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  1. dset. Most of you will know the fun game
  2. Retromat is a great online tool that gives you the flexibility to build a complete retrospective from a range of different exercises. It breaks it down into the different parts of a retrospective.
  3. 10 best sprint retrospective ideas to keep your team engaged. You want to switch things up for your next retrospective, but you aren't sure where to start. Here are 10 different retrospective techniques you can use to boost engagement and enthusiasm during your sprint review. 1. Mad, Sad, Gla
  4. There are several online services developed specifically for running online retrospectives. Usually, they utilize a predefined workflow that gets teams through every step of the retrospective process, from gathering ideas to later prioritizing them and converting into action lists
  5. Home > Retrospectives > 10 Retrospective Games Ideas To Keep Your Retros Fun, Engaging, and Productive A well-organized retrospective is a big productivity hack for your entire Scrum team. Do retrospectives the right way and your team will become more effective with every agile sprint
  6. Online Retrospective Methods 3: Black Stories - Remote Edition. The next of these online retrospective methods really stimulates creativity, and will surely also make one or two of you laugh. It is also particularly suitable for a fun online check-in, inviting you to a creative session. By this, we mean black stories
  7. In this blog post, I want to share some ideas for hosting agile retrospectives, including some ideas on how to make a retrospective visual more attractive. People who have worked with me, know how important I believe retrospectives are. Retrospectives are the backbone of every team, project, and organization

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Find an Activity. Prime Directive 3. Energizer 23. Check-in 7. Retrospective 35. Futurespective 18. Team Building 19. Filtering 10 30+ Virtual Icebreakers for Remote and Hybrid Teams. Katy Mrvova March 9, 2021. Virtual icebreakers are small interactive team-building activities that help remote or hybrid teams to connect on a personal level and enjoy some fun social time together. A good icebreaker at the start of your meeting will help you set the mood and loosen people up

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RetroTool is a free, real-time online retrospective tool that helps teams reflect in an anonymous manner. The team can concurrently brainstorm ideas and problems, group them, vote and create action plans based on the discussion Many are the reasons to use an online retrospective board: Staying close to your kids, avoiding traffic jam, working from the beach, using a device reader, dealing with work visa issue, working from a distant country, going through a pandemic period, etc. Therefore we invested time and effort on the FunRetrospective online board

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10. Choose a Different Location. Choosing a different location for the Retrospective might do wonders. Leave the office for once. Choose for example a coffee bar, public park or even a boat as the location. A completely different environment really helps the team with brainstorming and defining out-of-the-box ideas Retrospective ideas for distributed teams 3: Black Stories - Remote Edition The next of the retrospective ideas for distributed teams will really stimulate creativity. And will certainly provide a laugh or two. It is also particularly suitable for a fun online check-in to invite your team to a creative session There can be many scrum retrospective ideas found online. Hopefully these three are new to you, or fit your challenges. You can find more ideas or methods for your retrospective, this time during the data gathering phase, in my other article with methods such as: the retro bow, Sherlock Holmes and rocket retro

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Retrospectives should be spaces for contrasting, sometimes controversial, ideas. Step 1 and 2 complete: a representation of a theoretical American Revolutionary War project review, with dot-voting Retro.app - An online retrospective tool that will keep your meetings fun, focused, and productive. Echometer - uses psychological know-how to help unleash the potential of employees & teams in organizations through team retrospectives. Boldare - Retro made faster and easier. Retro - Free Online Retrospective Tool by go agile express

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17 Remote Retrospective Ideas. Posted 26 March, 2020 16 November, 2020 Jennifer Riggins. Now is the time when community means more than ever. Our virtual Aginext community brought it today at our monthly virtual lean coffee. And what holiday could be more agile than World Retrospective Day? Let's dive into the community's suggestions It is a must read if you want to learn more about retrospectives. However, I will explain briefly how good retrospectives are organized. These are great ideas! Thank you for putting them here. I use most of the ideas here and the team loves it. Jones Peterson. If you like my little Retrospective book, please let me know Keeping a team working harmoniously despite the distance can be challenging. It's important to check the team's health regularly especially when working remotely. In software projects where the Agile Scrum methodology is used, one medium to assess the team's health is called a retrospective. It's a regularly occurring meetin Retrospectives are essentially a post-mortem meeting with everyone involved on a project to discuss what worked, what didn't, and to agree on actionable ways to improve for the next time. Retrospectives are commonly used by agile software development teams to: Highlight opportunities for change. Generate meaningful process improvements

