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  1. Granite and marble polishing (or polishing any stone to a shine) is done on big machines using intense friction. The process gradually grinds and smooths the suface until it is shiny. A very highly-skilled granite counter top maintenance and stone restoration craftsman can polish marble and granite in place using hand tools as well
  2. HOPE'S Perfect Granite & Marble Countertop Cleaner, Stain Remover and Polish, Streak-Free, Ammonia-Free, 22 Ounce, Pack of 1 1,626 $5 11 ($0.23/Fl Oz
  3. From Northern Labs comes Goddard's Granite & Marble Polish as a way to retain the natural beauty of your granite countertop. Goddard's polish is designed to polish and enhance the natural colors..
  4. Glass cleaners, bleach, ammonia and acids such as lemon or vinegar can strip the countertop sealant. This will leave granite more receptive to stains. The best way to clean granite counters is to choose a countertop cleaner formulated for granite. Or you can make your own cleaner from mild dish soap
  5. If you're looking for a cleaner that is sure to keep your granite countertops smooth and shiny, then the Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish (view at Amazon) is perfect for you. But if you're on the market for a natural alternative, then pick up Better Life's Granite and Stone Cleaner (view at Amazon)

Granite Selection is a manufacturer and seller of natural stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms in the Chicagoland area. We are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and will service around a 70-mile radius. Give us a call at (888) 906 3317 for your granite and other natural stone needs. Schedule a free consultation today Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish is specially formulated with emollients and carnauba wax to fill in even undetectable imperfections in your countertop's natural surface, giving it a long-lasting glow that keeps it looking as good as the day it was installed

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  1. How To Polish Quartz Countertops To Repair Scratches, Stains And Discoloration. A project by Eagle Stoens. Yes, it is possible to polish quartz countertops in such a way. However, unfortunately, we have to mention that it isn't as easy as you'd like. You can't, or at least shouldn't do it at home
  2. Most of the time, stained granite countertops can be cleaned with household items so common that you probably already have them in your pantry. No matter the source of the stain, start with baking..
  3. Only polish your countertops, surrounds, and vertical panels. For polished stone floors, seek a professional stone restoration specialist in your area with the proper tools and training. For more information on polishing granite and other types of natural stone, reach out to the Stone Care Experts at Granite Gold®
  4. On your first visit to a stone yard, you will typically find yourself with three options of granite countertop finishes: polished, honed, and leathered. The most common finish used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops is polished, due to its mirror-like reflective properties which leave stones' natural beauty on display
  5. Learn more about stone refinishing, marble polishing, granite polishing, sealing, and more at http://www.stonecaredu.comSee the products in this video and ot..
  6. Buff the surface of the stone with a soft, clean cloth until you find your desired sheen. We recommend using a polish on your countertops once a week. This will prevent moisture damage or dullness on your countertops or other granite surfaces. To learn more about Rock Doctor Granite and Quartz Polish, visit rockdoctor.com or call 913-894-0288

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Many household cleaners can be abrasive in the long run, taking down the original luster of the laminate countertop. Granite polishers can bring up the shine quotient quickly and easily. The commercial brands of granite cleaners and polishers pair well with the durable Formica Granite gold polish it's simple the best product to polish the surface and make it shiny, it's really easy to use, but before using polish I recommend to use Granite gold cleaner first to remove all germs and stains from surface ,then simply spray polish on the surface ,and let it it stay for 30 second ,then wipe it out with dry towel ,you will see how nicely will leave shine on the surface Bonus Tip: Only polish small sections, rather than the entirety of the countertop, at once. This will allow you to work at your own pace, rather than working against the polishing solution, which can dry and leave residue. A good rule to follow is to go quarter-by-quarter or third-by-third when you decide to polish your marble countertops. [get. Excellent for High Use Countertops. Goddard's Granite and Marble Polish contains Carnauba wax, which is 100% natural, making it safe for kitchens and bathrooms. Use Goddard's Granite and Marble Polish when you clean to bring out the natural beauty of marble, stone and Corian® surfaces. Made in the United States. Kosher Certified. Direction

