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  1. To add a fill or effect, click your shape, click Format, click the arrow next to Shape Fill or Shape Effects, and select a color, gradient, texture, or effect. Click the shape that you want to fill. To add the same fill to multiple shapes, click the first shape, and then press and hold Ctrl while you click the other shapes
  2. http://www.technoblogical.com/word-2010/This tutorial shows how to fill in text with a color on Word 2010.Providing tutorials since last Turesday!http://www...
  3. In this video, MS Office Tutorial- How to Add Gradient Fill Color into Text in Microsoft Word 2017. Create the WordArt Text and go to the Format Menu and Sel..
  4. g convention. So, for example, the exact same Text Effect will be named Fill: Blue, Accent color 5; Outline: White, background color 1; Hard Shadow: Blue, Accent color 5
  5. Figuring out the names of the fill effects for text effects. I have a Mac book Pro with Office 365 University and I have already spoken to technical support regarding this issue. When I'm using Word, I need to use the text effect fill for college homework and I need to use a specific named fill
  6. Center the title. From the Text Effects and Typography gallery, apply the second effect to the title—Fill - Blue, Accent 1, Shadow. 10: 5: At the beginning of the paragraph below the title, insert the picture downloaded with your grader files—go_w01_grader_a3_Swim.jpg. Change the picture Height to 1.75, and the Layout Options to Square
  7. Create a WordArt object (Fill: White; Outline: Blue Accent color 1; Glow: Blue Accent color 1) on the current slide using the text www.rebetiko.gr.Want more?..

Change the font size to 36 point and apply the Fill: Blue-Gray, Accent color 1; Shadow text effect. Center the paragraph. 8/8 Change the font case. Change the font size. Apply a text effect Với text box vẫn được chọn và thanh Forrmat vẫn được mở, chuyển sang tab Text Effects. Ngay hiệu ứng đầu tiên, chúng ta sẽ thêm một đổ bóng bên dưới văn bản. Mở thuộc tính hiệu ứng Shadow và chọn từ trình đơn thả xuống cài đặt trước, chọn Outer: Offset Bottom. Bởi vì. Create a WordArt object (Fill - White, Outline - Accent 1, Glow - Accent 1) on the current slide using the text www.rebetiko.gr.Want more? Then download our.

Create a WordArt object (Fill - White, Outline - Blue Accent 1, Glow - Blue Accent 1) on the current slide using the text www.rebetiko.gr.Want more? Then dow.. The first step is to select the text you're enhancing, as you normally would before applying a format. Then, do the following to apply a gradient fill effect to the selected text: Click the Home.. (Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the text effect may display as Fill : Blue, Accent color 1; Shadow or a similar variation instead.) c. Apply Green, Accent 6, Lighter 80% paragraph shading (10 th column, 2 nd row of the Theme Colors palette). d. Apply a Box border to the entire paragraph using the default style. 5 Apply the Subtle Effect - Blue, Accent 1 Quick Style to the text box drawing tools format, shape styles group, more arrow, 2nd option 4th row Add a table with two columns and seven rows to the slid

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  1. Center the title. From the Text Effects and Typography gallery, apply the second effect to the title— Fill - Blue, Accent 1, Shadow. 10 5 At the beginning of the paragraph below the title, insert the picture downloaded with your grader files— go_w01_grader_a3_Swim.jpg. Change the picture Height to 1.75, and the Layout Options to Square
  2. 1. You are helping to publicize a farm stand that sells organic herbs by creating a flyer for the business. Begin by changing only the top and bottom margins of the document to 0.5. 2. Apply the Fill - Green, Accent 1, Shadow text effect to the heading Verbena Farm Stand to make the title of the flyer stand out. 3
  3. Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box and then click the Fill tab. Click the Fill Effects button. The Fill Effects dialog box appears, with controls that enable you to define the two colors to use, as well as shading style and variant. Use the Fill Effects dialog box to apply a gradient effect to selected cells

