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The selective crossbreeding of half-moon tail and the crown tail is half sun tail type betta. It has fins that can flare up to 180 degrees like that of a half-moon with rays slightly extended past the webbing, but not as much like in a crown tail Veiltail betta fish are the poster tail type for the species. These fish come in all colors and are easily recognized by their downward-sloping fins that come to a point. The fins are long and flowing and the tail arches up and over like a veil The Crowntail betta fish has become a hugely popular tail type variation. Crowntails received their name from their spiky tail and fins. There are three recognized types of crowntail, the double ray, the single ray, and the crossed ray. Crossed rays are the most desirable and the most expensive to purchase Delta tail and super delta bettas are two common types of the tail that are often use in attempts to breed half-moon bettas. The males have long fins with straight caudal rays. An angle of up to 150˚ between the upper and lower caudal rays. How To Identify How To Delta Tail And Super Delta Betta 13. Plakat or Short-fin. Plakat Betta has got to be the closest variety to a traditional wild Siamese Fighting Fish. The tail is short and round with a spiky appearance, Sometimes coming to a point on top and the bottom side. A lot of the time, Newbies may mistake it for a female Betta due to its short finnage. 14

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Betta fish have tails that vary from long and majestic, to spikey and short. Usually, the Betta's name will give you an idea of what shape their tail is. Some of the more common names include Crowntail, Veiltail, Halfmoon, and the small Plakat Wild bettas might have short tails, but selective breeding has created a variety of dramatic options. Tail types are classified based on shape and size, and the name usually provides a clue. 1. Combtail Betta (Betta splendens var. Combtail

Mustard betta fish are extremely common. Like the chocolate betta, they are bi-colored and have a dark-colored body with translucent orange tail and fins. Whereas chocolate bettas have a brown body, mustard betta fish typically have a blue or green body and may also have a tail that shades to black on its outer tips The crown tail betta (abbreviated to CT) is perhaps one of the easiest tail types to recognize as the reduced webbing and very extended rays give them a highly distinctive spiky appearance. There can be double, triple, crossed and even quadruple ray extensions Combtail Generally, Combtails are a result of crossbreeding A Crowntail with any of other Betta types like Plakat, Halfmoon, Delta, etc. Combtails are like Crowntails, Except for the fact that the webbing in their tail goes further than half of their tail's rays. 4.Halfmoo

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  1. The Double Tail betta type has two tail fins, and breeders have been known to cross-breed the Double Tail with other betta types such as Halfmoon, Crowntail, and Plakats to achieve spectacular looking betta fish types. Double Tail betta fish types are rare, and they are plagued by a combination of health conditions such as swim bladder disease
  2. Tail Types Tail types are the result of decades of selective breeding, and are the best way to categorize betta fish. They are each pretty distinct and come with their own unique set of traits that affect the rest of the betta's anatomy! There are Singletail bettas and Doubletail bettas, which will be talked about more further down
  3. Commonly betta fins and tail are colorless. On the other hand, Such fins pattern is also found in other varieties of betta in which one end of the fin has solid or dark colors and the tail is transparent like glass or milky white. 3

Delta tail by Betta girl (guest) Deltatail bettas are quite similar to the halfmoon, but with tails that go below the 180 degree angle. These are one of the not-so-common betta tail types in the stores. They may be selected for a show fish or a breeding fish. This is a heterozygous (multi-gene) fish, so it can be shown on a Punnett Square as Dd Tail Types Veil tail: This tail type is the most common and what is usually found in pet stores. The gene for Veil tail is dominant and is very hard to breed out of a line. The tail is long and thin and usually tapers to a point