The surface of your granite countertop or the sealer can be damaged if you exert too much pressure while polishing with a power polisher. So, before you attempt to polish using a power polisher, it is a good idea to check with a professional MB-20 Granite Polishing Kit includes: (1) 8.5oz MB-20 Granite Polishing Cream (1) 5 inch Pad Driver w/ Drill Adapter (2) 5 inch Hogs Hair Pads (1) 5 inch White Pad (1) Set of Instructions. MB-20 Granite Polish is an exclusive proprietary blend of abrasives and polishing agents that represent an industry first and a definite breakthrough to polish your granite, mercantile granite, and serpentine

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A homemade granite cleaner is a great way to keep your countertops looking their best without breaking the bank. In fact, there's a growing interest in DIY or homemade granite cleaning solutions, and for good reasons How to polish marble countertops and remove scratches. Marble is a fabulous countertop material, but it is softer than granite and therefore issues can occur. If yours are looking dull, you'll want to clean marble countertops using either a mild dish soap solution or a specialist marble countertop cleaner first, ahead of polishing them for shine So DO NOT use vinegar-based cleaner (or any acidic cleaner) to clean or polish your granite, or to try and remove residue. How to Remove Foggy Film without Vinegar If needed, use undiluted rubbing alcohol to strip all the soapy film off your counters , and then use my homemade granite cleaner to clean your countertops on a daily basis Shop Granite Gold 24-oz Granite Polish in the Countertop Cleaners & Sealers department at Lowe's.com. Before we created Granite Gold®, we were often asked for advice on how to polish marble, granite and other natural stone. Now you can quickly and easil

Deep clean your granite, remove hard water and mineral deposits, remove or minimize the appearance of light scratches, protect the countertop from water and oil stains, and finish with a high polish that returns the countertop to it's factory finish look. Part Number: 480. Availability: In Stock. Put me on the Waiting List Product Rating 4.5 /5. Reviewed by: Max Perzon. Goddard's Instant Granite Polish Spray is a 2-in-1 cleaner and polish which works great in between applications of sealant. It's one of the best on the market, and it's only real flaw is that it doesn't come with a dedicated sealer To get shiny wood countertops, start by removing stains with a fresh lemon. Wipe down and clean your countertop with a sponge and a non-toxic cleaner. After it's dry, sand the surface lightly (with the grain) thoroughly with 120 grit sandpaper. Sand again with 180 grit sandpaper until the wood is smooth Step 1: Clean Off the Counters. Begin by removing everything off of the counter. Take all appliances, crockery and keepsakes, and move them to another surface like the kitchen table or stovetop. Once the counters are free of large items, use a dry sponge to brush away any debris. Cleaning Granite Countertops

Restore, Clean, Polish! This complete marble maintenance kit comes with: MARBLE POLISHING POWDER: to repair etch marks, dull spots, and light scratches on polished marble, travertine, and limestone COUNTERTOP CLEANER: simple, streak-free daily marble & granite countertop cleaner STONE POLISH: to enhance shine, reduce fingerprints, and add protection This granite polishing cream gets the job done quickly and is easy to use. MB-20 is the top choice of contractors, as any Stone Fabricator's Alliance professional will tell you. The 8.5-ounce jar of MB-20 can be resealed to prevent drying out. The contents range from a paste or cream to something slightly watery, and this is entirely normal How to Polish Granite Countertops. Everyone tries to keep their countertops clean all the time. Granite counters are relatively expensive, but they are durable and beautiful. Having them installed in your kitchen was a notable investment. Like other countertops, they can also show wear and tear, so follow polishing steps and make them stunning.

Giani Countertop Cleaner. Default Title - $12.95 USD. $12.95. Maximum quantity available reached. DESCRIPTION. Giani Countertop Cleaner is specially formulated to keep your new Giani countertops clean, streak free and shiny without harsh chemicals. Giani Countertop Cleaner is environmentally safe and comes in a 22 oz. spray bottle Polishing Granite Edges is a very important phase in Granite Fabrication. A review of the best Tools: Air Polishers, Backer Pads, Polishing Pads: Wet & Dry. Tools for Granite Edge Profile Fabrication, a very important step of Countertops Fabrication. Best Cup wheels, Stone Router, Bits & Silicon Carbide reviewed The key to keeping your granite looking new is the proper cleaning, polishing and sealing of the stone. We make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care . Granite is different than marble when it comes to its recommended usage and its care and maintenance Step 2: Wipe off any residue. Take a clean microfibre towel and damp it in warm water. Give your granite countertop a clean once over. This will take care of most of the dust, watermarks, food particles, beverage, and grease left standing on the surface This non-toxic cleaner dissolves and lifts messy spills, grease, and household soils leaving your countertops spotlessly clean, streak free, shiny and protected. Even the best Granite cleaners are commonly getting negative reviews for leaving streaks. Bayes is streak free, even on black countertops