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Add ideas at any time. Brainstorm across oceans. Export as PDF or Xls. Best viewed on chrome, firefox or safari. Feedback. via Twitter; via Board; FAQ. Contributors. Terms and Conditions. 17734320 Ideaz on 1595749 Boardz. 3. Friday Night Beers. Irrespective of what kind of week you've all had you can schedule a virtual meeting down the Nags Head for a drink after work at say 5.30pm or 6.00pm. This can be a local virtual pub or virtual wine bar. Get a glass of wine, beer or a soft drink and just chat and have a laugh. 4 List of virtual team building activities. From tiny campfire, to International Monster Hunter, and Bingo, here are some fun virtual activities for virtual meetings and other formats. 1. Online Office Games 🎏. Online Office Games is a form of Office Olympics that includes spirited challenges, virtual team games and activities A digital online retrospective tool means you are not bound by sticky notes or walls (literally and metaphorically). Grab your devices (Or pen and paper if you choose to go old school). Head outside and enjoy the fresh air in a park, a change of scenery at a quiet cafe or a more informal one at the pub Our Simple Retrospective Template comes set up with these categories. Changing the categories that you use is a good way to let new ideas and thinking emerge, since reframing the question can stimulate new thoughts. At Ideaflip, some of our favourite and creative retrospective formats are

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  1. I have always said that Retrospectives are the heart of Scrum and the Agile world. This is the instance where the team all get together and do a self-inspection on how they are working so far: what went well, what could be improved, and -that is the good part- make a plan and a list of tasks for improving the next Sprint. In short, the Retrospective is the space where the team can.
  2. Go back in time. to improve the future. With RetroTool you can create engaging retrospectives for your team - and it's absolutely FREE! Create New Retro. Sign-Up for Free. Over 211K retros have been created by our users
  3. The team should brainstorm solutions and put a plan in place for actualizing the best ideas. It's best to limit the number of changes Sprint-to-Sprint, so you can isolate their effects when you review them at the next Retrospective. Close the Retrospective. Finally, it's time to close the Retrospective on a high note
  4. 2. Team Retrospective. The sailboat exercise is by far my favorite method to use for exploring team thoughts and ideas. In this version, I use five particular items to appropriately position.
  5. To run the activity online, create a 5 by 5 table with interesting facts, one for each box of the table. For example, you could write things such as: speaks more than two languages, has been to Argentina etc. Or, it would be a good idea to tie the facts with the topic of the class

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In comparison to EasyRetro, retrospectives on Retrium keep your team engaged. Try Retrium for free to see how. Focus conversations on the most important topics. Privately brainstorm feedback and ideas. Collaboratively group similar topics into themes. Vote to prioritize themes to discuss together Iteration Retrospective [Scaled Agile] The iteration retrospective is used by Agile teams to reflect on the iteration just completed and to derive new ideas to improve the process. This helps instill the concept of relentless improvement—one of the pillars of the SAFe Lean-Agile Mindset—in the individuals and the team 2. The Retro Meeting. Join your team on the web with our real-time synced retro board. Alternatively, some users may opt to review or vote on notes straight from slack. Take advantage of all our tooling, such as voting, grouping, and discussion timers to make your retro as effective as possible. 3. Wrap up and Takeaways Alternatively, you can use an online tool for retrospectives. As of 2020 there are many available, either free or subscription-based. For a full list of tools, see my Retrospective Exercises Toolbox (scroll down to Tools for remote/distributed retrospectives) Run retrospectives on your schedule. Whether you have a remote team, distributed team or are co-located in the same office, Parabol's free online retrospective tool can help you run a great remote retrospective. In real-time, you can synchronously go through each phase of the sprint retrospective, and even set a timer to keep your meeting on track

Short and fun icebreakers that are 15 minutes or less to get teams of any size energised for the day. We have a big range of games and activities for you to choose from An Online Retrospective Tool made to improve. Neatro offers interactive Agile retrospective boards to help teams have meaningful conversations and build their action plan. These action plans will be at the heart of Neatro's continuous improvement loop. Whether you are a Scrum Master / Agile Coach or a member of a team that wants to improve.