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Types of Betta Fish: Names, Tail, Shape, and Color. April 4, 2020. August 3, 2019 by Sean B. Betta genetics could be an entire article on its own. To grossly simplify, bettas have four layers of color in their skin: black, red, yellow, and an iridescent layer. Through breeding bettas whose genes show dominance in various layers of the others. Your betta's variety will depend on their colors, patterns, and/or tail configurations. Some varieties include the Red Veil Tail Betta and Bi-Colored Double Tail Betta, for instance. They may be different varieties, but they're all the same species. How Did Pet Bettas Become So Diverse The crowntail betta (abbreviated as CT) is one of the most easily recognized tail types. Their reduced webbing and extended rays give them an extremely distinctive, spiky appearance. You can have ray extensions that are double, triple or even quadruple. Crowntail Bettas can spread to 180 degrees, although less is acceptable More tail types include the Combtail Betta, Round Tail, Spade Tail, Over-Halfmoon, Super Delta, Half-Sun, and Feathertail. Combtail Bettas are similar to Crowntails. The difference is in the length of the webbing and the rays. Combtails have webbing which reaches more than 2/3 of the way up the tail

12. Spade Tail. The Spade Tail (no abbreviation) has an equal spread on either side of the fin, similar to a Round Tail, but with tail finishing in a point rather than a rounded edge. Categories: Betta Fish Types , Combtail , Crowntail , Deltas , Double Tail , Feathertail , Half Moon , Half Sun , Over Halfmoon , Plakat , Rosetail , Round Tail. this is amazing! I have been trying to breed betta fish. I had a male double tail betta that a named Gale and I bred him with a female veil-tail betta (Katniss). The bubble nest was to small and they did not pick up the eggs and katniss ate them. Four days later, Katniss died Betta is easy to feed but their life is not long enough to live. There are many types of the tail for betta fish, and this video I try to combine many kinds.

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  1. Betta Fish (Betta splendens), or Siamese Fighting Fish, is one of the most popular tropical fish available today.Found in most pet stores, they are well-known for their aggressive nature and astounding beauty. Thanks to years of selective breeding, Bettas can be found in an assortment of tail types, patterns, and colors
  2. Here's a brief guide to betta fish tail types to help you to know your delta tail from your crowntail! Veiltail betta. The most common variety of betta fish that you'll find stocked in most fish shops is the veiltail. You can recognize the veiltail by his long, flowing, downward swooping caudal (tail) that resembles a bride's wedding veil
  3. Thailand is the country of origin of the Betta species. Siam was the original name of Thailand, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish. This type closely looks like the Betta fish found in the wild. The Plakat have short and round tails
  4. The crown tail is one of the most common types of betta fish tails. This tail type is so named because it ends in spike-like projections. The spikey ends appear this way because of the reduced webbing toward the edge of the tail. Male bettas with this type of tail are usually colorful with long tails. The females are noticeably different with.
  5. ous fins. It's incredible that there are around 100 kinds of betta. You can also differentiate betta fish types by species, tail type, the pattern of fins, and.
  6. The most common betta tail types. These popular fish were traded and collected for sport in the 1800s in modern-day Thailand (formerly Siam). Since these fish were meant for fighting, their shorter fins were desirable

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The short fins allow for the fish to get around quickly, without any excess finnage weighing them down. Any other tail type is a man-made mutation. In the Plakat male, the anal fin is markedly extended and pointed, when compared with females. The tail is symmetrical, and the rays branch at least once. The Crowntail Male - Brighter bronze with some green on body and fins with a dark stripe from eyes to gills. Sarawak. Small, round tail and short Fins. Female - flat bronze color. Male - dark stripe down its entire side. Siamese Fighting. Fish. Most common pet Betta Betta splendens is the proper name for the domesticated betta fish species commonly sold in stores throughout the world. Wild type betta species are neither brightly colored nor long finned like the B. splendens variety and had to be selectively bred for the fish many hobbyists covet today. Within the Betta splendens species, there are many different tail types that make each breed visually.

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When mixing tail types, you need to be careful... The wrong combo could produce I sellable fry, but the right one could improve form, etc. I would much rather a DTxHM cross than a DTxCT cross, just because the crowntail gene can create messy fins down the line. Crossing a DT with a HM could improve the dorsals of a single tail fish, however Originated from Thailand, the Fantail betta is quite similar to the Delta Tail. Both have fins narrow at the base or body of the fish and quite wider at the ends. However, Faintail has rounded edges as compared to the sharp edges of a Delta Tail. As the name suggests, the Fantail looks a lot like a fan and spreads out beautifully Betta Tail Types. With bettas being available in so many tail types, it can be difficult identifying what you have. To help out with possibly identifying your betta's tail type, I have put together a basic guide below! (Please note that this guide only provides a basic look at types of bettas based on caudal spread. This is not meant to.