Polishing and refinishing stone averages $1 to $7 per square foot. Particularly damaged or worn floors and countertops should be professionally polished or refinished. This consists of using a combination of sanding disks, polishing pads and abrasive chemicals to remove a thin layer of stone to create a like-new look How to Polish Composite Countertops. Being good for the environment and safe for your food, does not make a composite countertop impervious to scratches. Even an earth-conscious countertop needs. How to Polish Granite Countertops Granite countertops are quite expensive and cost a lot of money, so the very last thing you wish to see on your countertops is a dirty and scoffed surface. It might come as a relief to you that granite is actually one of the easiest countertop materials to polish MARBLELIFE® Granite Countertop Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle. Home / Cleaners / Granite Cleaner / MARBLELIFE® Granite Countertop Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle. 4.86 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings. ( 14 customer reviews) $ 10.45. Stunning Results Guaranteed - Safer, Quicker & Easier, Healthier, Odor-free, Eco-Friendly and Made in America. The. Ladies, please keep your nail polish away from your quartz countertops. Some other things you shouldn't use on your quartz counter are acidic or alkaline solutions or cleaners, bleach, lemon or lime-based juice, oven cleaner, turpentine drain cleaner, and methylene chloride

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Clean the stone surface of dirt and residue; we recommend using our Granite Cleaner. Spray product on to surface and buff with a dry microfiber cloth in 3 ft sections. Allow the product to stand for 1-2 minutes. Wipe completely dry. Allow 1 hour to cure. For California Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Har At USA Granite Tools you will find the best tools at the best prices: Diamond Abrasives, A-Frames, CNC Tools, Chemicals, Sinks, and mor Cleaning your countertops after each meal is the best recommendation for avoiding cleaning issues with your natural stone! If a homeowner cleans their countertops after each meal, they will rarely, if ever, have staining or cleaning issues with their natural stone. Granite countertops receive additional benefit from being sealed Clean your granite kitchen worktops with only a couple of drops of dish soap and hot water: The best way to keep the countertops clean is by using two simple ingredients, warm water and some dish soap liquid. Combine these in an empty bottle or in the sink. Wipe away the stains carefully and buff with a soft, dry microfiber cloth for a sheeny.

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  1. ute video that demonstrated the following skills and techniques: 1. Grinding with turbo diamond cup wheel; 2
  2. How to clean white stone countertops. Apply baking soda and vinegar to the surface. Scrub the surface with a sponge until stains are completely removed. If some stains remain after several attempts, apply simple green stone cleaner and polish using a paper towel. Dry up the surface with a clean dry towel
  3. Bar Keepers Friend Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish removes food oil, coffee stains, and food debris from countertops without damaging the finish. BKF granite cleaner contains no harmful chemicals, so it's safe for use on most sealed or polished stone, such as marble or quartz vanities, fireplace surrounds, stone entryways and sealed stone lawn.
  4. A shiny and spotless granite countertop makes your kitchen look clean, bright and attractive. It's pretty much the star of a sparkling kitchen. However, the challenge is to keep it that way for years to come. In order to maintain it well, you need to learn how to clean granite countertops. Granite countertops are attractive and durable
  5. Steam cleaning is safe for granite countertops. You can steam clean granite countertops because granite resists heat very well, under the condition that it is sealed properly. However, it's best to not let granite countertops get exposed to hot steam for a long time. Although steam cleaning can clean and disinfect effectively and will not stain.
  6. Step 2: Use a Countertop Advisor recommended quartzite cleaner to clean your countertops. I recommend Granite Gold or Marble Life to clean your quartzite countertops. Step 3: Dry your quartzite countertops using a clean dry microfiber cloth. These cloths are the best to use because they are extremely soft and soak up liquids very well
  7. The best way to polish quartz countertops. There is a right way and a wrong way for everything. The best way to polish quartz countertops involves knowing what the material is like compared to other surfaces. Because quartz is not a porous material, there is less chance for bacteria to soak into its surface unless it's scratched. This makes.