Dashboard. FUN RETROSPECTIVES Activities Catalog New Retrospective. Quick Boards Thumbs / New Ideas / Recognition. Four-panel retrospective for team feedback that includes an emphasis on recognition and new ideas. Worked Well / Kinda Worked / Didn't Work. A simple retrospective that focuses on the successes and shortcomings of a topic or activity. Futurespectives A sprint retrospective, typically the last step involved in Scrum methodology, is a meeting scheduled at the end of a sprint. The team, including the Scrum master and product owner, reviews what went well during the sprint and what could be improved in an effort to continuously analyze and optimize the process. You spend a lot of time in meetings

Parabol is a free online retrospective tool. Try it without creating an account. Parabol features custom templates, powerful analytics, multi-user grouping, rich text editing, integrations, and gorgeous meeting summaries. Tasks are assigned and tracked so your team can continuously improve Download the online retrospective Google Slides template at: https://www.workshopwednesday.co/videos/best-online-retrospective-for-beginnersGetting started w.. Also, Fun Retrospectives is one of my favorite sites to get ideas about retrospectives. remote-working, remote-team-retrospective, retrospective, agile, ice-breaking-session, ice-breaking-game, team-appreciation, learning. Shivani Thakur. Co-Founder and GM at Kiprosh.com. I am a full-stack developer and prefer clean deliveries If you're looking for some sprint retrospective ideas to make your next one more effective, keep reading. Whether you're stuck in a rut with the same old questions, looking to mix things up, or planning to roll out the sprint retrospective process to your team, here are some sprint retrospective examples to get your juices flowing Get inspired with Timbo's remote retrospective ideas and make your online meetings fresh and exciting. Team health check. Make sure everyone is a part of a happy and productive team and empowered to do their best at work. Track key dimensions and get valuable insights from your team, visualize results and lead meaningful discussions that create.

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If the discussion is dominated by one or two people, the facilitator should step in and call on others before moving on. 5. Actions 10 MIN. Have everyone brainstorm actions that can be taken to improve problem areas, one idea per note. Post the notes and group similar or duplicate ideas Getting actions from a retrospective often happens quite naturally, however, sometimes it's not so straightforward. Once you're coming to the end of the stop start continue retrospective you may find yourself in one of two situations: First, the team may be going round in circles over a theme Parabol guides agile teams through quick and powerful retrospectives, check-ins and estimation meetings. Facilitate better online meetings with a purpose-built tool, and watch your team flourish. Get Started for Free Try an Instant Demo

A good retrospective strengthens the team and creates a spirit of shared identity. Typically, retrospectives are held within a delivery team or a small team working on a specific topic. But sometimes, you have to run a retrospective session with larger teams — for instance, a whole project team that consists of multiple delivery teams To resist this useless slump, Actions for Retrospectives, based on Nick Oostvogel's Actions Centered, allows teams to examine multiple aspects of an event or project in order to form original ideas on how it can be enhanced in the future. Break free from the barriers of boring retrospective analysis strategies to discover how you can make.

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To keep things interesting, both virtually and IRL, here are some of our favorite Agile games you can play to spice up your retros! #1 Keep KALM and be Agile. The first exercise is called KALM, which stands for Keep, Add, More, Less. It's a retrospective activity that helps teams to focus on current activities and align their perceptions of value With this simple retrospective template, your team brainstorms their on feedback onto sticky notes in three categories: I wasn't so keen on: things that haven't been so fun, or worked well, or anything else you weren't keen on. It would be better if: parts of the process that aren't bad, but you have an idea for making them better Eye-catching illustrations.templates.agile.type-name template: Retrospective Meeting Ideas. Great starting point for your next campaign. Its designer-crafted, professionally designed and helps you stand out

A 7-Step Agenda for Effective Retrospectives. These seven steps will help you create a solid retrospective structure that keeps you and your team focused and on-track. It is the time for team members to feel heard. Each important note is written down and acknowledged. Shared notes will trigger conversations. Action items are created Here are 10 retrospective ideas that you can add to your Scrum toolkit. Liked, learned, lacked, longed for (4 L's) Sailboat. Speedcar. Starfish ( small, large) Stop, start, continue. Mad, sad, glad. Token of appreciation. One word retrospective Five ideas of techniques to help a ScrumMaster improving Scrum retrospectives like rotating the facilitator or making a retrospective of retrospectives. As retrospectives are one of the main improvement tools for Agile teams, it is a challenge to keep them efficient and they can also be the subjects of improvement All Retrium retrospectives start with private brainstorming, move on to grouping and affinity theming, continue with dot voting, and end with prioritized discussion and the creation of an action plan. Unlike online whiteboards, Retrium isn't freeform space. After all, retrospectives aren't free-for-alls either. Good ones have a flow to them