In the Format Ribbon Tab in the WordArt Styles Ribbon Group in the WordArt Styles menu, you selected the Fill: Blue, Accent color 1; Shadow option. The Anne Cole data point has been selected for you. Explode the Anne Cole data point by exactly 50% to move it away from the rest of the pie chart From the drop-down menu select the color Green, Accent 6. Then select cells from C2 to E2 and cell B7. Fill them with Blue, Accent 1, Darker 50%. For the cells with the dark blue background choose a white font color to make the text more readable. The Font Color icon is located next to the Fill Color icon b. Apply the Fill: Green, Accent color 1; Shadow text effect to the heading. [Hint: This step will be credited as correct upon the successful completion of step #30.] 3/3 Insert text on a slide.Apply a text effect. 21

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A drop down menu with pre-made Text Effects and Options for Outline, Shadow, Reflection and Glow appears. Select a pre-made Text Effect, say the 3rd Effect on the 4th row. You'd get text that now has a Black Gradient Fill, a White Outline and an Outer Shadow Instructions . 1. Select the title Home Networking Guide, and convert the text to a WordArt Object using Gradient Fill—Blue, Accent 1, Reflection.. 2. With the WordArt object still selected, click Layout Options, and select Top and Bottom.Then, click See moreat the bottom of the Layout Options window, and in the Layout dialog box, in the Horizontal section, select the Alignment option.

Apply the Fill - Blue, Accent 1, Shadow WordArt style (the second WordArt style) to the column chart title. 10.Apply the Dash dashes line option (the fourth option in the list) to the column chart gridlines. 11.Add a trendline to the 1 and 2 Bedroom Condo Sales chart on the Condo Sales worksheet. a.Switch to the Condo Sales worksheet accent blue 1 color by jtturbo. COLOURlovers is an international community of designers and artists of all kinds who visit the site to get color inspiration, ideas and feedback for both their professional and personal projects

You can apply multiple text shadows by comma separating. p { text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000, 3px 3px 5px blue; } The first two values specify the length of the shadow offset. The first value specifies the horizontal distance and the second specifies the vertical distance of the shadow. The third value specifies the blur radius and the last value. Apply an Offset Diagonal Bottom Left outer shadow. Change the shadow color to Green, Accent 6, Darker 50%. Fill the letters with the Green, Accent 6 color, and then change the text outline to Green, Accent 6, Darker 25%. You have now applied three text effects to the selected text by using three shades of the same green d. Use the Text Effects and Typography button to apply the Fill-Gray-50%, Accent 1, Shadow text effect. (Hint: Depending on your version of Office, the text effect may display as Fill: Gray, Accent color 1; Shadow.) Apply the default Bottom Border paragraph border to the heading Giant Used Book Sale! Insert and format a picture as follows

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  1. Adding a WordArt is a quick way to make your text stand out. After adding the WordArt, please see below to change the fill and outline color of the WordArt:. Step 1: Click the WordArt, you will see the Shape Format Tab appears in the Ribbon;. Step 2: Click the Text Fill command from the WordArt Styles section to fill the text color;Step 3: Click Text Outline and select a color from the.
  2. Sometimes the data being stitched would be like 20+ new columns and although laborious, this was never too bad to fill out. I was always bummed about one thing though, I couldn't get vlookup to return multiple matches (say the top 3 zips in a particular category of a pivot table) and tried a bunch of times to learn how but the tutorials were so.
  3. shadow; reflection; glow; To apply a ready made Text Effect, first select the text in your document, click on the Text Effects command in the Font group (on the Home tab), and select one from the gallery. There is a Live Preview available, so you can hover over a Text Effect to see how it will look if you apply the effect

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Figure 1: 3D Bevel Presets . To see a sample presentation containing Bevel effects in PowerPoint, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Follow these steps to apply a Bevel effect to a shape in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows: Select the shape so that the Ribbon area shows the Drawing Tools Format tab, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 2 To use this feature: 1. Type in your desired text, capitalizing the first letter of each word. 2. Select the text and choose Format - Font, or right-click the text and choose Font. 3. When the Font dialog box appears, click the Font tab. 4. Check Small Caps. You should see a preview of your selected text. Change the document theme colors to Blue Warm. Change the document theme colors. 2. Change the case of the flyer's headline paragraph to Capitalize Each Word. Change the font size to 36 point and apply the Fill: Blue-Gray, Accent color 1; Shadow text effect. Center the paragraph. Change the font case. Change the font size. Apply a text effect A live preview for each shadow effect is available, which means that you can hover over each thumbnail to see a temporary preview of that effect applied. Click on the one you like. To remove a shadow previously applied, select the picture and click Picture Effects > Shadow > No Shadow.The effect is removed Office (Text/Back Dark 1 is Black. Text/Back Light 1 is White. Hyperlink is Blue (0, 0, 255), Followed Hyperlink is Purple (128, 0, 128). Text/Background Dark 2 Text/Background Light 2 Accent 1 Accent 2 Accent 3 Accent 4 Accent 5 Accent 6 . RGB CODE: 31-73-12