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  1. Stain Removal: For stains on granite or marble countertops, clean with a paste of baking soda and water (for oil-based stains) or hydrogen peroxide (for water-based stains). Apply the paste to the stain, cover with plastic wrap, and tape down the edges. Let sit for a few days (or overnight at the very least), and then rinse off the paste
  2. To deep-clean bathroom countertops, spray the surface with your favorite all-purpose cleaner and wipe with a cleaning cloth. Be sure to check the label before use to confirm the product is suitable for your countertop material. You can also make a DIY bathroom countertop cleaner by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spritz.
  3. Granite countertops are very durable and can take a lot of abuse, but having us provide a deep granite cleaning is a first start to making them look their best for a long while. Also, make sure your regular maintenance cleaner is safe for Granite Cleaning or Natural Stone Surfaces
  4. White & Brass Marble Epoxy Kits. $73.30. Included in the White Marble with Brass Highlights 1/2, 1 & 2 gallon kit: 1/2, 1 or 2 gallon kit of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy 1 - Antique Brass Metallic Spray Paint 1 - Silver Metallic Spray... Choose Options
  5. How to Polish Granite Edges : Granite is in igneous stone and made by cooling down of lava at high pressure. They are one of the harder stone, and has some pores as well. Polishing granite edge is a common task for any granite related DIY project and need little mechanical skil
  6. Homemade granite countertop cleaner is so easy to make, safe on natural stone, and works great! This is the best homemade granite cleaner and will help keep your countertops clean and shining. If you have granite in your home, you have to try this 3-ingredient all-natural cleaning spray

The price of your granite countertops will depend on the granite's finish and its availability. Polished granite requires more grinding than honed granite and you would think that is will be more expensive. On the contrary, polish granite tends to be less expensive comparing honed or brushed because if high availability No more sealing your granite every two years. No more special cleaners or polishes. GRANITE SHIELD- is a one time, permanent, breathable sealing process for new or existing granite.It makes your top more vibrant, shinier, and even smooth.GRANITE SHIELDcreates a permanent barrier lasting a lifetime.It is safe, and protects against many household bacteria and mold Oregon Marble Refinishing is a natural stone restoration company. We refinish stone floors, countertops, tables, mantels, showers, tub decks, etc. We specialize in marble polishing, marble honing, marble cleaning, limestone polishing, limestone honing, travertine polishing, travertine honing, floor honing, floor polishing, floor cleaning and. Pour your cleaner in a spray bottle, spray a little on your granite surface, then wipe it away with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This will help keep your granite shiny and lustrous. This mixture can also be used to clean appliances, but keep it away from wooden surfaces as the alcohol can strip away varnishes and damage the wood's finish

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According to Kitchn, if you have butcher block countertops, you should clean them with a solution of water and undiluted white vinegar. Meanwhile, for marble, granite, quartz, and laminate countertops, soap and water also work perfectly. For more helpful cleaning tips, check out 23 Cleaning Tips From the CDC You Need to Follow Rock Doctor Granite Polish is fast-drying and non-abrasive. It's non-acidic and is specially formulated to work on both old and new stone surfaces. After cleaning with the Granite Cleaner, I spray a thin coating of the polish on my stone countertop. Using an absorbent cloth, I wipe the polish onto the stone in a circular motion Some Other Ways. You can also use vinegar to clean the faux granite countertop. Mix three parts of water to one part of white vinegar and the resulting solution can be used for daily wiping and cleaning purposes. Apply wax polish with a soft towel or cloth periodically to give a high gloss finish. More From Doityourself Polishing Onyx Countertops. Using Pot Holder, Hot Pad, or Trivets in the kitchen can help save your countertops from damages. Onyx stone countertops still get tiny scratches, stains, and other blemishes with time. You can fix these flaws by hiring a professional to polish your countertop to keep them smooth and looks good for longer