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  1. While teams may need to connect over video chat and collaborate in online tools for workshops, you can still engage and enliven your team by using virtual meeting games and online energizers that have been tailored or adjusted to the remote setting. In this post, we've collected 20 online energizers and games for virtual meetings alongside.
  2. Ideas to get the creativity flowing could also be a version of mad-libs that would test verbage and story cohesion, especially if the end result flows as a story. Reply. Amber M March 27, 2020 at 11:12 am. I think a great idea for a team building activity for remote teams is a walk together. Everyone goes on a walk of a certain distance, at a.
  3. This quick retrospective template provides a bare-bones approach to reflecting on the success of a project. Fill in the spaces for what went well, what went poorly, and any new ideas or actions to take. Use this template when you want to speedily and succinctly identify the strengths and weaknesses of an Agile or Scrum project or a particular.
  4. Use this template to generate Agile retrospective ideas and organize your retrospective work, all in one place: Meeting. Keep your retrospective meetings on track by gathering important details in a workspace: the calendar event, agenda, and call information. References. A productive retrospective starts with candid feedback

A retrospective is a structured way to gather knowledge, insights, metrics, and artifacts from a completed project, phase, or development iteration. Even in daily life, taking the time to reflect. Read also: How To Run a Great Retrospective With Your Remote Team. Over to you. The right poll questions will personalize your online meeting, inject a dose of humor and help you reach your objectives. We hope that the above poll examples inspired you and will make your next meeting more participatory and fun The 3-column retrospective template. 1. Start the retrospective by gathering data (5-10 minutes) 2. Organize and vote on the ideas (5 minutes) 3. Discuss and assign follow-up actions (30 minutes) Final thoughts & your copy of the template Retrospectives, sometimes known as agile retrospectives, scrum retrospectives, sprint retrospectives, and more, are opportunities for development teams of any size to reflect on their process and sprints in order to improve from one cycle or project to the next one. It is a simple methodology allowing teams to collaborate, discuss, and look. Stormboard focuses on idea generation, organization, and prioritization: You can add different types of notes, combine them together, comment in threads, and vote on ideas using colored dots. It has a strong reporting functionality that allows you to instantly turn your online sticky notes into structured meeting reports

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  1. 10 check-in exercises for agile retrospectives. A quick check-in exercise is a great way to start a retrospective. Not only does it help the group get warmed up and quickly get a feeling for how everyone feels the sprint went. It's also a really useful tool for you as the facilitator, as a way to assess what's going on
  2. Capture your ideas The Retrospective Blueprint defaults to a what went well / what didn't go well format, which allows the whole team to help translate one person's feedback into actionable tasks. If your team is more experienced, you can easily adapt the blueprint to use a start / stop / continue format - either instead of or in addition.
  3. Many agile leaders agree that sprint retrospectives are considered a continuous improvement opportunity for a Scrum team to review the good, the bad—and the ugly. But, there are also team members that waver the idea of sprint retrospectives at the end of every sprint. In this blog post, I'll discuss why Sprint Retrospectives are important for a successful agile project and share some ideas.
  4. For a while we (Paulo Caroli and TC Caetano) have been cataloguing many ideas and activities for retrospectives. We've created a 7-step agenda with steps and activities to help you to structure your next retrospective
  5. Agile Retrospectives. A retrospective is anytime your team reflects on the past to improve the future. Between technical and non-technical teams, you can retro on just about anything! Right now, we're hosting a public retrospective on agile software development. Help define the future of agile by adding some of your ideas to our board