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The answer is yes. In most cases, a betta can fully regrow a damaged tail. While a betta can regrow a tail in most cases, it is best to avoid tears and injuries. We will cover common causes of tail and fin injuries, as well as how to prevent and treat them. We will also discuss injuries where the tail cannot recover Rare types of Betta fish Double Tail Betta. Image Credit: Fity Club. The Double Tail Betta is a type of fish that has two distinct tails. Due to a genetic mutation, its caudal fins are separated at the base and grow in two lobes rather than one. This species is rare as its babies tend to have a low survival rate Betta Fish, Dogs and other animals. Games! Betta fish care guide. HTML guide. Beginner's guide to Spanish. Index of links. And more More tail types of this include the Combtail Betta, Round Tail, Spade Tail, Over-Halfmoon, Super Delta, Half-Sun, and Feathertail. Comb tail Bettas are almost like Crowntails. The difference is in the length of the webbing and therefore the rays. Combtails have webbing which reaches quite 2/3 of the high the tail Betta Fin Rot Symptoms. There are stages of fin rot varying from mild to severe which will show differing symptoms and severity. It is always best to catch any visible fin rot signs or symptoms early because it can quickly progress without attention. The Dorsal (top), Caudal (tail) and Anal (bottom) fin are the easiest fins to check and identify if fin rot is affecting your betta

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Sep 2, 2019 - Beautiful Betta - Koi Dark Knight HalfMoon Betta Male Check latest price on eBay Beautiful Betta - Koi Fancy Transparence HalfMoon Male Check latest price on eBay Beautiful Betta - Fancy Black Snow Transparence HalfMoon Male Check latest price on eBay Beautiful Betta - Fancy Tricolor HalfMoon Betta Male Check latest price on eBay Beautiful Betta - Fancy Marble Lemonade. 2.Veil tail Betta. One of the beautiful types of betta fish, the Veil tail betta fish is the most common type of betta fish. They can easily be spotted as they have a long, flowing, and downwards swooping tail. Their tails arch up, then swoop down again as the fish floats or swim appearing to look like a veil

There are many betta fish tank mates or companions that can live with male or female bettas under the right conditions. This is known as a community tank and can house more than two kinds of species. Throughout history, the betta fish or Siamese fighting fish was continuously bred for its territorial aggression Betta tomi; Fin Types In Betta Fish Veil Tail The veil tail betta is one of the most common long-finned forms. These fish have a caudal fin that arches and then leans down, forming a wedding veil. Spade Tail. This tail variant was more popular during the 1990s, but today it is less common. The spade tail bettas have a caudal fin that is wide at. The Combtail betta fish - Combtail betta fish are a cross of a crowntail betta fish and another tail type. Combtail betta fish can be bred into a crowntail betta fish, but will probably carry a dominant gene like a VT. They often have the veil tail betta fish fin type but combined with some extended rays on all of their fins to different degrees making them unique betta fish types The average size of a Crowntail Betta is about 2.5 inches from the snout to the tip of the tail. Some may get up to 3 inches long, but those instances are rare. Author Note: Most of this length comes from their long flowing fins. The body of the fish is relatively small

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Jan 8, 2021 - Explore Betta Fish Community's board DOUBLE TAIL BETTA FISH TYPE, followed by 26788 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about betta fish types, betta fish, betta Oshimia D. S. Jordan, 1919. Pseudobetta Richter, 1981. Betta, / ˈbɛtə / is a large genus of small, often colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes, known as bettas , in the gourami family (Osphronemidae). The best known Betta species is B. splendens, commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish 100 Betta Fish Names for All Types. Royal Names for Betta Fish. Crown tail and half-sun bettas go well with names derived from royalty as their fins and tails form crown-like shapes. These names work well for any color betta, particularly gold shades like orange, yellow or pineapple and of course purple, the color of royalty.. An excellent option for larger male betta set-ups, this species grows to almost 2.5-inches in length and is a powerful schooling swimmer. They prefer to be kept in groups of 8 to 10 fish in densely planted tanks with little water current. They are ideal for tanks 20-gallons and up and usually do well with betta fish I have an EE, DT, a HM and a giant that are all plakat tail types. Betta Fish Forum. A forum community dedicated to Betta fish owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about breeds, health, behavior, tanks, care, classifieds, and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums

