture, the liquid monomers (single units) present in cyanoacrylates cross-link (bind together) within 5-60 seconds, and form a strong bond of multiple units (polymer) which are waterproof. In other words, if a monomer is one link on a chain, a polymer is.

For metal: Try acetone [jump mark to How to remove super glue stains from your work area], commonly found in nail polish remover. If that does not work, give your metal project a 30 minutes soak in a 2:1 mix of water and white vinegar. Now try to remove the residue with a rough cloth or fine sandpaper. For wood: Try the nail polish. The key to understanding the moniker lies in the Zoo—its parents are Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies. The trending strains of today could be forgotten tomorrow. Fortunately, many. People who consume super glue strain very often applaud their mind-boggling effects on the mind. For instance, recent research, according to the claims made by several people, medical research has registered a few facts about this strain. Around 87% of people claim they feel relaxed after consuming the super glue strain. On the other hand. Super Glue is an Indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Super Sour Diesel X Glue BX2 strains. This celebrity child brings on the best of both of its parent strains, with effects that will knock you flat out before you know it

Strawberry Glue is a slightly indica-dominant strain from Dark Horse Genetics. They crossed the super popular Original Glue with the tasty Strawberry Diesel, to make this potent hybrid, whose THC in some batches have even exceeded 30%!Over half of the buds' surface area consists of thick clumps of bright-orange pistils, amid short lime-green leaves

Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strains by GG Strains, About Gorilla Glue #4, #5, and #1. GG4, GG5 and GG Super glue (or, by its industrial name, cyanoacrylate adhesive) is a type of fast-bonding, high-strength, instant adhesive engineered to bond almost any material. Super glues are valued for their resistance to temperature and moisture and are commonly used with stone, metal, wood, plastic, glass ceramic, paper and most other common substances Superglue strain is excellent for patients suffering from fatigue, tremors or muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, pain, and marijuana. If you are super for a hybrid strain that is super potent and makes you feel stress-free within strains, then the Superglue strain is the glue strain for you Description Wi fi Glue Strain Review By Exotic Cannabis Online Shop. Wifi Glue marijuana strain is a brand-new strain that was introduced to the marketplace some few years back Wifi Glue strain near me. The stress has actually significantly become preferred as well as liked by numerous Super Glue cannabis seeds are a new Sativa/Indica Hybrid (2018) from Anesia Seeds. The variety is photoperiodic, feminized and has an impressive genetic profile. It originated from an intersection of the 2 power-strains Gorilla Glue # 4 of Anesia with an exceptionally potent and selected Northern Lights Super glue, a very very thin layer. That's what i've used in the past, although the strains I have been measuring were quite low. Obv, its only worth using super glue if you have cheap strain gauges. If you start getting expensive ones, see what the manufacturer reccomends you use. Nov 4, 2009 #4 Phrak. 4,254 1