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Text shadow effect! Example. h1 {. color: white; text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px black, 0 0 25px blue, 0 0 5px darkblue; } Try it Yourself ». You can also use the text-shadow property to create a plain border around some text (without shadows) How to Add the Long Shadow Effect Step 1. Select one of your letters, focus on the Swatches panel (Window > Swatches), and click that [None] swatch to remove the blue text color. Move to the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance) and add a new fill using the Add New Fill button. Select that new fill and set the color to R=255 G=245 B=225. Step

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The Fill Effects dialog box opens. 4. In the Colors area, click Two colors, and then leaving Color 1 set to light green, click the Color 2 arrow, and in the fifth column of boxes, select the top box (Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80%). The Variants and Sample areas change to show graded combinations of the two colors. 5. In the Shading styles area. Now, look at the 5th step of the Text Fill effect in the Picture below. To remove the Outline, click on the No Outline. The Shadow: Apply the different Shadow effects to the selected text such as outer shadow effect, inner shadow effect, or perspective shadow effect. To do this, follow the Steps below Intense Effect - Gray-50%, Accent 6 To see the available quick styles and apply a quick style through the user interface, first open the form or report in Layout view or Design view by right-clicking the form or report in the navigation pane, and then choosing the view that you want The text-shadow property adds shadow to text. This property accepts a comma-separated list of shadows to be applied to the text. Default value: none. Inherited: yes. Animatable: yes. Read about animatable Try it

Apply the text effect Fill: Black, Text color 1; Shadow (1st column, 1st row in the Text Effects and Typography Gallery) to the heading paragraph. Shade the paragraph using the Aqua, Accent 4, Lighter 60% (8th column, 3rd row in the Theme Colors Palette) shading color PROJECT STEPS. You are helping to publicize a spoken word festival by creating a flyer for the sponsoring organization. To fit all of the text and pictures on one page, change the top margin of the document to 75″ and the bottom margin to 0.5″. Apply the Fill - Gold, Accent 3, Sharp Bevel text effect to the heading Louisville Word Fest. Follow these steps to apply Shadow effects to a shape: Select the shape you want to apply the Shadow effect to and double click it to activate the Drawing Tools Format tab in the Ribbon (see Figure 1 ). Within this tab, locate the Shape Styles group and click the Shape Effects button that you can see in Figure 1 (highlighted in red ) Change the Text Fill to Dark Red, Accent 2, Darker 50%. 3 Select the picture and then Crop the image from the left side so that the center-left crop handle aligns with the left half of the horizontal ruler at 5 inches. 6.000 4 Change the picture Height to 3.5 and then apply an Orange, 8 pt glow, Accent color 1 picture effect to the image This property is specified as a comma-separated list of shadows. Each shadow is specified as two or three <length> values, followed optionally by a <color> value. The first two <length> values are the <offset-x> and <offset-y> values. The third, optional, <length> value is the <blur-radius>.The<color> value is the shadow's color.. When more than one shadow is given, shadows are applied front.