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  1. The Dupont StoneTech polish adds brilliant shine to polished stones while leaving no greasy film behind. This polish will not streak. The easy to use formula is great for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Important note: This product should never be used on floors. It can create slipping hazards. For use on:
  2. Turns out that the best possible granite countertop cleaner is actually homemade and really easy to make. The process to make it is really simple, you just need 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp dish soap, the juice from half a grapefruit and grapefruit peels. Yes, that's all you need I'm not even kidding
  3. The Right Way To Clean Granite Kitchen Countertops. There are plenty of things to love about granite kitchen countertops, from their irregular, natural patterns to the sparkle and luster they give off. Yes, granite countertops can take your kitchen's look to a new level
  4. Granite Care Ltd commitment to unsurpassed service and workmanship has earned us a well deserved reputation as one of Ontario's finest Marble Restoration Companies. No other company offers a higher level of service or greater value. We offer more affordable rates for polishing marble floors and counter tops. We are licensed and insured
  5. Granite Poultice removes deep embedded stains and discoloration from kitchen granite countertops and islands. It is specifically formulated to work below the granites' surface and pull out grease and oil, plus food and beverages that have penetrated into the granite pores
  6. clean-it-forward war on covid-19 Help defeat COVID-19 by Cleaning-It-Forward. Instead of using a paper towel to shield contact from shared surface such as gas pumps, ATM touch pads and Grocery Card handles, how about we spray it down with a quick acting cleaner and wipe the surface down

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For stains on granite or marble countertops, clean with a paste of baking soda and water (for oil-based stains) or hydrogen peroxide (for water-based stains). Apply the paste to the stain, cover. How to deep clean granite. Daily cleaning of granite is actually quite simple. All you need is a wash cloth, warm water, a small amount of dish soap and a hand towel for drying. Use the warm. How to Clean Granite Countertops. For everyday cleaning, use mild dish soap and water on your granite countertops.A hot, soapy microfiber cloth will remove dried on food particles without.

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Here are some of the best ways to clean different types of stone countertops. 01 of 06. Concrete . Trueform Concrete. You may not immediately think of concrete countertops as stone, but concrete is a mixture of finely crushed stone, sand, cement, and water. The mixture is poured into a mold, and after drying, forms a durable solid surface The 24-ounce bottle contains the potency of Granite Gold Daily Cleaner® fused with the brilliance of Granite Gold Polish® to swiftly clean and polish not only granite, but also marble, travertine and all other natural-stone and quartz surfaces.. Using this formula is really convenient and quickly removes all types of spills (bye bye smoothie) and other residue and soils, leaving a fresh. Standard Granite Countertop Maintenance Kit With Buffer. Homeowners, now you can refinish your granite like a Pro.. Your finest hotels and professional cleaning companies, use our Standard Granite Countertop Maintenance Kit to clean, seal, polish, and protect granite countertops, vanities, tabletops, and shower walls What is the Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops? December 16, 2020 . How to Remove Stains from Granite Countertops. December 16, 2020 . How to Polish Granite Countertops. December 16, 2020 . How to Seal Granite Countertops. Legal Information. SealWithEase.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an.

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Marble & Granite Countertop Cleaner. Top-of-the-line granite countertop care & marble cleaning spray extremely popular with consumers and pros! For routine use cleaning marble, cleaning granite countertops, quartz countertops, Corian, solid-surface, travertine, and all other natural stone countertops and backsplashes Now that your countertops are clean it is time to add some sparkle to them! I love this DIY granite spray to get them disinfected and sparkly clean. The rubbing alcohol kills any germs that might be left in the porous granite. The rubbing alcohol also adds the shine. Just spray down the countertops with the granite spray (or a store-bought one. Custom granite countertops, marble countertops, quartz countertops, cabinets and tile installers. Serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area