6. Betta Crown Tail. This type of betta fish is often referred to as betta because this fish has a unique tail fin like a comb or even looks like a torn screen. There are two types of betta namely single and tail double or double tail. This tail Betta originates from Indonesia and is the result of a cross-breeding conducted by Indonesian breeders Betta Fish Types. Blue crown tail. Saved by M.Fuad Arifin. 24. Betta Fish Types Amazing Nature King Crown Awesome Blue Corona Crowns Crown Royal Bags 1). Veil Tail. While this may be one of the most common types of Betta Fish that you'll find in pet stores, this Betta Fish is not common in its beauty. The Veil Tail Betta Fish has long and. 1. Examine the short length a Betta fish's tail. Betta fish have a variety of tail types. One simple way to identify a Betta fish is by the length of its tail. Short tails are common in wild type Bettas, as well as Bettas that are bred to fight

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Wild type betta species are neither brightly colored nor long finned like the b. splendens variety and had to be selectively bred for the fish many hobbyists covet today. Within the betta splendens species, there are many different tail types that make each breed visually unique 1) Half Moon Betta 2) Rose Tail Betta 3) Half Moon Plakat 4) Elephant Ear/Dumbo Betta 5) Crown Tail Betta 6) Double Tail Betta 7) Over Half Moon 8) Plakat 9) Feather Tail Betta 10) Veil Tail Betta 11) Delta Tail Betta 12) Spade Tail Betta. There are different varieties of Betta Fish. This video will help to choose the right type of Betta for you

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The defining tail type of a Half Moon betta is a long, rounded tail that expands to an exact 180 degrees when the fish is upset or showing off. The best way to check the tail rotation of betta is to have it flare. Once flaring, the betta will extend the tail fully, and you can take a picture to determine the degree it expands to Betta fish are really beautiful creatures with brilliant shades of colors. The big fins and tails dance in the water, which looks absolutely memorizing. However, due to this reason, they are often over-exploited for the aquarium trade. A lot of species of the betta fish are critically endangered since their habitats are under constant threat Zebra fish, Brachydanio rerio, the Japanese Rice fish (Medaka) Oryzias latipes, the long-popular Goldfish, Carassius auratus, and the Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens. Studies of fish genetics, using aquarium species, have provided interesting information which has contributed greatly to general genet-ical knowledge These fishes are territorial and will fight to the death. It is also safe to put any gender of betta with another type of smaller, less colorful fish. Female bettas form a pecking order, so having only 2 female bettas in a tank is not a good idea. At the pet shops, most bettas are of veil Tail or Plakat types 45.10 $. Betta fish OHM Prince of Blue Marble Sky Hawk quantity. Add to cart. Categories: HM, HM Male SKU: o07293 Tags: animal aquarium aquarium for sale aquarium long beach aquarium tanks aquastar aquastar71 beautiful aquarium beautiful betta fish beautiful fish beautiful tank beautyful fish betta betta breeder betta breeders betta breeding.

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A true albino Betta fish will have red eyes. • Brown. • Orange. • Purple. Bettas are also known for their frilly, flowing, filmy tails, but there are a wide number of different tail types found in the Betta fish world. Betta Fish Tail Types. • Veil tail: This is the most common type of Betta fish tail The following are the different types of betta fish are distinguished by the type of tail that is usually raised by the betta fish lovers. 1. Veil Tail (VT) The most common type of tail type you will ever come across in pet stores is the Veil Tail. This type of tail is long, with a long anal and dorsal fin also, and droops down from the caudal. Double Tail Betta. The Double Tail Betta is also known as DT or DTM (doubletail male), and DTF (doubletail female). They are a cultivated mutation that gives the fish a dorsal fin equal in length to the anal fin, and two distinct caudal lobes. Often it also produces a thicker-bodied fish with a wider backside, or deformities such as crooked.