Apply a 10 Point Soft Edges picture effect to the image and then in the second row of the Artistic Effects gallery, apply the third effect — Paint Brush. 8.000. 9. Apply a 3 pt Page Border to the document using the Shadow setting. Select the first style and change the Color to Blue-Gray, Text 2 — in the fourth column, the first color. 8.000. 1 By lowering the Fill value of the Type layer, we're making the actual text itself transparent, but the Drop Shadow layer style will remain fully visible: Lowering the Fill Opacity to 0%. If we look again at the document window, we see that the letters themselves have become fully transparent, while the drop shadow is still visible Use the workbook background as the fill for a shape: 8.8.7. Apply a Shape Color Fill with a Transparency: 8.8.8. Apply a Color Outline to a Shape: 8.8.9. Remove an outline color: 8.8.10. Apply a Picture Fill to a Shape: 8.8.11. Apply a Texture Fill to a Shape: 8.8.12. Apply a Gradient Fill to a Shape: 8.8.13. Apply a Gradient Fill with Presets. To apply a drop shadow effect to an object: Select the object with the Selection tool. Click the fx button in the Properties panel to open the Transparency and Effects drop-down menu. Choose Drop Shadow to open the Effects dialog box. You can also open the Effects panel by choosing Window > Effects. Adjust the drop shadow options Add some WordArt effects to the text. If you are using the example, use the text on slide 6. Insert a shape. Change the shape to a different shape. Change the fill color. Change the outline color. Try various shadow effects. Try various 3D effects

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•With the text (headline) selected, click the Text Effects button to display the Text Effects and Typography gallery •Point to the desired text effect to display a Live Preview of the selected text with the selected text effect •Click the text effect (Fill: White; Outline: Brown, Accent color 1; ) to change the text effect of the. 1. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the WordArt button. The WordArt gallery appears, displaying the same formatted letters you see when you click the Text Effects button. 2. Click the third thumbnail in the fifth row (Fill - Red, Accent 2, Warm Matte Bevel). Word inserts a WordArt object with that text effect at the cursor To get a better look at the effects applied to various accent colors, select Change Colors and apply the first style from the Colorful section. Resize and move the SmartArt graphic as needed. Insert a table. The example slide includes a 3 × 5 table. Including sample text in your table can help you check legibility when effects are applied Change the Text Fill to Dark Red, Accent 2, Darker 50%. 8.000. 3. Select the picture and then Crop the image from the left side so that the center-left crop handle aligns with the left half of the horizontal ruler at 5 inches. 6.000. 4. Change the picture Height to 3.5 and then apply an Orange, 8 pt glow, Accent color 1 picture effect to the. Excel 2007 lets you apply the same Text Fill, Text Outline, and Text Effects formats available for your WordArt objects to chart text. For example, you can use WordArt formatting to create an eye.

Change the color of the SmartArt to Colored Fill - Accent 3. Recolor the three pictures to Orange, Accent Color 6 Dark. 10.000. 10. Click Slide 4 and select Heat Loss. Apply the Fill - Blue, Background color 2, Inner Shadow WordArt Style to the text. Apply the Triangle: Up Warp Transform effect. 10.000. 1 The box-shadow property enables you to cast a drop shadow from the frame of almost any element. If a border-radius is specified on the element with a box shadow, the box shadow takes on the same rounded corners. The z-ordering of multiple box shadows is the same as multiple text shadows (the first specified shadow is on top).. Box-shadow generator is an interactive tool allowing you to. Change the shape fill to the first color in the sixth column—Blue, Accent 2, and then change the font color to White, Background 1. 4.000. 7. On Slide 2, format the content placeholder with the first bevel shape effect—Circle. Format the title with the first WordArt style—Fill - Black, Text 1, Shadow, and increase the font size to 80

Click the desired shadow effect to add it to your shape. You can select Shadow Options from the drop-down menu and click the Color button to select a different shadow color for your shape.. 3D effects. There are two types of effects you can apply to your shapes and text boxes to give them a 3D appearance: 3-D Rotation and Bevel.3-D Rotation gives the appearance that you are viewing the object. Fill options are disabled for these chart elements. Effect options. Effect options offer a powerful set of effects that add visual impact to your charts. Effects include shadows, glows, soft edges, and 3-D formatting. Shadow. This effect adds a shadow either outside or inside the chart element. 3-D Formatting A theme has 12 color placeholders, named for their functions: Text/Background Light 1 and Dark 1, Text/Background Light 2 and Dark 2, Accent 1 through Accent 6, Hyperlink, and Followed Hyperlink. (Remember the XML code for the colors back in Figure 1?) You might not always see all 12 of them, depending on which palette you are looking at Step 1: Make a copy of your type layer. The first thing we need to do to create our long shadow is make a copy of the text. In the Layers panel, click on your type layer and drag it down onto the Add New Layer icon at the bottom: Dragging the type layer onto the Add New Layer icon. A copy of the type layer appears above the original Inner Shadow Effect. An inner shadow effect renders a shadow inside the edges of your content. For text content, you can specify a color and an offset. See how the inner shadow effect with four-pixel offsets in the x and y directions is applied to a text node in Example 16