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  1. It's difficult to come up with spontaneous ideas, so encourage the team members to sort their thoughts before the retrospective (see Brainwriting) Don't just focus on improving at all costs and pressure the team to implement all ideas that come up during the session. It takes all the fun out of the exercise and can hamper the team's.
  2. The sprint retrospective is a recurring meeting held at the end of a sprint used to discuss what went well during the previous sprint cycle and what can be improved for the next sprint. The Agile sprint retrospective is an essential part of the Scrum framework for developing, delivering, and managing complex projects
  3. FunRetrospectives: activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging - Kindle edition by Caroli, Paulo, Caetano Coimbra, TainĂŁ. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading FunRetrospectives: activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging
  4. Hook them, build relationships, and get your retrospectives started on the right foot with these two steps to nail the first 30 seconds of your agile retrosp..
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Sailboat Retrospective. The Sailboat retrospective is a well-known and well-used retro - and for good reason. It's easy to grasp, visually interesting and can be applied to just about any team or situation to reflect on their team journey. You'll present the team with an image of a boat sailing to a paradise island, with forces helping it. R emoteRetro provides a framework for the entire retrospective process, from idea generation to discussion to identification of action items, and it does so no matter what the limitations of the physical space may be. It's a great equalizer, and a major step forward for retro organizers and participants.' David A. Black author, The Well-Grounded Rubyis What I Love about the Retrospectives Extension! Intuitive - I like how easy it is to get the extension installed (Kudos to the Azure DevOps Team), the swim lanes and the extension is extremely intuitive. Also, you probably couldn't tell from the animated gifs but the feedback repsonses and groupings are real time Jun 25, 2020 - There are many online tools available which makes our life easy.When it comes to agile retrospectives, there are lot of tools available,some are entirely free and some are available with paid options. Having more options makes the selection difficult and we want to review some of the popular retrospective online tools available to provide the. With TeamMood, you can have access to daily feedback, ideas and comments from your team members during the whole period. It works as a team's diary. Using this data during your retrospectives helps you get a comprehensive view of what happened, and enriches or starts interesting discussions with your teammates. Paul R. Westpac, New Zealand

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Improve continuously. Facilitate online or onsite retrospectives. Team voting for the most important ideas. The best 14 retrospective techniques included. Analyze complex problems with root cause analysis. Causal loops diagram or mind maps. 5 why technique A retrospective in which teams rated their abilities in each of the categories, displayed the different ratings on a spider graph, and then discussed the result. To talk about what abilities are important to an Agile team and how your team rates against them. 60. Appreciative Retrospective Project Retrospectives: Perhaps Your Best Source of Valuable Improvement Ideas builds a compelling case for adopting retrospectives as a primary method for improving project performance. Foundations for the Perfect Retrospective gives pointers to some great information on retrospectives and gives almost a dozen tips on successfully establishing. This retrospective technique uses a sailboat as a metaphor for the team. The idea is that the team is on a sailboat, heading towards their goal while dealing with winds and icebergs along the way. Winds help propel the boat forward but obstacles such as pirates, rocks, and stubborn anchors represent the risks that the team might encounter that. Sprint retrospective in distributed teams. Performing a retrospective at the end of a sprint is an important concept within Scrum. However, facilitating such sessions with team members across the globe is very difficult. Therefore, now Scrum Toolkit is available to make the retrospective session easy and fun. Sign up for free at Scrum Toolkit

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Retrospectives. One of the most important meeting in Scrum is the Retrospective (or post-mortem as many prefer to called them). During the Retrospective team members think in which way they can improve their performance. If all team members are in the same building it is too easy to meet in a room and with sticky notes and sharpies put on a. Four simple steps for collaborative Retrospectives: Input ideas simultaneously to recap the sprint. Create topics to group similar ideas together. Vote to prioritize ideas worth discussing. Create action items and turn them into Jira issues ; Customize your Retrospective style: Choose number and name of the columns for your Retrospective

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All-in-one agile collaboration tool for conducting engaging remote daily standups, online retrospectives and sprint plannings. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer a rock that represents the future impediments that the team could meet. It is interesting to know that the exercise helps to highlight the positive and negative points and prepare the team to meet new impediments. This known retrospective is very complete. The Scrum Master must also provide pens (markers would be top) and post'it notes Different steps of Sailboat Sprint Retrospective Step 1: Set the Stage for Sailboat Retrospective. Let team draw a picture of a sailboat floating in water, and fill half the space above and half below the water with the sun, anchors, wind, rocks, reef and a islands or you can simply print pictures and just attach them to the board or any available wall space Bring Me is a proper energiser that will get everyone moving. It's a super simple game that great works in person, or over video conference, and is sure to bring out the competitive nature of your team.. You'll read out a random selection of items and it's the first person to bring that item back to you that gets the point - easy as that It prevents the Retrospective to become the Scrum Master Show and gives you the opportunity to act more as a team member from within. Closing In this blog post, I've shared some ideas on. A Retrospective is a valuable way to improve how your team works together by reflecting on what has come before and using what you have learned to move ahead together. The authors present a.