Stone countertops: Quartz . Stone such as quartz makes for strong and resilient kitchen countertops. The heavy, durable material will give a sleek, palatial feel to your kitchen. They are also very practical, being highly scratch resistant and easy to clean. Quartz countertops do have some drawbacks to consider as well Marble is a popular option for countertops, tabletops, flooring, and fireplace mantles. While it brings natural beauty to your home, it requires special care to prevent damage and stains, which occur easily due to marble's porous surface. With a little time and elbow-grease, you can polish your natural or cultured marble and make it look new again Make your own granite countertop cleaner: Mix 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water and add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Voila, you have your own DIY granite cleaner! Soap and water usually do the trick, but if you want a quick way to disinfect or clean the granite, this spray works great The stone team had an answer for that too. We recommend using a non-acidic, low pH cleanser such as mild soap and water or stone-specific cleaners easily found at your local retailer.. They also mentioned that not every quartzite has exactly the same makeup and you should always ask your sales rep if quartzite is right for your application

Every month, you'll want to polish your surface to keep your black countertop clean and shiny. You can buy a granite polish at the store (remember to make sure it's not acidic) or you can use some baking soda to get the job done. Yearly Cleaning. Once a year, you'll need to reseal your granite countertop To take care of granite countertops, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and mild dish soap. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with paper towels or a soft cloth. If you spill something on the surface, blot it right away with a paper towel and dry with a dishcloth to prevent moisture from seeping into the pores

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Safely and effectively clean spills and stains from laminate countertops with these tips from DIY experts. How to Paint Laminate Countertops to Look Like Stone Replacing laminate countertops with stone can be quite pricey, but they can be redesigned for half the cost with some paint and a bit of patience Keep nail polish, oven cleaner, turpentine, drain cleaners, bleach, methylene chloride, and all other harsh agents away. For more information related to how to clean quartz and countertops, visit our blog. Make sure to contact us for more information. (814) 652-239 Whether it's stripping the shine (if it has one) or making it hazardous to drop food on, what we use to clean our countertops can with consequences. For a surefire way to clean just about any countertop, from laminate to granite, use a mix of rubbing alcohol and water and follow these steps

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Quartz Countertops Are Easy To Care For And Clean. Quartz countertops are not so hard to care for, in fact, they are quite low maintenance. But proper care and maintenance are essential if you want those swanky new quartz countertops looking their very best! So please leave the bathroom cleaners and vinegar in the cupboard for this one Granite Countertops Price. The cost of installing a granite countertop in the bathroom or kitchen ranges from $300 to over $3,400.Basic materials cost anywhere between $150 and $1,800. Labor adds $100 to $1,600 more.The total can increase from there depending on the number of countertops installed, selected materials and scope of the project Click or tap to zoom. View on Vehicle. $11.99. Weiman Granite Polish is specially formulated to shine, brighten and protect sealed stone surfaces. Instantly shines dull, faded countertops. Restores natural colour, veining and gloss. Removes water marks and surface stains. Protects against staining and discolouration

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This granite countertop cleaner is produced by Seventh Generation. Several customers like this because it has no odor, no coloring, no toxic contents, and affordable. It completely disinfects your black leathered granite from mildews, viruses, molds, and bacteria. 4. Baking Soda. Baking soda is a good home countertop cleaner for oil stain removal Natural stone countertops should be sealed regularly depending on the stone to prevent stains. Additionally, never use citrus cleaners on natural stone. Quartz Countertops. Engineered stone, or quartz, countertops might be the easiest to clean and keep stain-free. Spills wipe up easily with a damp cloth and cleaner. Stainless Steel Countertops Corian® Countertop Care: How to Clean and Revitalize Corian Countertops. Whenever you see a beautiful countertop, it could consist of natural stone or Corian. This synthetic material, which is manufactured by DuPont, is a combination of acrylic polymer and a bauxite ore derivative called alumina trihydrate How to Clean Laminate Countertops: Use warm, soapy water, a mild bleach solution, or a nonabrasive kitchen cleaner to clean laminate countertops.Don't use abrasive cleaning pads. Use a soft toothbrush along seams or along metal edging. Take care when using bleach solutions: They may alter the countertop color or cause other surface damage. Test first in an inconspicuous spot Soap and water should be enough to keep your countertops clean on a daily basis. Limit the use of harsh chemicals to once every couple of weeks to avoid damaging the seal on your granite. Even though granite is a strong, durable material, gentle cleanings as part of your daily clean-up routine will protect your countertops from stains and keep.

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