Betta fish are magnificent fish for beginners and expert fish keepers alike. Besides the veiltails commonly found in pet stores, there are many other options available for tail types among siamese fighting fish. This can lead to some confusion, but if you would like to know how to spot the differences between the halfmoons, crowntails, round tails, and delta tails in siamese fighting fish, then.. Veil Tail: Vt: Dominant: Your run of the mill petstore betta, breeders don't like this tail shape: Delta Tail: X: Recessive: The tail is shaped like a fan, variably expressive in that the arc length of the tail varies Tail variation, colors, and patterns have actually been thoroughly and selectively reproduced over the years by specialists and now there are numerous betta fish types. Normally, in nature, the veiltail betta has duller colors, however, the Betta predestined for your fish tank will reveal the most striking and amazing mix

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66 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish By Tail Patterns & Colors. Adopting Betta Fish can be a very inspiring experience for you. In my opinion, it is the most gorgeous and beautiful fish on the earth planet. The Foremost thing to think while you introduce a new fish in your fish tank is to call it by its NAME. Sometimes Deciding the right name can. A cycled aquarium has the proper bacteria in it to break down Ammonia->Nitrite->Nitrate. If your betta isn't in a cycled aquarium this adds a lot of stress that could cause fin rot. Heated Tank: Bettas are tropical fish! Betta fish naturally come from places where the temperature of the water is constantly in the upper range of 75-80 degrees F Types of Betta Fish Diseases. There are many different common betta fish diseases that betta might succumb to, but they can be broken down into three categories: parasitic, bacterial, and fungal. Parasitic. Parasites are unwanted guests in any tank! They generally arrive via contaminated fish or water introduced to the tank

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1. Fin and Tail Rot. As the name suggests, this disease affects the fins and tails of betta fish. It can be caused by bacteria or fungi. The fins and tail appear to melt away or discolor as a result of rotting. It can be prevented by keeping the aquarium or living conditions of the fish clean The first Betta we talked about in this article was the glorious Crowntail. A Combtail Betta is the result of cross breeding a Crowntail with another Betta variety to produce a fish with a similar tail to the Crowntail, but with a significantly greater length of webbing between the rays — further than half the length of their tail's rays The name speaks for itself, doesn't it? This kind of betta fish has an extremely special tail. The Crowntail is the most spectacular and popular species of betta fish. Thanks to its spiky, long tail. When it comes to CrowntailBetta, you get three options to choose from. These are crossed, double, and single ray You could ditch Betta splendens altogether and look for Betta imbellis, or any of the unmodified Betta species. There are dozens. They tend to be fish for the skilled keeper, as they are not all easy, but imbellis, hendra and smaragdina are splendens sized, and the little Betta coccina type wine red bettas are wonderful micro-fish Betta Care Fish Guide - Betta Answers For All Your Problems. What Are The Different Types Of Betta? (Tail Type, Color, Patterns) Betta Fish are some of the most interesting, beautiful, and striking specimens to behold. Also called the Siamese Fighting Fish, these are very popular in . Read more

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Among aquarium enthusiasts who keep bettas, it is usually the male fish that are known as the colorful ones.Oftentimes the males are favored over the females not only for their color but also because males have longer tails and more dominating personalities. But this doesn't mean that the females are all drab, colorless fish. The betta fish is native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, and. Betta fish are small, freshwater fish. They are members of the Osphronemidae family and are native to Southeast Asia. They are relatively small, ranging anywhere from six to eight centimeters long. There are more than 70 different species of betta fish in the wild. The fish live in shallow water, including ponds, flood plains, slow-moving. 3). Delta Tail. Another common but beautiful type of Betta Fish is the Delta Tail Betta Fish. It has a tail that is similar in shape to the Greek letter d, thus the name. The tail and fins flare when it swims. It looks like it is surrounded by colorful fans as it glides through its environment Veil tail bettas are one of the most common types of bettas. Being the most popular betta around, Veil tail bettas have the longest fins of the all the bettas so if you're looking for something thats flowing and elegant try a veil tail betta. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted Halfmoon is probably the most fish need care. Remember that the long tail bettas like halfmoon fish are domesticated and may not be able to survive in the wild. This means is halfmoon need the space and the more care compared to short tail betta. Continue reading