Step 12. Text shows the same money image from the background. Format menu > Background. Click the drop down triangle and choose fill effects. Click the Picture tab, click Select Picture. Navigate to the awesome graphic, click Insert > OK. Insert > Picture > WordArt. Click OK to select the 1st word art style Move the chart to a New sheet named Projected Revenue Chart 4 As the text for the Chart Title element, type Projected Revenue Format the Chart Title using the WordArt Style Fill - Aqua, Accent 1, Shadow—in the first row, the second style and a Font Size of 32. 5 Remove the Legend chart element, and then add the Data Labels chart element. Step 1. Double-click the Shadow group to apply a Color Overlay effect with these settings: Color: #a89a96; Blend Mode: Multiply; Opacity: 75%; Step 2. Change the Shadow group's Fill value to 0%. 10. How to Add Texture Overlays. Before adding the textures, put the Text, Extrusion, and Shadow groups in a group and call it Text Effect, to keep. Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, books, video games, musical instruments, office supplies, and more 3 Fancy Forms with JavaFX CSS. This tutorial is about making your JavaFX application look attractive by adding a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). You develop a design, create a .css file, and apply the new styles.. In this tutorial, you will take a Login form that uses default styles for labels, buttons, and background color, and, with a few simple CSS modifications, turn it into a stylized.

Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you wan If you want to know how to do it then you click the Home Tab, Font Group, Font Color control and find Red, Accent 2, Darker 25% at the second from the. bottom of the red column. Good luck. Word user wrote: > I want to change text to, color red, Accent 2, Darker 25%. --

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  1. A pattern is a simple, repeating overlay of a one-color design over a background of another color. 1. Right-click the shape and choose Format Shape. The Format Shape dialog box opens. 2. Click the Fill tab. 3. Click the Pattern Fill option button. The controls change to show pattern options
  2. Figure 1: Preset effects. To see a sample presentation containing Preset effects in PowerPoint 2013, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Follow these steps to apply a Preset effect to a shape: Open your presentation and select the shape that you want to format. Alternatively, if you want to start from scratch, launch PowerPoint
  3. The same thing happens when you apply a shadow to a text object. And the same holds for other objects, like shapes. Removing a shadow from an object is just as simple. First, select the object with the shadow. Head back to same Shadow menu you used before (by clicking the Shadow Effects or Text Effects button) and then select.

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A subtle and smooth Photoshop text effect with amazing shadow and lighting features to help make your text shine through your designs: posters, logos, prints, packaging, branding, stationery, and much more. Use the smart layer to apply the PSD text effect to your own text cartoon. flared. futuristic. halloween. medieval. more... Enter custom sample text to change the font previews below. Font Size 24pt 26pt 28pt 32pt 36pt 40pt 44pt 48pt 54pt 60pt 66pt 72pt 80pt 88pt 96pt 106pt 116pt 128pt 142pt 158pt 178pt 198pt 218pt 240pt. Fonts per page 10 20 50 Sort fonts by.. Collection of hand-picked free HTML and CSS 3D text effect code examples. CSS Text Effects. CSS Text Shadow Effects. CSS Glow Text Effects. CSS Text Animations. CSS Text Glitch Effects So, in order to colorize our icons, we have to find the right combination. To make use of hue-rotate(), we need to start off with a colored icon.The sepia() filter is the only filter function that allows us to add a color, giving the filtered element a yellow-brown-y tinge, like an old photo.. The output color is dependent on the starting tonal value