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There are many species of Betta fish, although too often they're just simply referred to as Betta, which makes them difficult to classify and clarify. They can be identified by taking a look at their morphology, especially regarding their fins and tails.. The most popular kind of Betta fish - especially for aquarium-owners - is the Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) Pretty self-explanatory, tail biting is when your betta begins ripping off parts off his own tail. It often happens in bettas with tails that are longer. However, any type of betta can tail bite. Unless you see your betta tail biting you shouldn't diagnose it as such straight away Betta fish are known for their aggressive behavior, especially when they are placed with other fish. As a result of their ancestry stemming from male Siamese Fighting Fish protecting their territory, Bettas can become quite brutal when agitated.. Some Betta owners believe that only male Betta is aggressive Halfmoon Tail Betta. The Half Moon is a very desirable tail type. It is characterised by having the full 180 degree spread when. flared, forming a D shape with straight edging. Dorsal and anal fins are also dramatically larger than those on other fin types Species Summary. Plakat Bettas are a lesser-known version of the famed Betta Fish (Betta splendens). These fish are much closer in appearance to their wild counterparts, sporting a less dramatic tail and more robust built. But make no mistake: Plakat Bettas are still in high demand

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In addition, even a small, but aggressive fish such as some tetras or a Tiger Barb can easily de-tail a betta and kill it in a short period of time. Bettas can live safely with snails and other small aquatic creatures that can withstand a bettas curiosity without getting hurt Betta Fish Tail Types - Which Betta Fish Type Do You Have? Betta fish are such interesting fish. One thing that makes them so interesting is the many extravagant betta fish tail types they can possess. Article by Animal Bliss. 7.2k Delta Tail Betta. Deltas Tails are very similar to Halfmoons but have less than a 180 spread when flared. Deltas are far less than. an Halfmoon. Deltas are differentiated from Veil Tails by the fact that if you drew a line from the nose to the tip of the caudal fin on a Delta there would be an equal amount of fin on either side of the line.

Tags: Double Tail Fighter Fighting Fish Freshwater, 7 of the Most Colorful Betta Fish for Your Home Fish Tank, Types of Betta Fish 2020 Which is the Perfect One for You, Top 35 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures, Betta Fish Series Types of Betta Fish The Aquarium Guide, Top 10 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish, 13 Types of Betta Splendens Tails Fishkeeprr, Betta Fish Nice Betta. Betta fish (Betta splendens) can be highly territorial and aggressive in small spaces but in larger tanks, this can change.Because of their aggressive nature, these fish should not be housed with slow-moving species with large fins that could easily be mistaken for a Betta too There are several different types of Betta fish with a large range of pigments and tail and fin shapes. The most popular Betta species are Betta Splendens, followed by Betta Bellica. Betta Splendens are originally from the Thai coast and usually survive for more than 3+ years. The males reach an estimate of three or more inches in length. They will fight and kill any other male Bettas, and are. All About Betta Fish. Halfmoon betta fish are among the prettiest tropical fish species, due to their 180-degree, fan-like tails. They are known for their brilliant colors—red, blue, green, purple, and orange—and large, flowing fins Fancy multicolor betta fish has its names because it looks fancy. It shows how the appearance and how mesmerizing the fish itself. Of many types of ornamental fish, fancy is another popular option for newbie Betta fish enthusiasts. The main physical characteristic is two or three colors (or even more) fusion in its body Females: slower movements, fins and tail shorter, dull colors, a smaller body. For male betta: Aged at least 4-8 months. Long body shape. Long fins and bright attractive colors. His movements were aggressive and agile. For female betta: Aged at least 3-4 months. Rounded body shape, slightly distended abdomen