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The text stroke will not be visible for some browsers. The above text will appear black in all the browsers which do not support the text-transform property.For browsers which support this property, -webkit-text-fill-color overrode the black text color to make it white. Now, let's come to another method which can be used to add oulines to your text Color splash is a cool photo effect. Fotor's color splash effect can help you convert your images into black and white while maintaining the colored areas you want to highlight easily. No Photoshop skills required. It can make a big contrast between colors and B&W on your photos. Try Fotor's color splash photo effect now Friends, today's freebie is a beautiful 3D text effect called Showtime. Download the PSD file and use the top smart-object layer to add your own text or icon and quickly show it in 3D style. The text effect is ideal for typographic headings and titles for your website, flyers, banners, greeting cards and posters Apply Excel Cell text color. In EPPlus, ExcelRange class has a style property. This style property is the type of ExcelStyle (seal) class. ExcelStyle class has another ExcelFont (seal) type font properties. ExcelFont class has ExcelColor (seal) type colorproperty. ExcelColor has SetColor method. This method can accept Colorstructure object as a. Visual Studio 2017 (Windows or Mac) The steps given below are required to be followed in order to use Border Shadow Effect in your controls in Xamarin.Forms application. Step 1. Go to Visual Studio for Mac. Click New Solution >> Multiplatform >> App >> Blank Forms App. Afterwards, click Next. Step 2

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TIP: You know that with MockoFun you can add text styles or text effects like shadow, stroke, highlight, glow, etc. But for the zoom blur text effect it is better to use a text without text styles. Next, press Shift+Control+E to rasterize the text. Finally, add the Zoom Blur filter to the raster text Using a Dynamic System Accent Color in UWP. This article describes an algorithm that allows individual pages in a XAML UWP app to override the system accent color. By default, the system accent color is the Windows theme color chosen by end user. When a UWP app is running, this color is applied to lot of controls (checkbox, slider, focused text. Add stunning glow-in-the-dark effects to your photo using these Photoshop actions. The effects are non-destructive, easy to apply, and fully adjustable. They work on PC and Mac and include full instructions. Fearless Photoshop Action. How does the Fearless Photoshop Action work? You simply fill in your subject with a color and play the action

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Assignment 1: Objective: Understanding style categories in OO Writer. Task: Start OO Writer and open style and formatting. Observe the inbuilt list and categories of styles. Make a list of categories and commonly used styles in a document. The next practical from Styles practical questions IT 402 is based on the use of styles and fill format By default, hyperlink or hypertext will use the accent color. If you apply variations of the accent color to the background, you should use a variation of the original accent color to optimize the contrast of colored text on a colored background. The chart below illustrates an example of the various light/dark shades of accent color, and how. The RGB values can range from 0 to 255. The alpha value can range from 1, which is fully opaque or a solid color, to 0, which is fully transparent or clear. rgba () is great to use in this case, as it allows you to adjust the opacity. This means you don't have to completely block out the background COSMOS. While this CSS text effect isn't the most useful one, it still is impressive. Here's what the author used: vw, vh, vmin units for responsiveness. flexbox to center everything. multiple box-shadows for the stars. keyframes animation for the planets. transform to rotate the planets

You can also use -shadow to generate a fuzzy outlines of shapes, such as text. By using Layers Merge IM will automatically add the extra space needed for the semi-transparent blur. convert -background none -fill white \ -font Candice -pointsize 48 label:A -trim \ \( +clone -background black -shadow 100x3+0+0 \) +swap \ -background none. Drop Shadow: Change the Opacity to 20, the Distance to 12, and the Size to 2. This will give the text a subtle 3D effect. Step 6. Double click the rasterized text layer to apply a simple Drop Shadow effect, by changing the Opacity to 20 and the Size to 0. This will style the top dark layer. Step 7 11 Answers11. There's an experimental CSS property called text-stroke, supported on some browsers behind a -webkit prefix. Another possible trick would be to use four shadows, one pixel each on all directions, using property text-shadow: But it would get blurred for more than 1 pixel thickness If one or more of the settings listed above do not apply, white space will occur in the table cell. Space before and after and left and right indentation are defined via Format > Paragraph > Indents and Spacing tab. In case of Word 2007 or later version, you can open the Paragraph dialog box as follows: Home tab > Paragraph group > click the little icon in the bottom-right corner of the group This can take the form of color applied to represent light or shadow, as with this piece by Mads Berg that's inspired by vintage travel posters. Notice how a few well-placed swaths of color—particularly the shades of dark gray on the boat and dark blue in the sky and water—create curvature and depth that give the illustration an almost 3D.